Astrology of 4/26-5/2: Time, the Famous Healer of Wounds

This New Moon in Taurus this week (April 26) is most notable in the way that its ruler, Venus in Pisces, highlights a major planetary aspect of 2017 which is going exact on the 30th – the Saturn-Chiron square (click the link to read the archives of my posts on this transit). Venus is conjunct Chiron in Pisces and square Saturn in Sagittarius. With a New Moon in the sign that reflects the inner-side of Venus, as in our relationship to our self and our self-worth, we have an opportunity to orient ourselves in alignment with these larger transits for what blooms they are creating in our hearts. This kind of heart-opening that a Venus-Chiron transit (square Saturn no less!) suggests, is a deep forgiveness amidst adversity. It’s healing generational traumas and wounds. It’s choosing love over cultural boundaries. It’s choosing to see people’s divine natures interwoven through, outside of and beyond the cultural conditioning they may be attached to.

When we consider this kind of high spiritual love, we also have to consider the very real forging process it creates both within our field of life experience and within the heart.

The wound that Chiron implies already exists. Saturn squaring Chiron in a last quarter phase square suggests a turning point within consciousness relative to some existing, historical wound. It’s likely we’re already through the hard part – this can be about getting a clear look at what our pain is so that we can be free. It’s seeing the film and the projector screen, rather than being so lost in the film itself that we think it’s all that exists.

Here’s our week:

April 26

New Moon in Taurus: 5:16 AM PST

In addition to the notes above, here are some dynamics to consider/look for:

  • With Saturn inflecting the heart (Venus) now; we might also consider the levels of brutality within or the ways we have met external brutality, and that while love is gentle, the skill of a practitioner of love is a work of musculature. Even self-esteem and self-love is a form of emotional fitness.
  • A new orientation to one’s self-worth, after a collision with some of the harder dynamics of the Saturn-Chiron square that have already been experienced (having learned, from difficulty, what one is worth).
  • The kind of healing that emerges in simplicity: being able to take care of one’s material and pleasure-based needs.
  • Considering the importance of overarching infrastructure we create in our lives to facilitate our goals and happiness – bigger picture ways of steering the vehicle of this incarnation.
  • How our values and self-esteem may clash with the heroic acts we would be willing to pull off: where we may romanticize the struggle, or sticking something out when it’s not a fundamental match (trudging rather than reconfiguring), and where this may be at a turning point.
  • While Saturn in Sagittarius can symbolize the desire for our decisions of consequence and gravity to be definitively “right” or “wrong”, some choices are more impossible than that. These impossible choices can highlight the cosmological breakthrough that there is not always a right or a wrong where we thought there was.
  • The binary that a choice exists upon may itself be an illusion.
  • Is there an aspect of self emerging that can and will endure hardship? What is the hardship we are choosing to endure & how clear are we on its particular consequences?
  • The way in which sometimes the path reveals to us sequential steps, like footholds while rock climbing as we climb to some desired destination. The fantasy-based, possessive consciousness (an aspect of Venus in Pisces) may prefer to see one foothold as the destination itself. The sequential footholds were necessary to exist in the sequence, and that they are no less sacred than the final destination.
  • Inherently – things, people, this existence – are lovable. That doesn’t need to be earned. But we are working against resistances like cultural conditioning, ancestral wounds, collective karmas, and socioeconomic structures, to name a few, that make the self-lover and the lover its own type of athlete.
  • Chiron in Pisces in this alignment may have implied that our particular training came in the form of initiatory experiences; maybe ones we asked for, maybe ones we didn’t.
  • Venus in Pisces immature love nature is to love as long as the conditions of fantasy are met: you will never hurt me and I will never hurt you. Its challenge and maturation process, as represented by its current square to Saturn in Sagittarius, is to discover that love is not just a fairytale but a real place that people travel together. On a larger scale, this could even be our faith or trust in Source/God and life itself. What conditional constructs do we place upon reality – “I’ll be content as long as….” – and how much more powerful is the depth of heart-opening that occurs in the more difficult of valleys? Saturn squaring Venus here can ask if we can open our hearts to the hardship, our healing, and the places where we may need heart the most.
  • The perpetuation of suffering occurs when we lack the ability to understand why we do what we do, or even that we’re doing it – a person may be excessively suspicious, for example, which inspires the people around them to be secretive because every time friends reveal information they practically get jumped with, “How could you not have told me this before? Were you keeping it from me?” Turned off by this, these friends end up withholding information toward this person – and so a person can effectively re-create their own complexes. While this re-creation of our core wounding plays out interpersonally in one-on-one relationship, essentially it also happens within reality as a whole, if we may consider our lives a multifaceted extension of our relationship to Source.
  • Karma is not a deliverance of positive or negative circumstances according to if one has been good or bad, but is a gravitational field around a being that manifests as repeating storylines and attachments to those storylines. In the world of karma, believing that God/Source has abandoned you tends to result in a perpetuated feeling of that same abandonment, dressed up in situations to validate or verify that internal premise. We shift karma by ceasing to believe in constructs we are enmeshed within, which can be an internal choice. Sometimes we are inspired to make that internal shift because of external circumstances which push us up against our own karmic walls. Much of human suffering is based upon illusion. The emotions are real, they exist – the hardships are real, and they exist – but their cosmological underpinnings and the related vibrational states are often what create the emotion of suffering in the first place & therein lies a great freedom and human agency. With a New Moon in Taurus, consider how a vibration of internal peace actually shifts the apparent external karmas (what hard edges get in your way? How can they be softened?).

April 28

Venus re-enters Aries: 6:13 AM PST

Venus is now direct again, retracing her steps forward now again through the sign of Aries. At this point in Venus’ re-entrance into Aries, again we may consider the inherent paradox of the archetypes of Venus/Libra and Aries, and how that combination of opposite archetypes (and the blending or dissolution of polarity) is a strength.

