Full Moon in Virgo: Astrology of 3/4 – 3/10

The Moon grows full in Virgo this week. As Mercury retrograde slips back into Aquarius, Venus in late Aries and Mercury in late Aquarius form a harmonic alignment – just before Venus enters Taurus and Mercury stations direct. The growing mood with a Full Moon in Virgo is greater self-accuracy, and with the Mercury-Venus contact it’s quite possible we will be struck with insight around matters of the heart. Often what activates greater self-accuracy is an awareness of making mistakes or our intentions not matching results. So, is it possible we can observe and take to heart this information as to do better in the future, without feeling unnecessarily bad about where we’re coming from? An invitation for the week, at any rate 😉 

Pisces (where the Sun is, and where the Sun will be illuminating the Full Moon from) is a beautiful sign of spiritual connection and union, and the dissolving of boundaries. Sometimes this can be felt through our experience of the sublime and the numinous. But it also can be our experience of messiness and disarray – the lack of clear boundaries or a sense of being adrift in life. Certainly with the Moon growing full in Virgo, we are beginning to reflect on how to be more practical and organized in an area of life that is presenting us with some confusion. At another level, if Pisces Season has brought us newfound swelling inspiration to connect with the divine and to be more loving – the Full Moon in Virgo illuminates how we can be of service in tangible, particular ways.

One last thing to consider before we dive more into this week’s transits – the fullness of the Virgo Moon comes from the light of the Sun in Pisces. In our experience, Virgo relates to the details of life, what we may call mundane even (chores, paperwork, habits, etc.) or what we consider to be the craft we put into our lives, the small and thoughtful touches. Virgo is the particular, the granular. The light from Pisces upon this archetype can relate to a sense of illumination growing in the air that “everything is spiritual”. There isn’t a line or a door where spirit starts. Spirt permeates every thing. If we allow this to be a real experience inside of ourselves, there may be a way that we drop deeper into the present circumstances of our lives. Everything being spiritual does not mean we do not have to do anything, that we don’t have to attend to the details of life or fulfill our dharma. But it may mean that our lives are a kind of living meditation, where things we don’t already think ‘matter’ do actually have a ripple effect. Whatever peace and compassion we cultivate from within, we can infuse into any area of life we touch and send that ripple out into the world and the cosmos.

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Here’s our week!

March 4, 2020

Mercury retrograde re-enters Aquarius: 3:46 AM PST

This is a pretty decently-long dip for Mercury back into Aquarius. Mercury will station direct on March 9, but won’t re-enter Pisces until March 16.

  • Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces brought more sensitivity to our perception. We may have felt more impressionable, and whatever Mercury retrograde was inspiring us to re-view could have felt more emotional in nature. This may have been delightful in certain ways (like bliss states) but we may have also felt more permeable in negative ways, and thus it was important in the last few weeks to resource practices our routines that strengthen our aura, like beautifying our home space, doing yoga or physical exercise, resourcing positive affirmations, etc.
  • Mercury in Aquarius can be more dispassionate in a certain sense, more objective, cool and analytical. This placement can be helpful for strategizing a long-term vision (like mapping out a blueprint) or gaining a better cognitive grasp of systemic patterns.
  • On a feeling level, Mercury moving from Pisces back into Aquarius might feel like emerging from a pool for a gasp of air. Sometimes we feel overpowered by the wave that is ‘being in our feelings’, and there may be some movement toward getting a little distance from the things that preoccupied us emotionally. With that distance, we have more room to detach. This detachment can help us sort through options of how to respond, or gain some more insight on the nature of the situation that we could not see before when we were more ’in it’.
  • While we don’t always consider insight or epiphany to be an emotion, in a sense it really is. That crisp, electrical charge and sense of refreshment we feel is a sensation. Mercury in Aquarius can highlight the way our nervous system tunes into truth and resonance by giving us feelings of excitement in our body.

Venus in 29 Aries sextile Mercury in 29 Aquarius: 1:24 PM PST

(Image: Kris Knight)

As Venus is close to leaving Aries and retrograde Mercury has just crossed back into late Aquarius, the two form a receptive, harmonic alliance in passing.

  • Venus in Aries has some tendency to bring more discord, disagreement, or self-assertion in relationship, which is not altogether a bad thing. While its important to develop conflict resolution skills so that conflict can be productive, conflict is a healthy and inevitable part of relationship. With two different people with different needs, for example, there is going to be a conflict in interest necessarily. Aries is a Mars-ruled sign and when Venus is in Aries, the confrontational element of relationship is highlighted.
  • Considering this harmonic between Venus and Mercury in the detached sign of Aquarius, consider the phenomenon of how we make allowances or exceptions for other people because of our empathy for them. The more we understand someone, there is a possibility for us to rationalize why their behavior is okay even if we are getting a signal that we don’t feel good about it personally. It’s important to remember that the dissonance or tension that we feel internally (such as frustration, anger, etc.) is part of the equation, and empathy and relatedness does not actually require that we take ourselves out of the equation. Thus, empathy should not be used to erase ourselves from an equation.
  • Instead, there is a way to engage in conflict with others that employs the arts and graces of Venus – how we learn how to challenge other people’s ideas or behaviors, for example, without it coming across as an attack to them as a person. This can relate to a quality of putting relationship dynamics out on the table and in the open to be discussed, with some distance between those themes and the people they are attached to – and not just a distance, but perhaps a general air of friendliness or love setting the tone of the encounter.
  • Untempered, there can be a quality to Aries (and often the fire signs in general) to want to just flare out as they’d like, such as ‘saying it how it is’. The question is what good that will accomplish. The harmony between these planets can suggest being more thoughtful about how our energy may be received by another person, such that we can have a conducive conversation.

