New Moon in Libra: Astrology of 9/25 – 10/1

A New Moon in Libra this week is an opportunity to set new intentions in our lives around how we would like to experience grace, harmony, beauty, and relationship. If you consider some of the opposite, learning how to lean into grace and harmony is like learning how to align with the Uni-verse (one song) and not to feel like we have to fight, assert, and struggle so hard. And yet, when we are coming from a place of harmony, sometimes the proper note to play is assertive and fiery. Consider teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. She possessed the consciousness to see, and be moved by, a great imbalance in the world around her. If she were harmonizing with complacency, she wouldn’t be doing anything. But she appears to be harmonizing with a profound dharma and her higher self, and thus she takes actions and speaks words that reflect that.

Perhaps the more oppressed a vision of harmony is – from cultural, social, political pressures, from outdated structures, from old habits, from denial, etc… the more fierce the harmonizer becomes. When the structures, codes, and standards can reflect the call to harmony, there is massive potential for justice.

We can see astrology happening on macro and micro levels, and in these forecasts I tend to focus on the micro – the personal development side of life, which naturally includes the fact that we are beings who are embedded in an ecological reality where everything is interconnected. We actually feel good and in harmony with ourselves when we harmonize with the external. And harmonizing with ourselves on the micro level helps us align with our purpose in the greater picture. The micro and macro orbit back and forth into each other like an infinity pool.

So what will it be for us this week, on the micro? Like Greta facing a dysfunctional political system who, if left to go on business-as-usual would favor short-term profit over the long-term livability of the planet… where are the dinosaur, fossil fuel patterns inside of us? Those rules and standards we abide by, not because they serve the highest purpose, but because they are historical and something we are just simply used to and conditioned by? Where is the part of us pleading for change?

Libra is a sign we so frequently associate with harmony (perhaps love and relationship as some examples of harmony) and Libra is also an air sign – and the air signs relate to the intellect, to ideas, to communication. Libra teaches us that love and relationship are not just about attraction and things magically working out. Cultivating relationship and strengthening existing relationships has so much to do with our conceptual frameworks and ethos around love, and our willingness to learn from mistakes or negative patterns. Venus and Mercury in Libra aspect Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this week, bringing us into a more sober, or even strategic, stock-taking of how our practices in harmony are effectual or not, or where we are experiencing dysfunction and want to have a breakthrough.

This can be playing out for us in our relationships with others, but it is also ultimately our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship to Source, and our relationship to the Earth. We don’t have to do everything. It’s a lot, to balance our health, our appearance, our life purpose, our relationships, our finances, our commitments, our hobbies, our practices, etc. etc. But think about that element of your life that’s nagging at you. The one that’s so uncomfortable you try to push it under the rug. That’s the dysfunctional pattern in a relationship that can’t be made up with flowers and hollow apologies. That’s the dysfunctional political system that can’t be made up for with hollow promises. That’s the unsaid, undealt with tension in the room that’s not going anywhere until it is leveled with.

Essentially it’s dealing with those uncomfortable things we’d perhaps rather avoid that is a call to maturity. Yes, we can resource ourselves with the things that connect us to our higher self, and we ought to. But denial isn’t helpful, and it takes a lot of energy to repress and overcompensate. It might feel healthier to just address the thing. Don’t know how you possibly will face your most difficult challenges? Ask the Moon for help this New Moon. Ask to be put in contact with the right experiences, people, and information to help you evolve.

Welcome back! In case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the vibe may feel like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox, sign up for my mailing list here. You’ll also receive a subscriber-only article about the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and be the first to know when my online astrology courses are open for enrollment.

Before we dive into the week, a little information about the most recent episode of the Magic of the Spheres podcast.

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Here’s our week:

September 25, 2019

Venus in 13 Libra square Saturn in 13 Capricorn: 12:20 PM PDT

  • This alignment reflects most positively in our lives when we are very clear about our boundaries and when we respect both our own and other’s boundaries. That way, when requests are made or fulfilled, it is coming from a place of consent and enthusiasm, rather than manipulation. This may be something we have already developed, but if not, see if you notice how you are placing your ability to feel good in another person’s actions. Of course, even if we have already developed this ethos, there may be new experiences which re-trigger the lesson.

  • If this foundation is not established, we may have experiences this week that help us practice this skill. This may come in the form of being asked to do something or being invited to do something that we don’t actually want to do. It may come in the form of feeling the impulse to control another person, or to illicit particular actions from them. It may also come from having a need, and working with the possibility of how to make a request that is coming from a solid and empowered place.

  • If this relational ethos and psychological skillset is already established, (or relative to the situation at hand), we may be getting to explore this week how to ask for our needs to be met and how to provide for others in a way that is more accurate and impactful than we previously have known how. For example, treating people with the “golden rule” – to treat others how we’d like to be treated – is nice as an intention but perhaps lacks the personal touch of providing for others in the way that they would like to be treated (and in a way we feel good too!).

  • Remember that everyone is in this boat with you 🙂 This alignment can allow us to be firm and communicative in a tactful way. Not everyone has received the modeling or practiced the same ethos that we would like. That doesn’t mean we can’t teach people what we like, or ask for what we need. Some relationships may not feel on track, wherein one or both people aren’t willing to meet the other. Some bonds may be forged even deeper, with more trust built, because of these conversations. A prayer: may this alignment grant us the maturity to be both real and graceful in our relations.

