Astrology of 2/1-2/7: Justice At Flashpoint

February 1 – 7: Justice At Flashpoint


This is one of those weeks where the forecast highlights the political. I’m writing from the US, a political landscape on fire, with Trump having waited no time to begin declaring antagonistic executive orders. He’s not being met without a fight – and all this is in the stars too. The actual astrology at play can be manifested in a multitude of ways, filtered through the psychology of whoever is accessing it. What my studies and experiences have revealed to me in the last few years is that spiritualizing events does not mean escaping the experience of them, but it can mean going straight into experience and really showing up. Spirituality makes way for vital living, and moving through rites of passage. Using spirituality to disengage is not a useful tactic, but instead suppresses the alchemical evolutions of consciousness at play that unfold only as we do. This week, I write in solidarity with the resisters. Oracle and mythic imagery resources us with courage. We have our different roles to play, but all of us are taking part in witnessing and affecting history, seeing to it that we don’t make the same mistakes that we mean to leave behind us. Make sure to read the Jupiter stationing section (February 5) as it is perhaps the biggest factor in this week’s line up regarding politics and mass movements.

A great way to know how to engage is to consider the moral of the movie It’s A Wonderful Life – where a man watches what life would be like around him if he didn’t exist and so he comes to recognize his impact. Bring forth the magic that you can see and that you readily access, even if that is the same thing you take for granted. Others won’t take those things for granted. This is one of the most direct ways to tap into the mythic answer to the question why do I exist?

February 2

Mercury in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra: 7:16 AM PST

  • Incoming messages on what the law is and what is happening on the political layer of reality – there is higher learning in this for everyone, it is becoming especially relevant. Beyond the political landscape, information comes through about natural, universal laws and what boundaries are present here.
  • Although logic or legalities can be twisted to suit any variety of ideologies and agendas, there is going to be greater strength, stability, and nerves in truth and justice because that has the backing of heart. Jupiter is a planet of excess and in Libra, the pendulum can swing widely. What sticks, what becomes lasting and cemented (Capricorn) is a different scenario.
  • The possibility for extremes of injustice on the Jupiter in Libra stage, to create adjustments to the status quo which are beneficial because of the backlash (i.e. the sudden massive funding of the American Civil Liberties Union). The extremes of injustice also relate to trauma and mass awakening (Jupiter opposite Uranus).
  • The extremities of events at this time meet an editing and refining process (Mercury). Or, a new social cosmology emerges in clarity, and the way of organizing it becomes a question of great interest.
  • If force and control is necessary to uphold or maintain a belief, that belief is challenging natural laws.

February 3

Venus enters Aries: 7:52 AM PST


(Image: Jonas Mekas)

  • Venus in Aries will station retrograde on March 4 and eventually backtrack into Pisces, so any themes that emerge during this transit will be revisited during this cycle. Themes that have to do with personal values, ethics, and relationships undergo accelerated review. It’s not uncommon for relationship dynamics to shift during Venus retrograde cycles.
  • The value of fighting and combat may be of interest. Studies of peace could go hand in hand with studies of conflict. If we don’t feel empowered to express upset/dissonance at the moment that it arises, it may have something to do with our values about what love means, and what is and isn’t lovable/acceptable. Peace (Venus) itself is vitalized by having ways of handling conflict.
  • Venus in Aries romances the initial impulse for self-discovery and the initial impulse to connect with another. It relates to the falling in love/honeymoon stage and passion. Relationships can be infused with more passion through this transit, or it can highlight the desire for passionate experience.
  • Aries values defending the underdog – this may become especially relevant when government actions values threaten vulnerable populations. The values that counter oppression (and essentially the freedom to exist) will be highlighted. Venus in Aries riles up the defense mechanisms of many though, regardless of vantage point. Bullies possess a psychology in which they feel under attack; and tend to not recognize the ways in which their aggression fuels the negative cycles they find themselves in.
  • Mars is also currently in Aries, so the mood on the interpersonal spheres of life get even more martial than they already have been. This can be a great time to study things like the “art” of war, and the mechanics of peace, so that the impulse is better informed.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus: 8:19 PM PST

