New Moon in Sagittarius: Astrology of 12/5 – 12/11

This week we have a New Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter, and the New Moon and Jupiter will square Mars and Neptune in Pisces. What an alignment this is for spiritual expansion! Sometimes we’re straight-up exhausted on all levels and can’t imagine or dream up bigger futures – or maybe we’re more focused on addressing what exists already and isn’t working. But this is not one of those times – now the dreams are coming in with literal force. Whether that’s about having vivid dreams by night or actively dreaming up the future in the day, Mars and Neptune together are a spiritual force.

This is in many cases a very positive experience. It is so liberating and exciting to feel and explore new futures, to sense new possibilities and vistas. But whether we are feeling an inflated sense of bliss or despair (emotions of the mystical Pisces), we can benefit from staying humble enough to realize that our truth is always changing and that there is much mystery in the cosmos that we do not understand.

That being said, leaps of faith are important junctures on the road that call us all. The first leap of faith is initiatory, we might be caught by angels and brought safely to our destination, or we might fail. The more familiar we become with honing our intuition and actually listening to it, the more skillful we become at sourcing intuition as navigation. The threshold of fear that holds us back from following our intuition is that it might be delusional or might be leading us astray. Learning how to be lucid with our intuition is part of the path.

There is something you may consider this week for nourishing your intuition. What would happen if you often, intentionally, connected to the energy of unconditional love? Of radiant, transpersonal love? How would your perception of reality shift, as well as your options for participating with it? Additionally, can you sense how your participation with reality can increase and magnify love in the world?

This week, I happened to find the book inward by yung pueblo and it felt like a transmission of unconditional love, along with unpacking its complexities and the obstacles to it. This book went straight to my heart (along with giving me full body chills)! You might really enjoy it, too.

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Here’s our week:

December 5, 2018

Sun in 13 Sagittarius square Neptune in 13 Pisces: 3:21 PM PDT

  • We may be more predisposed this week toward feeling lost/confused in our direction and identity OR toward actively dreaming up our future. Either way, the same archetypal principles are at play. Neptune runs on a spectrum from confusion/delusion to lucidity, and the Sun in Sagittarius relates to our current future-mindedness, our bigger picture visions for our lives.

  • In the case of feeling lost, being confused is always on the opposite side of breakthrough and lucidity. Confusion may be a time of transformation. Disassociating or numbing out is one way to cope, but it slows the process.

  • If we are feeling lost, getting a bigger perspective is helpful! We can do this through reading and seeking knowledge and through seeking advice and mentorship. We can also do this by exposing ourselves to a change of scenery and spending time in nature. (Even though it’s cliche enough, just do it – see what being outdoors does for your thoughts and your sense of what is possible.) We might feel especially enchanted this week by people who embody the quality of being ‘larger than life’. Or, we might notice people being attracted to us as we embody that particular kind of radiance.

December 6, 2018

Mercury stations direct in 27 Scorpio: 2:22 PM PDT

(Image: Frank Gonzales)

Mercury will re-enter Sagittarius on December 12.

  • If our minds were expanding and accessing new frontiers of hope and optimism since Mercury entered Sagittarius a little over a month ago, Mercury’s re-visit through Scorpio might serve to help us edit and revise old programs and psychological addictions which must be given up in order to positively expand.

  • Everyone has addictive patterns and deep, karmic and neural habitual pathways. Addiction is not just about substances or things like co-dependency, though those are addictions as well. Other addictions are more subtle, and vary widely. It could be a deep habit or tendency toward self-criticism or harsh expectations of others. It could be an addiction to feeling needed. Discovering what our addictions are can come from self-work and introspection, and studying things like psychology and astrology.

  • What addictions or compulsive patterns are holding you back? While enacting change will be important in the steps ahead, the actual realization of addiction, pattern or karma has a transformative effect within itself. Do you remember a time in life where you became so clear about where you stood that you changed from that moment forward? Certain insights cannot be unseen.

  • Mercury’s short re-visit through Scorpio brings us in contact with ideas that spark transformation. If you’re reading about astrology (and reading this!) you are probably among the type of person who loves absorbing life-changing information whether that is through books, podcasts, blogs, or in-person conversations. Eventually talk does need to be translated into action or grounded into reality. But these changes are inspired by the buzz of mental energy that is an exciting or impactful idea. If you are feeling stuck, moody, depressed, or limited in your scope of vision, just remember you are on the other side of life-changing insight. The pain or stuck-ness of Scorpio is part of the transformative process. Be gentle and loving with yourself and the storm will pass more quickly, as you won’t be attaching onto it through constricting, anxious or judgmental thoughts.