September 26, 2019

Mercury in 20 Libra square Pluto in 20 Capricorn: 4:52 PM PDT

(Image: Mladen Vracaric)

  • Consider the acrobatics and balancing acts the mind is doing (Mercury in Libra) if we are trying to balance ourselves with deep, outdated, and unconscious structures (Pluto in Capricorn). As an example: at a conscious level we say we are open to love and connection! At a subterranean level, we are guarding ourselves from being hurt again, and we’re not open. Pluto in Capricorn represents, in part, the structures of the unconscious, and our process of moving past our subconscious limitations and blocks by becoming aware of, and transforming, these underlying psychic structures.

  • Here Mercury and Pluto can bring up what I would call “volcanic thoughts”. Thoughts that may be sharp, and pointy, and perhaps startling, like “where did that come from?!” When things are stirred up like this, at least we can see them. These thoughts are not necessarily true. But because we can see them, we are aware of thought-forms which may have otherwise been operating at a subconscious level.

  • The mastery of Mercury-Pluto is learning how to have an empowering relationship with the mind – and discovering the power to *change* the mind and to change our thoughts. Keep your antenna open to the opportunity for greater mastery in this arena, especially based on triggers that come up this week.

September 28, 2019

New Moon in 5 Libra: 11:26 AM PDT

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mars in late Virgo, opposite Chiron in Aries, quincunx Uranus in Taurus, and square Saturn in Capricorn. The planetary ruler of Libra, Venus, forms a sextile to Sagittarius during this lunation. Here are some themes:

  • Maybe you’ve heard Libra is indecisive – but Libra can actually be quite decisive, making decisions from a place of value, balance, and pleasure. We may not entirely know what we want right now. But if we allow ourselves to move toward yes’s, and move toward aesthetic, and more toward what we value, even if in small ways, the effects will be cumulative. One aligned decision may point us onto a more elevated trajectory, and the more practiced we become at making choices in this flowing, elegant, value-based way, the easier it becomes.

  • Libra is only indecisive when there is paralysis in weighing the options, and the duality-consciousness that one choice is “right” and the other is “wrong”. Eventually, simply acting on choices that feel lit up and like there is energy there, will help shape the path. We can glide through decisions, one to the next, in a flowing and beautiful way. Play with what happens when you align your compass with enthusiasm, expansion, and excitement.

  • Where we desire connection, there is also an activation for courage. Do we want love? We have to open the heart. Do we want to be in relationship with our true life purpose? We have to be willing to leap and make mistakes, and to ask for help (no hero is solo). If you feel called to tune in with your intentions and desires at this time, take note of where you are also called to greater courage. The courage necessary for the intention may grow clearer as the Moon grows.

Venus in 17 Libra sextile Jupiter in 17 Sagittarius: 4:40 PM PDT

(Image: Sara Golish)

This is a beautiful alignment to tune into. The sextile alignments are often more subtle than the conjunction, square, or opposition, and tend to require our conscious activation. Conscious activation does not mean you are consciously tuning into the astrology (though that’s great too!) but it means that you make a choice to blend these energies – something we may just do naturally, or something we may have to think a little about. So I invite you to consider:

  • Reciprocal generosity – relational dynamics which the giving and receiving feels mutually enhancing and mutually expanding. This can be easy when we are with people we have great chemistry with and perhaps share similar values. But this can also be cultivated in our connections by voicing our intentions.

  • Jupiter and Sagittarius both naturally have a way of amplifying the enthusiasm in the room. We may be surprised by how receptive others are to our fire. Libra additionally helps with the relational skillset needed to share intentions and a direction.

  • There is a way that as we follow our truth (Jupiter in Sagittarius), we tend to meet resonant people along the path (Venus in Libra). The pairing could be called a “questmate” (or questmates!). Sometimes, this invites us to interact with different communities in our city than we have before, or to get more involved with our purpose instead of sidelining it. In some cases this requires us to physically travel and move locations. We might be the only person in our town who is into astrology for example, yet there are pockets in the world where everywhere you go plenty of people know about and care about astrology. (Substitute astrology with whatever your needs for connection are.) There is a difference between being a restless seeker who is always looking for greener pastures, and genuinely needing to relocate for said greener pastures. 🙂

September 30, 2019

Venus in 20 Libra square Pluto in 20 Capricorn: 9:18 PM PDT

  • Anyone with a people-pleasing pattern may relate to how draining it can be. It is disempowering, and self-diminishing. But, it also distorts our connections. We relate to others with a mask. We are manipulating and lying, even, to those we interact with. We are dependent upon certain kinds of reflections from others to feel okay. What would it look like to take greater ownership of what it is we are desiring to “get” from another by giving that to ourselves? What kind of expansion would that free up in our relationships?

  • This is just one pattern that is a relational block. This week may reveal to us more lucidly what our specific blocks to connection are, and we can also experience breakthrough in moving past them (we recognize the block & gain insight or new skill on how to navigate life in an alternative way).

  • We may be able to negotiate with ourselves and our particular fixations and hang-ups in a way that surpasses our previous capacity to do so. I say negotiate very intentionally. It can be hard to just evaporate or poof away a big hang-up or psychological addiction/fixation. These are often deep processes which come with layers! But when we learn how to dance with the issue differently, to relate to the issue and to ourselves differently, we begin to loosen up our stagnancy and accelerate our process. And let us not forget that often the things we wrestle with most intensely are also connected to our medicine, our life purpose, our dharma. Perhaps there is something valuable IN the struggle. Not exactly to focus on the struggle itself. But what it illuminated in us. It’s easy to think of how we might bond with another person because we took on a challenge together in a meaningful way. This is real. And how also do you deepen your self-love through your own struggles?

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are soul family to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.

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