  • With the Sun in Aquarius, a first quarter Moon in Taurus is a good signifier for a self-care day or making new decisions along those lines. Some world-changing experiences can originate from an individual’s self blossoming.
  • Taurus relates to what we eat, and though we all know the phrase “you are what you eat” I argue that we might not take the implications far enough. Consider if you will, that for those who do eat meat, we tend to eat herd animals. What would happen to our political landscape if we ate insects (who work together in large groups)? Similar to this is the consideration of how our society might differ if psychedelics were a more common choice alcohol consumption. Through the things we eat and imbibe, we enter into Aquarian matrices of thought – we merge with the consciousness of what we’re eating. That’s one reason why self-care, and individuating and experimenting with our methods of self-care, is radical.
  • Through a newly freed mind, or a newly blasted-open mind (sometimes not a pleasant feeling at all), it creates new needs within the self – new landscapes of simplicity through which we recharge. Tune into where you feel your self-care routines are presenting you with some impasse or crisis: this is your cutting-edge, the place where new information about how to meet basic needs can be on its way.
  • This First Quarter Moon might speak to a reintegration effort: having gone far out in some way and finding a way to bring it back to the earth plane and to the body. When life gets electric, it’s easy to stay up and spiral higher and higher into the ether. Staying grounded is a necessary piece.
  • When good hydration, being well-fed, or other simple and basic things could deescalate emotional unrest – take it. Then readdress.

February 5

Jupiter in Libra stations retrograde: 10:52 PM PST, still in close opposition to Uranus and Eris in Aries

Stationing planets are loud and in focus – they’re grinding to a halt and about to change direction (from Earth’s perspective). It could be likened to the feeling of adjusting a microscope until the given image comes into focus. The image we’re looking at is Jupiter in Libra and how it’s manifesting. Not surprising that lawyers (a symbol of Libra, the scales, justice) made headlines for legal victories against Trump’s executive order to bar immigrants and green-card holders from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the US (though this storyline is not complete and it remains to be seen how it will unfold). And I say “victories” intentionally – war terminology applies because this is war. It’s been an underground cultural war, affecting the marginalized for some time, and it’s hitting the light of day. Maybe now because of how extreme it is, it’s more believable (Jupiter) that it exists. People who have been marginalized have long not been believed. The same people who used their debate energy to play devil’s advocate to the oppressed voicing their realities may be mobilized to instead fight oppression.

In this transit, take note:

  • The awakening of we’re the ones we’re waiting for. We’re the future, we’re the change. Not someone else. You might notice an increase in public acts of service, in which people make their gifts more readily accessible.
  • The extremity of backwardness in politic is met by the extremity of mass mobilization toward justice. An image that comes to mind is like the body becoming aware of a virus, and it escalates into a full experience of being sick. At the same time, the immune system is releasing antibodies to fight the virus. Trump’s absurd and hateful politic is galvanizing his opposition to act more radically, more quickly, to create the alternative. He’s hitting the alarm that brings out the antibodies. The Uranian sense of urgency is present because Trump is triggering everyone. He is taking actions that create both feelings and realities of things getting unsafe quickly. Through this intense urgency and potentiality of danger, we are getting a clarity on where it is we stand and what we are willing to do about it.