  • When we consider coming into alignment and harmony with ourselves, with our lovers, friends, communities or globe (Venus/Libra), it is easy to conjure up a self-vision of one as Hero (Venus in Aries) playing a special part, or embarking on the destiny of moving toward that special role. This self-construct is beautiful in its own way and inspires the courage and camaraderie of others. It also allows a person to have an elevated awareness of self while also seeing how that self is in interaction with other beings, and how their own personal story is actually of value to another. Venus in Aries is a time period we may workshop how to be an individual and how to connect with others, discarding both subtle and overt values we hold that require we stifle our natures for the harmony of a relationship. Relationship may be a meeting of individuals and accelerated harmony occurs when the beings involved in the harmonic of the relationship feel free to be themselves.
  • Consider a casual nature of the hero: the way in which just being oneself or making art, may inspire others and one who has created the inspiration may not even know it – they aren’t privy to the knowledge of how their art or person has elevated another’s life. Casual heroics is a nature of peace.
  • Innocent, new awarenesses of what harmony is: how for example, small talk is just like birds chirping at each other, creating a shared experience amongst themselves and vibing out.

Last time Venus entered Aries before it went retrograde, I wrote about it in the forecast titled Astrology of 2/1-2/7: Justice at Flashpoint:

  • The value of fighting and combat may be of interest. Studies of peace could go hand in hand with studies of conflict. If we don’t feel empowered to express upset/dissonance at the moment that it arises, it may have something to do with our values about what love means, and what is and isn’t lovable/acceptable. Peace (Venus) itself is vitalized by having ways of handling conflict.
  • Venus in Aries romances the initial impulse for self-discovery and the initial impulse to connect with another. It relates to the falling in love/honeymoon stage and passion. Relationships can be infused with more passion through this transit, or it can highlight the desire for passionate experience.
  • Aries values defending the underdog – this may become especially relevant when government actions/values threaten vulnerable populations. The values that counter oppression (and essentially the freedom to exist) will be highlighted. Venus in Aries riles up the defense mechanisms of many though, regardless of vantage point. Bullies possess a psychology in which they feel under attack; and tend to not recognize the ways in which their aggression fuels the negative cycles they find themselves in.”

Mercury in Aries retrograde conjunct Uranus in Aries: 7:50 AM PST

(Image: Irving Penn)

  • Synchronicity occurs at an accelerated rate – it’s not just Mercury-Uranus conjunct, but it’s that in the quick and impulsive sign of Aries and the fact that this alignment has already just occurred and Mercury retrograde is retracing over it. Consider the new information that is entering your field and open to the inquisitive self: what might this mean? It’s a puzzle we are still figuring out. What pieces of information seem especially lit up?
  • Exciting information comes through (downloads as we like to call them!) and their application is holographic. In this I mean that a BIG idea can come through and it’s speaking of a future manifestation of a current vibration you are running. The immediate application may be more symbolic or more adjusted to this relevant space-time moment.

  • What’s real now… what’s real now… what’s real now…. the idea that this reality we are swimming in is a structure that has been incrementally built over time is questionable. On a holographic level, time-doesn’t-exist level, reality is always buzzing and forming into being into a unique moment every infinitely minuscule slice of “time”, and the particles that make up our reality that “tend to exist” are free to create a new structure every parallel moment of space-time. There is freedom here, in that we do actually have the power to align with parallel realities. Like that time you shifted your attitudes, your vibration, your expectations, and the whole world changed.

April 30

Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces: 1:24 PM PST

The most intense part of transits tends to be the lead-up, and not the exact moment or the following time period. This Saturn-Chiron square has been a hard planetary transit: bringing some wound repetitively to the foreground, a wound that doesn’t seem to have a simple solution; or points to something that is structurally broken. It could have to do with ancestry or be about the culture at large.

Chiron signifies a wound that already existed before we came here: it is something which events or circumstances may trigger, like rubbing salt in an existing wound. You may know your core wounding by having some awareness on where your pain is more than it “should” be or where the pain feels more existential than the given trigger seems to call for.

Saturn squaring Chiron has brought up the point within consciousness that these wounds we hold create complexes and psychological distress as well as systemic consequences that arise from those complexes. To work through and resolve these issues we have personally or collectively, is to engage past our limitations: to enter the transpersonal realm. It is also ultimately a compassionate, diligence process that takes time (Saturn), consequently the famous healer of all wounds.

I’ve written a few posts on it already here titled Saturn-Chiron Square of 2017 Downloads Incoming, A Call To Embrace Spirit Over Despair from Dr. Clarissa Pinkole Estes, and How Inspiration Works Under the Saturn-Chiron Square.

Also consider:

  • The relief/soothing balm of compassion or total acceptance on something that had before been a source of shame.
  • The transpersonal effect of ceasing to judge ourselves or others, (or to simply become aware of the judgement without being attached to it) and the way this softens our reality.
  • The arising of turning points in our deepest conflicts or questions toward healing and integration – in which every sequential lesson or experience along the path thus far was a necessary preparation for the turning point. The gifts of hindsight.
  • The relief that comes when all seemed lost and impossible, and a breakthrough emerges.

(Cinderella – how Fairy Godmother is a Venus in Pisces square Saturn tho?)

Thank you for being here with me this week and meditating on the planets with me! It has been deeply meaningful for me to observe the progression of the Saturn-Chiron square and share with you as well as to hear your stories, read your comments, and work with you directly for astrology readings. If you’d like to receive personalized feedback on your natal chart, book a reading with me here.

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~Sabrina Monarch

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