Working the Love Ethic: Astrology of 2/26 – 3/3

Notably, Venus in Aries squares Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn this week and brings in a dimension of power play to relationships, whether consciously or unconsciously. When relationships are influenced by profound unconscious needs, power games are nearly inevitable. Internally this can relate to struggling with one’s own desires and emotions, and feeling out of control. Whenever we become flooded in this way, it is also a subtle invitation to become more empowered in how we hold and work with our desires.

Saturn-Pluto can relate to formidable desire that is also, at times, repressed because of how intense it is. Then these formidable desires are subsequently processed in time or according to one’s capacity to deal with it. In a simple example we might think of a person who resists relationship because of the intense flooding of emotional disempowerment it creates for them. Yet then, when they are finally compelled enough to take the leap, they still have to deal with that inevitable flooding and find new tools for channeling, understanding, and transmuting their emotional patterns.

In a similar vein, it is worth noting the phenomenon that once we gain more maturity, tools, or supportive life circumstances, our psyche recognizes it’s safe to unpack aspects of ourselves or explore areas of life we haven’t been able to before. In this week’s astrology there may be a correlation between increased security and foundation within oneself (Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn) allowing us to take more risks in relating with others (Venus in Aries), as in being more transparent or communicative where in the past we may have not had as strong a foundation to be able to do so.

In expressions of Venus interacting with Saturn and Pluto that are less dominated by unconscious impulses (because the individuals involved have engaged inner-work), power exchanges can also happen in positive and mutual ways – such as when two people make an agreement that they both feel good about, that involves the trading of resources that each does not readily have on their own without the exchange. This relates to our own capacity to be firmly aware of what we desire, willing to engage our desires, and to be honest about our preferences and limitations. This is not about saying “yes” when we really don’t mean yes, and it wouldn’t hurt to check in with others about what they really want. We might consider the kind of trust that is built between people who can trust another person’s honesty about their preferences and boundaries – this is Venus working with Saturn. We’re working our love ethic.

Venus in Aries separating from Saturn and Pluto implies a new streak of inner-resolve to make a change or make a critical move forward in the pursuit of claiming the kind of life we wish to have. The heroism of Venus in Aries here may be a style of self-regard and relational interaction that is upfront, direct, self-respecting and respecting of the other, respectful of boundaries, and playfully willing to court and pursue something new.

Read more about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in a write-up I shared earlier here, if you’d like more background on who this paring is that Venus is dynamically interacting with this week!

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Here’s our week!

February 28, 2020

Venus in 24 Aries square Pluto in 24 Capricorn: 2:02 PM PST

(Image: Nick Knight)

  • Venus-Pluto contacts highlight power plays in love and in relationship in general. Some exchanges of power can be clearly arranged, symbiotic/mutual, and consensual, while other power dynamics can be unconscious or extractive in nature. 
  • We will already be in a disempowered position and more prone toward manipulation or underhanded ploys if we feel we have something to “get” from another that we can’t find for ourselves. Under Venus-Pluto contacts this feeling is more likely to crop up, such as in the case of extreme attraction and feeling like we need another person.
  • This square between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn represents a critical turning point of perhaps becoming more aware of what we want and need and discovering new ways of connecting to these wants and needs that are more empowered. 
  • For the Aries archetype (and how that lives within us), even the discovery that one HAS wants and needs can be revolutionary. Before this awareness is clear, the Aries lens of reality would be more likely to see the ways that those needs are thwarted and feel like they have to fight or defend themselves. It can feel like others are deliberately causing harm. It is a big lesson for Aries to take ownership of needs and communicate them to others in a way that is collaborative.
  • It may be that through conflict, adversity, or not feeling resonant with one’s circumstances in relationships that an awareness of hidden needs becomes more clear. Once we become more aware of needs that we had not consciously considered, it will be up to us to discover how to ask for these needs to be met (how to negotiate within relationship).
  • In these cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn, there may also be a heightened dynamic around considering where the accountability and responsibility for needs are allocated. Aries likes independence and Capricorn likes boundaries. This pairing will likely not find lack of accountability attractive. The feeling of carrying weight for others or asking others to carry our weight, in ways that are underhanded or unconscious, may be a source of discord. Likewise, direct, above-water negotiations and awareness of personal and relational boundaries may be a foundation for critical transformations in our approach to relating and the quality of our relationships.