  • Trump is also triggering historic storylines of trauma, comparable to Stalin or Hitler. In personal psychospiritual astrology storylines, people will often see the return of similar romantic partners for example, in new and new incarnations of the past until the bottom line issue attracting that partner is uncovered or finally exhausted through a drama that triggers a necessary awareness. It’s like rock bottom for addicts. Our choice, in this juncture of time, is to stay lucid enough as to not repeat history. While some have seen disaster coming all along because of the implications of Trump, others have had a more loose attitude like “wait and see”. The fire burning under us is in the meantime, getting hotter and hotter. It is burning away complacency. For people who have wanted to pretend that sexism, racism or nationalism are a thing of the past, they can think again. We become aware of things, and become exhausted of them, to move past them.
  • In situations of the repeat of psychological triggers dressing themselves in greater and greater situational, relational exhibitions of drama, the message is essentially “wake up”. The second message is, “do something”. You might know what that something is right away, or you might have to soul search. Continuing to wait, however, without that soul-searching, only makes the impending crisis that much more extreme. Individuals have been working to avert our current state of crisis for a long time, but they didn’t necessarily have the mass of support which is being sparked now. This is the time to show up for your soul work and soul’s work.
  • That sense that giving lots of space to sensitive people was rewarded with kindness and consideration, and giving lots of space to abusive people who will take whatever they can get didn’t inspire a change of heart but only an amassing of control and advantage. It is an aspect of peace to be active, to defend what is valuable and needing defense. There is a forging (looks like breaking) experience for disillusioned naïveté – the heart is a muscle. Muscles break when they get stronger.
  • Using instability for personal but unethical gain is not a smart move. The natural way is cooperation. Competition-based capitalism is a manmade structure which is not only destructive to the environment, but self-destructive. The most efficacious choices are ones that value existence of ourselves and of others simultaneously. The duality of who benefits and who pays melts when this balance is reached, and a natural equilibrium is achieved. Philosophies in which the thriving of some is dependent upon suffering of others should be reviewed.
  • Responding to the instability of this time in ethical and supportive ways does make for hero stories. There are a lawyer heroes under this transit for example.
  • People who are visibly making a difference have prepared their whole lives for this moment knowingly or not. This was the moment their efforts ripened. Rather than be concerned about the value of what it is you have to offer at this time not being big enough, consider that this moment in history is also shaping you for future developments. Your self-development matters and this is big wake-up astrology. This might just be the start of something for you. For some, it’s just the initial alarm to get out of bed.
  • Each person showing up to witness this shift in humanity brings attention and focus to that issue within all of human consciousness. It’s a Promethean function. Additionally showing up in some way that you feel called (and maybe even a little past your comfort zone when we look at Aries here), also brings nourishment to the network.
  • A genuine excitement about true and ethical leadership, real cooperation and teamwork, is emerging. We’ve been simultaneously triggered into action, but we’re powerful together. Don’t underestimate the power of friendship and human connection.
  • Antagonizing people for their beliefs, morals aside, is not often an effective tactic. Friendship and human connection is a powerful medicine which changes minds and hearts more than abstract ideals, however brilliantly argued, do. This is on an interpersonal, one-on-one scale. Mass actions like protesting or striking are effective strategies, taking a stand against the onslaught of a train moving in a direction we don’t consent to.
  • Peace does not include maintaining relationships which are abusive or damaging. To be friends on a soul level with someone who has started to act out of line and will not listen/cooperate, is to actively distance from them. Again, mass protest demonstrates this. It is not spiritual or enlightened to endure abuse.
  • To read more about Jupiter opposite Uranus and Eris, read more of what I wrote about it in A Philosophical Map of the Revolution, 2016, which I posted in November after Trump was elected.

February 7

Mercury enters Aquarius: 1:36 AM PST


  • Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury. When Mercury is in the sign ruled by its higher octave, it is a potential to access Higher Mind – the plane of information which enchants inventors and innovators, channelers of all kinds.
  • This is a great transit of Mercury to meet well hydrated and nourished with brain foods. Short-circuiting is a thing – but it’s easily prevented.
  • When thoughts are organized according to higher structures, they may liberate us from something… for example, studying the mechanics of how abusive relationships function objectifies it, and takes it out of the experiential level and maps it on a theoretical level. One therefore, doesn’t have to live it in the same way, and can be lifted out from repetitive relationship cycles. We read the distilled wisdom of people’s lifetimes when we read an autobiography. We learn how to think critically when we are exposed to multiple theories. As you trip between different matrices of thought, keep your agency. You are always free to drink another potion or traverse another data cloud.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch
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