Revisiting a Love Ethic & New Moon in Libra: Astrology of 9/21 – 9/27

As I’m settling back at home after a long travel, I did find the energy and clear desire to write a forecast even though I recently announced I am not doing them anymore. A vacation was needed, and I am still experimenting with how I’m producing astrology content for you. In the meantime, enjoy a throwback style forecast. 🙂

What compels me to think about this week is the transformation the heart is undergoing. We have a New Moon in Libra and a Mercury cazimi in Libra illuminating something about how we are relating – perhaps a reflection we see in the mirror, or contemplations emerging about what we wish to create in relationship.

Venus in Virgo brings the heart to questions of refinement and improvement, and perhaps bring love or the impetus for love into places we normally like to avoid. In connection to the Mercury retrograde which Venus will form a conjunction to later in the week, we may be re-visiting places we have already done a lot of inner-work, but are being called back to at a new spiral layer of evolution. Humbling no? 😂

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive my writing to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

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Here’s our week in more detail, after some announcements:

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A momentous occasion! Multi-time podcast guests Karla Palomino (Sagittarius Moon), Cameron Allen (Sagittarius rising) and I (Sagittarius MC) recorded a podcast together in Austin, Texas earlier this month when we weren’t too busy sadging out! Actually this was part of that. 😛⁣ This was our first time recording the three of us, but it’s been in the wings for a few years at this point.

We spoke to the topics of finding your people (and more-than-humans) & cultivating deeper capacity to hold space – topics based on your suggestions.⁣

It was a real delight beyond delight for me to collaborate with them both, I have learned SO much from them and the codes/teachings/medicines they each carry. ⁣

Both Karla and Cameron have very inspiring relationships to embodiment. They are both mystics. They are deeply practical – while they each travel so far out and are deeply unique, they really substantiate, manifest and protect the magic. They are diligent in their crafts & they are both skilled allies and guides in the realm of transformation and alchemy. 🐍 ⁣

Tune into our episode on Magic of the Spheres where you listen to podcasts – ep 197 “Finding your people & more-than-humans”.

Hungry Ghosts of Paradise

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September 22, 2022

Sun enters Libra & Mercury retrograde in Libra conjunct the sun (cazimi)

(Sun enters Libra 6:03 PM Pacific, and the cazimi occurs 11:49 PM pacific)

Mercury stationed retrograde September 9, and at this juncture is about to slip back into Virgo and makes a contact into the heart of the Sun just as the Sun ingresses into Libra.

  • This Mercury retrograde has brought up themes about how we relate. Conventionally we can think of Libra as human relationships, which it does encompass, but Libra more broadly is about how we harmonize with Other, how we bring ourselves into connection with something seemingly external or separate. We form relationship to our concepts, our environment, our memories, plants, animals, people, time, etc.
  • It is through relationship that we receive a mirror reflection of ourselves, though this can also be a space of projection – to experience something as simply the other – as opposed to also what we are experiencing being a reflection of ourselves, of the chemistry, of the relationship itself. 
  • Clearer sight of the other becomes possible when we are aware of our biases and able to put them to the side, but that is a process of self-awareness that relationship itself and our willingness to be changed by relationship, initiates.
  • Key insights about who we are in relationship are coming into the light of awareness with the Mercury-Sun conjunction.
  • Who we are in relationship is not static, and Libra is a cardinal air sign capable of initiating new ways of relating, new agreements and negotiations. The introspection of the Mercury retrograde cycle may be prompting us to recognize something about ourselves which we are now experimenting with shifting. We might be adjusting the subtle energy, attitudes, biases, expectations, etc. that constitute our approach to any given Other.
  • With Libra, relationship is an art and harmony is often the goal. However, attempting harmony inappropriately can be something like a fawn response, trying to make nice where that is not actually the truth. Libra is a peace-maker but also a fierce archetype, wielding sword-like intellect and negotiation capacity. Relationship then varies in appearance – sometimes looking like intimacy, sometimes looking like no-relationship or a parting of ways, sometimes looking like learning how to co-exist where circumstances demand it. 
  • If our palette of options within relating is limited, life may be showing us a situation to prompt more creativity in how we create relationship. This might diverge from our normal patterns, which we have already analyzed and seen the limitations or consequences.
  • We get to weigh the truth of any given situation and act accordingly, but likely at this time the deliberation can be bringing us to a refinement of understanding that exceeds our previous awareness. It may be working us to be capable of change that brings greater harmony, beauty, respect of other and self-respect.