Mercury retrograde in 3 Pisces sextile Uranus in 3 Taurus: 7:12 PM PST

(Image: Eliza Ivanova)

  • Mercury retrograde in Pisces has potentially been serving us an opportunity to re-think where we experience enchantment and mythic levels of fulfillment. Pisces relates to our longing for perfection, our longing for “home”, which really is to say our longing for being one with God/the cosmos. We can often have tunnel vision and see a particular desired circumstance as the redemption of this vague sense of feeling lost or disconnected from home. Thus we idealize an object of fantasy.
  • As Mercury in this position syncs up with Uranus in Taurus, we have an opportunity to become more deeply resourceful about feeling connected to the fabric of reality. In the midst of whatever ephemeral circumstances, hopes and dreams have been catching our attention like something shiny in the distance, or even any messes we find ourselves having to clean up that we may feel overwhelmed by, it may be helpful to make some intentional re-connection to Source. Taking a break in the workday to take a few deep breaths is a somewhat secular version of this. Taking a break from specific concerns and desires to touch back in with a relationship with the Source behind it all is a little more cosmological, of course, and thus does not appeal to everyone. But if it resonates with your sensibility, consider how reorienting it might be to touch back in with Source as your primary relationship – to see how everything else springs from that place and how events can actually flow smoother when we’re tapped in at a deeper level of union with reality.
  • If this is not your sensibility, but you are nonetheless ascribing nearly-religious importance to something ephemeral, this may connect to a struggle of inevitable disillusionment because ephemeral things (jobs, relationships, self-image, etc.) are not designed to hold Ultimate weight. Some people who do not feel connected to the idea that there is a Source (that we live in a random cosmos) find meaning in orienting to a noble value, like kindness or compassion. In so doing, they bring greater order to their approach to life. Mercury retrograde in Pisces may relate to some re-thinking and re-orienting around our particular “bigger picture”.
  • The harmonization here between this Mercury and Uranus in Taurus may also relate to re-thinking where value exists. If we overly privilege what we judge as positive experiences and get hung up on what we judge as not-good or not-fulfilling, there is a certain trapping here. It’s not that we can’t have preferences, but it is our minds deciding where the garden’s boundaries end – thus an abstraction. If we can’t see the sacred in our moments of doubt, confusion, disenchantment, etc. then we are always chasing a return to the garden instead of just inhabiting the one that already exists unconditionally.

March 3, 2020

Venus in 28 Aries square Saturn in 28 Capricorn: 8:44 AM PST

  • There can be a dynamic in the air (inter-relationally and/or within) of going rogue in some way – differentiating from the normal standards. We are at a place of recognizing the limitations within how things have been done in the past and perhaps feeling spicy enough to do something about it.
  • Internally this can relate to deviating from the standards of our superego. We may have some standard or rule we’ve long abided by and part of us is wanting to try something new. 
  • One tension that this speaks to is the way that we respond to past repression when suddenly free. Think of the freshman college student who had an overprotective upbringing and now has all the freedom to party and drink, and perhaps they surpass their limits. Or even someone older who has had the time to regulate, but who lives in a way that is somewhat controlling of themselves and then they often have this need to release the pressure cathartically.
  • When this tension is too extreme & the pattern just cycles on and on, our ways of releasing the pressure aren’t truly liberating. They are still bound up with resistance. The work may be honing in on a set of values that make up our superego that are more relevant and flexible. The first break free may seem like rebellion, but after some integration it may just be the new normal – and what if normal wasn’t synonymous with boring or repressive?
  • In a neutral sense, this aspect can relate to experimentation that recalibrates the values of the superego.

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(Top Image: detail from Jason Mowry)

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