December 7, 2018

New Moon in 15 Sagittarius: 12:20 AM PDT

  • The 15th degree of any sign in the zodiac is said to be the height of that sign’s expression of itself. In the earlier degrees, the sign is becoming, and in the later degrees, the sign is culminating. Yet a New Moon is energetically similar to the early degrees of a sign. Possibilities and directions are just emerging. At the New Moon we discover an intention or a direction, but the image and trajectory is not quite clear. This makes New Moons numinous and magical, for much is possible. We are at the veil between lunar cycles.

  • So how does the energy of peak Sagittarian expression and New Moon newness combine?

  • Perhaps regardless of whether or not you got the memo on what this New Moon means, you could find yourself feeling new hope or optimism growing inside of you – a peak virtue of Sagittarius. There are times we want more from life but don’t have the inner light or energy to invest in those visions – we feel downtrodden and cynical. There are other times where we want more from life and we know it is possible – we can truly feel it! Cherish the birth of new optimism inside of you. As a seed, it has the potential to bring so much good into the world.

  • One of the powers that exists within Sagittarius is the ability to magnify the good. Certainly we could magnify anything – any emotion, any pattern. But if we know how to magnify something, chances are eventually we will want to use this power to magnify truth, beauty, love, goodness. Sagittarians, or anyone enacting Sagittarius process, comes into personal power and radiance by interacting with positivity.

  • Have you heard transformation stories where someone had a string of rough life events, struggled with addiction or despair, went to excess in self-destructive activity until… they found meditation, law of attraction, a cosmology, yoga, Ayurveda, astrology, etc? They found the philosophy, a practice, or cosmology that gave them a bigger picture, a ‘why’, and a connection to something larger than themselves. Once they were larger than life in the way of getting into trouble and downward spirals, and now they’ve simply channeled that energy into a lifestyle that expands the good.

  • Where are you in this storyline? Are you on the precipice of breakthrough, or are you coming into a place of sharing your gifts and increasing your influence? Maybe you have a lot of mastery in one area of life but are a novice in another. There are abundant opportunities to cover new ground as a student, a teacher, or both. One who loves knowledge typically finds they are called to both, a perpetual student and a natural teacher.

Mars in 13 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 13 Pisces: 7:11 AM PDT

  • Puh-lease with this talk of “subdued Mars” when it is in Pisces. Mars is not subdued in Pisces, Mars is just inflected through the energy of Pisces. Pisces relates to unconditional, boundariless love. The kind of love that heals people and changes the world. The love that touches you so deep its a spiritual awakening and releases you from ancient bondage. This is not a flimsy weak love. It’s a straight up force.

  • Now with Mars in Pisces and conjunct Pisces ruler, Neptune, this archetype of love warrior/spiritual warrior is intensified. We may be called toward intentionally opening our hearts, intentionally loving more and more profoundly and generously, as well as called toward loving and forgiving what we have previously judged and refused to accept. We might also be called toward more active states of surrender, choosing to open up and be ravished by the cosmos.

  • Maybe it’s not a choice and we simply are ravished by the cosmos. That can be an ecstatic experience or a terrifying one. Altered states of consciousness, increased sensitivity, or dreams could be gateways. Spiritual content comes in with force with Mars-Neptune.

  • People can struggle with the concept or practice of unconditional love (for oneself or others) because of the thought that this will go hand-in-hand with tolerating abuse or having lower standards. But in order to really meet and practice unconditional, cosmic love, this is a barrier one has to evolve through and past.

  • Mars in Pisces has the power to diffuse and dissolve hatred, violence, grief, abuse, or any other toxic state through the application of love. If love is a force, though, the means through which it is applied are akin to martial arts.

  • Consider as well the particular ‘act’ of deflection where consciousness is still present. I once watched how an individual with a Mars-Neptune conjunction deflected another’s lofty projection onto him. He did not wear the projection, nor combat or reject it. He just got out of its way and stood in his integrity. I could feel in the field a sense that all parties knew what had just happened. Mars in Pisces and Mars-Neptune are good energy ninjas like that. Are there ways in your life that you are cutting through delusions without any extra expenditure of energy, nor violence? Such is a gift of Mars interacting with the Pisces/Neptune archetypes.

  • But for those of you who like the drama and the heat, there are plenty of opportunities with Mars in Pisces and Mars-Neptune to feel that – through intensely vivid dreams or spiritual breakthroughs that light your soul ablaze. Stay intentional, whether you are swimming in beautiful oceans of compassion and love or turning up the heat of spiritual devotion and intensity. We’re not always aware of when we are being delusional, so staying deeply humble is a good antidote to allowing ourselves to be moved by vast forces and expanded by them, without getting so swept up that we do things we would regret. When there is inspiration it is good to play with it, but like a warrior with a sword we simply ought to be aware of how powerful the things we are interacting with are & relate to them with according humility and grace.

Thank you for being here this week and meditating on the planets with me! I love you, you are tribe to me, and I hope you have a blessed week! If you feel you would benefit from further guidance on your personal natal chart and transits, I am available to help! Book a reading with me here.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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