The Monarch Forecast: March 2016


“Some people survive and talk about it. Some people survive and go silent. Some people survive and create. Everyone deals with unimaginable pain in their own way, and everyone is entitled to that, without judgement. So the next time you look at someone’s life covetously, remember…you may not want to endure what they are enduring right now, at this moment, whilst they sit so quietly before you, looking like a calm ocean on a sunny day. Remember how vast the ocean’s boundaries are. Whilst somewhere the water is calm, in another place in the very same ocean, there is a colossal storm.” – Nikita Gill

The forecast for March 2016 is posted, covering the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces, the Full Moon in Libra, Chiron on the South Node, Saturn squaring the destiny axis all month and stationing retrograde, the Jupiter-Pluto trine hitting exact (deep change, deep expansion), and Jupiter square Saturn.

This month you discern new boundaries – radical reconception of time and flow. Cause and effect will not be linear or direct, yet showing up for the maintenance of both your physical and spiritual life will bring wonky time/scheduling into balance like magic. The trick is discerning between which non-linear pathways are necessary to your process as a whole and which are just distractions. Think accountability to the intuition at the bottom line – potently aligned and facilitated by your higher practices: your health practices & your spiritual life. Subscribers can read more in the full forecast for March 2016 here, with these dynamics extensively deepened and outlined for your thrival.


The Fool archetype is not adored for his mistakes; he is loved for his innocence and his willingness to leap.

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