On Not Holding Life Hostage: Venus opposite Neptune

Venus in 23 Virgo opposite Neptune in 23 Pisces today & I’ve heard lately a few people speak of the existential anxiety of ending up alone and then – what is the point?

I’ve been thinking of this image of holding Life hostage when we orient around a wish that we feel we can’t live without. I don’t think the desire is wrong – the desire is important.

It’s the neglect of relationship to Life that is the issue. The orientation of wanting something so badly and being anxious and disillusioned about the possibility of it not happening gives me the image of holding Life hostage.

To turn back to finding romance in Life and the archetypal lover within and within our approach to Life… is the window. 

I even notice the tendency (and the times I’ve done this) to try to trick Life – do a bunch of personal development, get right with ourselves, grow – just so we can have the thing we want.

Again the desire or the ambition isn’t the problem. The orientation that it’s the point at the end of it all, is the suffering. 

True humility & opening & romance is found in coming back to Life and deepening relationship to the ✨field✨ in increasing capacity. To neglect being curious and working with what IS, in the face of the imagination of a wish fulfilled, is not the path.

And it’s a paradox because sure we can do things to pursue creating and being available for love. That matters also. The subtle difference is, is Life being related to or held hostage?

If it’s locked away under the pretense it’s worth it (living) once we have or only if we have the hope of having — it’s hostage.

To free it from the hostage state is not to give up on the desire. It’s just to stop gripping & to truly open to the generative field from which all things come anyway. & not just so we can harvest it & run away with the treasure – which ends up not being sustainable anyway.

So much grief in that portal of letting go.

It’s a spiritual quest and transformation that’s called for & it might just be the biggest romance to exist.

I still believe Life delivers but how do we approach Life outside of relating to it just to get what we want? How do we collaborate, celebrate?

Another way in-

Know what you desire and have complete faith. Find devotion and presence and true engagement in the meantime. 🕯 

(1st, image: still from The Swan Princess, 2nd image unknown)

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with love,

Sabrina Monarch

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