September 23, 2022

Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo: 5:04 AM Pacific

September 24, 2022

Venus in 23 Virgo opposite Neptune retrograde in 23 Pisces: 1:51 AM Pacific

The third decan of Virgo and the third decan of Pisces correspond with the 10 of pentacles and 10 of cups, respectively. See a recent Magic of the Spheres podcast episode Chris Marmolejo and I recorded about these two cards, or find it on your podcast app – episode 166.

  • The end of Virgo and the end of Pisces bring us two striking images. The 10 of pentacles pictures a scene of an elder and a family within a vision of generational wealth, while the 10 of cups brings us a happy family underneath a rainbow and a moment of radical happiness. The 10 of cups, end of Pisces, holds the allure of living inside of a dream we have long dreamed for. It is a flash moment of that fulfillment, though life continues to ebb and flow outside of these high, peak moments.
  • To situate this back in the astrology of the moment, there may be some dynamic unfolding at the moment around how we strive for perfection and the pressure of this task. Venus in Virgo’s motivation to be perfect, to create the perfect art or build the perfect love, is in relationship to the perception of our most wild fantasy fulfillment. 
  • However, once we are in such a height, there is a long way to fall, and ways the psyche or our behavior tries to protect that fall from happening – such as clinging onto the good, or attempting to ‘not mess up’ what has been built/accumulated. The attempt to maintain a high comes with a cost.
  • A spiritual challenge at the moment then might be to have the capacity to let go, to become more sievelike in receiving and letting go the highs and lows of life, as opposed to attaching on to them as extreme victories or tragedies.
  • Virgo does bring significant work ethic to this situation, and can correspond with the part of us that is willing to put in the work to create ultimately these vibrant moments of happiness and fulfillment that we see as the point of it all. But we might want to relax the sense that we are, and that our performance is, solely responsible for the metaphorical rainbow, which is actually more transpersonal and beyond in nature.
  • This transit may also highlight the nature of our work as prayer – that we sometimes are working toward the invisible, that sometimes our efforts are in relationship to faith. When the results of our effort are not immediate, this is a time where work is itself a prayer, an offering to the invisible and the future rainbows it may produce.
  • The working is not that we KNOW we will receive everything we dream for and ask for, but in that are we willing to pour our hearts into the prayers anyway and dissolve all the way into that longing, all the way into that inspiration. It destroys entitlement and opens sensitivity and humility.
  • We can still want what we want, still have desire – but sometimes the rain, the rainbow, that flash moment of fulfillment, is also the softening we experience when we are not holding life hostage to our approximation of what it should be in order to make us happy, when we just relax into the living, moving prayer of it all, when we make ourselves available to happiness and able to meet life’s cascading and changing appearances openly.

September 25, 2022

New Moon in 2 Libra: 2:54 PM Pacific

The lunar cycle begins with the Sun & Moon in a tight opposition to Jupiter in Aries. 

To contemplate what this New Moon is a seed of… on the Full Moon in Aries October 9, the Sun will be conjunct Venus in Libra, the Moon in Aries will be conjunct Chiron and the full moon axis will square Mars in Gemini.