Venus enters Taurus: 7:07 PM PST

(Image: album art for for bittersweet, Vol 1 by Oshun)

Venus will stay in Taurus until April 3.

  • After our passions may have been newly stoked while Venus was in Aries (like a budding flame in the heart), we begin to cultivate these new feelings and potentials in Taurus. Taurus is also a home sign of Venus, so some of the tensions implied while Venus was in Aries (which albeit may have been invigorating, activating, and meaningful!) may settle into more traditional Venusian activities like exquisite candlelit dinners, and reveling in sensuality and beauty.
  • Venus’ transit through Taurus may highlight the importance and opening qualities of increased self-love and receptivity to pleasure. Taurus can be a whole irresistibly pleasurable garden, where the smallest thing (a light touch, a bite of chocolate, the smell of a flower) is nearly a psychedelic experience because we open so deeply to it. That depends on our receptivity to pleasure states, which can be both a choice and a practice.
  • Regarding deepening our receptivity to pleasure, let’s look to the wisdom of Taurus – it’s okay to take it slow! By being present with where we are at, we can sink our roots and sensations a little deeper. That can mean really feeling what is present, without needing it to match a different expectation or fantasy – but just appreciating it as it is. This subtle form of being present can expand the sensation of any given moment. For example, if you go outside and decide to feel the air on your skin (which you may have normally overlooked, perhaps), the sensation will grow larger and more textured just by your presence with it.
  • Do find some reasons this Venus in Taurus season to have sensually delightful experiences. This does not necessarily relate to further acquisition of material goods (but can – Taurus is a VERY treat yourself energy!). Taurus is ultimately a very resourceful archetype, and can, through its groundedness, connect more deeply with what is already here. Like the feeling of air on our skin expanding when we choose to pay attention to it, there may be hidden treasures everywhere that open up via our receptivity.

March 8, 2020

Sun in 18 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 18 Pisces: 5:23 AM PST

  • This transit may highlight themes around the projection of fantasy – such as when we idealize or pedestal another person, or when we feel another projecting a fantasy onto us. If this is something we encounter receiving frequently, it may mean several things. On the one hand there may be something somewhat numinous or mysterious about us that leaves room for people to imagine. This may follow us to an extent no matter what we do, as people are always going to have their own interpretations and experiences. On the other hand, it may mean that we are not distinguishing ourselves as much as we could in the situation. When we allow ourselves to be seen in certain ways, it can dispel certain projections. For basic example, explicitly naming our agenda and preferences instead of being vague would minimize the room for others to project.
  • If we are projecting fantasies onto circumstances and people frequently, this can shape reality to an extent (as thoughts and feelings are powerful for co-creation) but can be misdirected, as well, such as in the case of relating more to a fantasy of another person than who they truly are. If we are projecting fantasies in a way that is unhelpful, it’s usually a sign that we need to connect with something that can actually hold those projections, and that is usually a larger power. We crave union, home, and a sense of communion, and it may be a relationship with Source itself that provides that, more than the outcome of a particular situation working out just the way we wish it to.

Venus in 4 Taurus conjunct Uranus in 4 Taurus: 12:38 PM PDT

  • Venus-Uranus contacts correlate to shock, surprise, and innovation to our relationships (both with self and other). At a basic circumstantial or mundane level, this can be surprising news or behavior from someone in our lives, flings or new/sudden romances, or encountering a very unusual and dynamic or unconventional person.
  • At a deeper or psychological level, this energy can relate to the necessity to discover and really identify what we uniquely desire in love. Maybe there is a vision of love we’ve inherited from the culture around us or our family that isn’t actually what we want. These visions and discoveries can be enlightening, and they also can be shocking depending upon how attached we were to our previous concepts.
  • Another thing that Venus-Uranus can teach us is about the brilliance of seeing things as they are, and not just our mental projections onto what is. There are many unique opportunities in our relationships that can be discovered through mental and emotional freedom, and some level of deconditioning from routine expectations and norms. Many people who seek freedom in how they do relationship are in a sense also responding to the trappings of relationship that originate from conceptual roles that people in relationship are ‘supposed’ to have.
  • With Venus and Uranus both joining up in the same sign, this signifies a new cycle between the two of them – a new storyline unfolding in our lives around our discovery of freedom in love. In Taurus, there is much to be said about how we cultivate our inner-worlds. Maybe getting into a meditative state and visualizing a golden light surrounding us and doing some kind of pleasure ritual is going to create a big ripple in a different way than reaching out into the external world for change first, could be. The brilliance of Taurus is that the quality of how tuned in we are with love and pleasure internally actually magnetizes further resource and abundance toward us. To bring this back to explorations of love, this could mean that some innovation is going to happen in our relational lives because we make a significant discovery from within.

