Week of June 28 – July 4 Horoscopes


June 28 – July 4 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: The Full Moon mid-week (a type of harvest) highlights the axis of your responsibility – inner emotional and outer put-togetheredness. All week, there are favorable aspects regarding expansion, originality, downloads, and romance. So your task is to innovate your process where you can so that you get to play, or make your work your play. How are you innovating your life? This is your process to create. Where the outer circumstances don’t fit the ideal, your willpower knows it can work some magic on the homefront, that results take time, but you can still be awesome in the meantime.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Relative to the expansion that is happening for you right now (and you probably know it very well by now) the Moon at the start of the week highlights the tensions of how these inner drives for freedom and creative expression react with the current external environment and relationships, and how they are to be integrated. That is a theme this week – a lot of NEW, and the need to integrate it into the current structure. Patience. This week you are gathering the knowledge on how to do so for initiation of those actions to occur in a more externalized way next week.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This Full Moon heralds significant change for you in your way of viewing your reality. At the same time the Venus – Jupiter activity is happening in your solar communications house, so expanding under grace is available here. Be open to perspectives that enhance or add onto your positive reality… the Gemini and the Magician are not associated together for no reason. 😉 Accept structures, accept ‘rules’/creative constraints that add onto you in a positive way. The secret about free spirits is that appearances are not always what they seem… what if they feel free because they live by the right rules for themselves?


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Your creativity and career path have been linked up for some time, now highlighted by Venus adding into the mix… cultivating boldness as who you are… yes, the crab has a jewel shell (bedazzled as it were). Your money, your creation. The Full Moon happens in your opposite sign and is a great moment to seal in and integrate yourself, letting your strengths fortify you holistically, and by taking the risks that promise your growth. Mars is in your sign. Use it for fuel for your ambition.


Leo/Leo Rising: The season of discovery is here. Not even the Sun is in Leo yet, but Venus and Jupiter conjunct this week in your sign and harmonically aspect several planets on their way, creating this scenario for you – adventure. New perspectives. New alignments. It’s not the old story anymore, because you are LIVING the new one. You get to create a new baseline as in, you may find yourself walking paths you have not before but it changes your overall story of what those paths mean. Just remember to keep up with health/wellness/organization for optimal flow.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: It’s a harvest moon relative to your creative efforts, which may take on more solidified forms from here out. While they are solidifying here, in time and space, there is a more fluid source from which the ideas, visions, and creative impulses are drawn from. This week you are working BOTH the vision and the creation. It’s healing for you to align yourself with structures or habits that support those visions and desires. The line of communication between the idea and the logistics of the actual planning is strong, so dip into the flow and see what you can make.


Libra/Libra Rising: Electrifying levels of charm in your sphere this week. This week favors more than usual unabashed flirtation, bold advances, and full peacock self-display of greatness mode. If you don’t, who else will? Well, if you do, you’ll definitely meet the others who vibe. So what if you’re a little controversial? Also someone’s job. Full (Harvest) Moon relates to you receiving comfort from the fruits of your labors. Also an auspicious time (this week in general) to meet people, connections can lead to future life upgrades/career upgrades/romance, but the seeds of such ventures may occur now.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: The crop fruits in your house of career, whatever it is you have been growing.. likewise, you may seed things now for the next Venus – Jupiter cycle related to wealth mindsets and how you organize your reality and value set to accommodate the influx of wealth. Keep your process current and innovative and the fun, luck, and money increases. Your work can liberate you not just in what it yields, but in its process. This Full Moon mid-week is about assessing your premises and building upon them in a way that supports your maturity as a creative/business/(you choose) mogul.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Belief systems are like your creative art… delving into the philosophical backdrop of events – got it. Add Uranus in though, and there is change. It’s time to look at what you believe in and have accepted as a given and note how much you are a participant in creating the manifested result of it. So it’s time to get creative about what you really want, and see how the Universe will support you in that. The Full Moon highlights your axis of self-values and that which you osmose from the other, but the construction zone is of the self. What do you value, how can you align yourself with those values more truthfully?


Capricorn/Capricorn RisingVery auspicious money astro this week, and the expansion of your funds relates to your own inner soul-expansion and letting the light of your truth shine into all of the darkened places within you that don’t believe in the opportunity, the money, the love, and so on. So the light is BRIGHT and bringing good tides. Your identity is being rewritten to something more to the effect of what is current and epic about you right now. Not the old stories, not the old baggage. The Full Moon accents this by beginning a new cycle of self-awareness with you as the writer.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Share the love, Aqua. Jupiter and Venus conjunct in your house of relationships. This is a powerful transit for love, friendships, money, learning and expansion. What you give others you also receive. The Full Moon mid-week highlights your house of Spirit and the house of wellness and health (tangible relation to Spirit health). Love and creative inspiration is flowing on tap for you and you can channel it into more lasting places. Auspicious connections and communications can occur this week – get ready and put out the wavelengths on your end.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: It’s more like the guru is in the details, for you, anyway. Your work ethic, understanding your process, and steady improvement over time is where you want to be shining right now. And those actions illuminate the space within where its effortless for you to download radical insights as though on tap. This Full Moon this week really highlights the ways you construct your life to make room for your own personal Utopia which can’t help but shine outward since it is a part of you.

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