Some thoughts:

  • The story arc of coming into closer relationship with what we value in life, or with people whom we truly share resonance, is often one of confronting and working with the various battles that live inside of us.
  • I notice this in many individual’s romantic partnership arcs – the way that people have tumultuous, ‘toxic’ relationships earlier on that precede the happier, healthier, more thriving partnerships later on. Perhaps it would have been nice to skip the battlefield (haha) but the battlefield was how various complexes around self-worth or attachment wounds or the like were even brought into the light of consciousness and worked out.
  • As this becomes more integrated and even sophisticated, ‘war’ is still present in the sense that there are defense mechanisms and internal drives that come up along the path of being in connection to other, in connection to Life — and there is a path of addressing that material, confronting it, as this unaddressed material does pose a threat to connection.
  • A reality is that not everyone will have a love ethic (or love ethic in relation to us) that inspires such valor in the battlefield of confronting personal demons or one’s own core wounds and defenses. It helps to identify who teammates really are – who we work things out with, and who doesn’t necessarily want to go there. And at a personal level, we get to choose how invested we are in facing ourselves and relating to ourselves, how we create a love ethic from that place.
  • Put another way, we might be considering reciprocity (Libra) in terms of capacity to confront material (Aries) as well as similar values around what what material is being confronted. A person who has done a lot of inner work and depth exploration will not necessarily feel reciprocity with someone who has maintained a more superficial or avoidant relationship with themselves. This does not make either person ‘wrong’, but the chemistry between the two people will likely reflect the dissonance. 
  • Be mindful that the energy building for the Full Moon is a Moon-Chiron conjunction in Aries – this may relate to being confronted with our own deeper psychological material and desiring some moment to regulate or take care of that before approaching communication/resolution with the other.
  • Also be mindful that being able to take care of ourselves or have our own coping mechanisms is not a replacement for being truly met in relationships. A strong personal practice can have the result of making us more tolerant/enduring of something that is out of alignment. If this is the case, we might want to be honest with ourselves around the ways we are using our own strength to avoid some adjustment or negotiation in the relational dynamic.

Venus in 26 Virgo trine Pluto retrograde in 26 Capricorn: 10:45 PM Pacific

For more on Venus in Virgo this month, I wrote an article about the Venus-Eros conjunct active most of September.

  • The capacity to look inward and then sense misalignment/error and meaningfully adjust is heightened. Emotional sobriety and compassion will greatly aid this process, as the awareness we are looking at can be uncomfortable.
  • The ways we aspire toward self-improvement are inevitably connected to a greater paradigm, worldview, or philosophy, and it is important that we de-condition where we have internalized values that damage or diminish our self-concept.
  • For example, the ways we believe we are being ‘punished’ are a place we could work with compassion, forgiveness, and healing. There is a way to soberly work with consequences that arise. It is a different trip to believe we are being punished by God, or karma, or fate.
  • This can be a profound time of inner-reconciliation, softening with ourselves in places we have been rigid and punishing.
  • There are times I make mistakes and feel a sense that I am having a difficult time forgiving myself. I’ve noticed it helps to really first accept how I am feeling, the depth of my resistance to self-forgiveness – and then to make a concerted effort to forgive, because if I can’t even forgive myself, I am just walking around with that pain. Learning to forgive myself takes me to the edges of the places it feels hardest to love – and where it is most transformative and redemptive to do so.

September 26, 2022

Venus in 26 Virgo conjunct Mercury retrograde in 26 Virgo: 10:58 AM Pacific

  • Virgo corresponds with healing – it is the herbalist, the witch, the salve/potion maker, the nurse, etc. There is a capacity with Virgo to create adjustments which initiate greater balance and restoration. So we might consider a reflective, retrograde Mercury reaching into the heart (Venus) and what that looks like for healing at this time.
  • One idea could be to intentionally send some loving words and insights to past version of you who is struggling. It may seem unnecessary to go back in time for these past selves, but at some level we’re just leaving them hanging, and haven’t updated them that things did in fact get better, or even let them know that we love them. It is quantum level healing to go back for them and offer them some resource that present-you has.

Sun in 3 Libra opposite Jupiter retrograde in 3 Aries: 12:33 PM Pacific

September 27, 2022

Mercury retrograde in 26 Virgo trine Pluto retrograde in 26 Capricorn: 5:55 AM Pacific

Thank you for meditating on the transits with me! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive and my higher level course METEORITE for alumni – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to be in their power, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you in building your relationship with astrology. The intensive is currently in session and METEORITE 2022 is currently in session.

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Sabrina Monarch

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