March 9, 2020

Full Moon in 19 Virgo: 10:48 AM PDT

(Image: Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent van Gogh)

Mars, Athena and Jupiter in Capricorn trine the Moon in Virgo, and sextile the Sun in Pisces, during this lunation.

  • Virgo in its magnificence and fullness is the quality of heaven on earth – that in some way our conscientious and thoughtful participation with the material world (cleaning, chores, organizing), we’ve built a bridge between the earthly and the heavenly. When you’ve walked into beautifully designed spaces or you’ve cleaned your own space, perhaps you felt this quality of peace settle into you.
  • In the midst of Pisces Season where we are so prone to dreaming and being deeply emotionally impressionable, the ways that we anchor into the earthly drastically alter our experience of the waking dream. If the dream is to incarnate here as a real, tangible experience, it needs a vessel! Thus, the things we do to organize our lives and make space for what we are calling in are just as important as the visualization and imaginative process.
  • If you are receiving visions of who you are meant to be, or what your future is calling forth of you, this Virgo Full Moon is a beautiful time to let go of what is standing in your way. These may be excuses, or visions of not being good enough yet, or rationalizing why you’re not ready. Sometimes it is the humility to show up imperfectly that is more important than waiting to begin until everything is just right – since, in some way, it may never be ‘just right’. Certain advancements in our experience only open up because we’ve taken the critical first steps.
  • Virgo relates to conscientiousness and attention to detail – in her best! If we repeatedly overlook the details, crisis can appear. Sometimes crisis better manages to get our attention than the small nudges we missed along the way. If we were avoiding something over time, it’s consequences can snowball and pile up and present as crisis. We are not always capable of preventing crisis, so it is important not to dwell on being hard on ourselves. Consider listening more sensitively to what a crisis is presenting you – what is wanting to be tended to? Can you break the situation down into small steps, or even a critical first step, that will help you get on track?
  • Don’t get it too twisted, we all have our ‘hot mess’ days and moments, and a place in life where we are confused and could use some more organization. Mars and Athena in Capricorn may point to some support we have right now about strategizing more dispassionately about how to improve our situation. Mars is a warrior planet, and Athena a warrior philosopher and strategist. If we are humble enough to admit our problems and what isn’t working for us, we might also be in a very supported position to start coming up with a strategy for tackling the issue. But a note on this, consider feeling into the most aligned, gentle approach. Sometimes we imagine overly aggressive ways of handling a problem when a much simpler, gentler solution would have worked!

Mercury stations direct in 28 Aquarius: 8:49 PM PDT

Mercury is now direct! Expect a feeling of transition around classic Mercury retrograde themes (technology, communications, feeling/getting organized). Mercury won’t leave shadow until March 29, at which point Mercury returns to the degree of Pisces it originally stationed retrograde and the retrograde is officially over.

  • Mercury retrogrades are an opportunity to re-think and revise our ideas, thought-patterns and perceptions, and also to go back and take care of things we’ve overlooked or missed. Sometimes that’s a very mundane thing, like this Mercury retrograde cycle I had to take care of some chores at the DMV I’d put off for literally two years! I’d gotten a letter in the mail informing me I could get a fine if I didn’t take care of those things ‘immediately’. The Mercury retrograde symbolism of having to go back and take care of something was clearly represented there. If you have a negative relationship with Mercury retrograde, it may be useful to consider how to prepare for the next ones – to have a gentler attitude around its agenda and trickster-y ways. As much as I could have been annoyed about the DMV situation, I had a really positive experience of organizing my life and in the process discovered a lot of hidden gems that I’ll be taking forward with me to be better organized and on top of things that I wasn’t before.
  • Now that Mercury is stationing direct, you may notice a little more ease around things clicking into place or working more normally. Plans can be difficult to keep under Mercury retrograde (there’s a lot of shifting and re-scheduling that can occur), and people can get flooded with unplanned for detours (like my slew of chores at the DMV, for example!). The wave begins to settle and things ‘move forward’ again.
  • Mercury stationed retrograde February 16, if you’d like to reflect on what has unfolded for you since then and if there were any important messages that came through for you. Mercury retrogrades often bring synchronistic messages or themes – like an idea that keeps popping up everywhere from multiple and sometimes seemingly unrelated sources. What was that for you?

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are soul family to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

(Top Image: Erik Johansson)

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She is a novelist and has a M.A. in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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