New Moon in Aquarius: Astrology of 1/22 – 1/28

Our thoughts could be art forms. Our thoughts open up portals to specific realities.

Typically our thoughts produce emotions. If you try on a variety of thoughts you may notice that some feel leaden and heavy, or that others have a little spark to them that feel brightening, enlivening or motivating. This very simple reality (that thoughts produce feelings) can be engaged more deeply as a barometer of resonance. With a New Moon in Aquarius approaching this week, there can be an influx of ideas and mental activity that disrupts our systems such that noticeable emotions are produced in response. However compelling these emotional responses to ideas can be, we can choose what types of feelings we want to align more deeply with. If we have a narrative about ourselves and our capacities that literally energizes us and makes space for us to be empowered and offer our gifts to the world, why not choose that over the narrative we have about ourselves that makes us want to crawl into a hole? The work of noticing our thoughts more deeply and being open enough to try on different thoughts that become portals to new realities is a profound way that we can create openings for liberation.

This New Moon in Aquarius is accompanied by a Venus-Mars square, with Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Mars in Sagittarius squaring Neptune. This adds in a dimension of romantic and sacred longing in the air. There can be a deeper draw for connection of all kinds – with people, with the Earth and cosmos, with Spirit & Source. We may want to lessen the barriers we feel toward the love that we seek. Having poor boundaries or lacking respect for others’ boundaries would be something to avoid. However, dissolving our own barriers that we are ready to let go of but perhaps haven’t known how to or yet unlocked is a possibility for the week. Showing courage by allowing others to see our hearts is also a possibility.

True acceptance and unconditional love is one of the healing powers of Pisces and Neptune. Often once we can totally forgive or allow something within ourselves we have not, it has the freedom to evolve, integrate, and change forms in a way that the landscape of our own resistance prohibited. In tandem with the New Moon in Aquarius sparking new ideas or perspectives, and the transpersonal unitive energies of Neptune, there is a profound opening this week for healing. We can be compassionate where there is suffering and we can lean into ideas that massage out what traps and binds us, ideas that lead us into a newer world that is closer to something we would dream and perhaps full of miracles we would not have imagined to dream.


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Here’s our week!

January 22, 2020

Sun in 2 Aquarius square Uranus in 2 Taurus: 10:54 PM PST

  • There may be some struggle at the moment in terms of integration – such as encountering new ideas or new information that we are unsure how to integrate into our lives or creates a momentary sense of distance/alienation/division around us. Some examples: the person having a spiritual awakening who experiences people around them as “asleep”, the woke or becoming-woke person who witnesses others’ indifference or blind participation with systems of oppression, or the person gaining insight on their ancestral and family’s karmic issues while family dynamics continue business as usual. It can also be the sudden spark of awakening that causes one to realize that their life circumstances and environment do not truly reflect their inner-sense of self or purpose.
  • These moments of dynamic clash open up a basic question of how one is to navigate being different, how to socially contribute from that place of difference, and how one is to find community that can help one navigate and also regulate or find inner-peace and belonging. There is also the point in this process in which one learns how to create more bridges and connections with others who are different. As a basic example, someone with a unique or commonly misunderstood career path gaining some skillfulness in the “what do you do?” conversation at social gatherings.
  • This transit also implies an impasse of perception: needing to see and feel something in an altogether new or different light, perhaps even for the sake of survival – like needing to forge a different relationship with finances, or needing to develop greater self-esteem to feel emotionally well.

January 23, 2020

Venus in 11 Pisces sextile Jupiter in 11 Capricorn: 5:07 AM PST

(Image: Bjork)

  • With Venus in Pisces rose-tinted glasses and Jupiter in Capricorn’s ability to put silver-lining on something grave or sobering, we may find ourselves in a place of desiring to create beauty in an area of our lives we have not found beautiful lately.
  • This area of our lives we have not found beautiful lately may be attached to certain conditions like having a nicer home, or a fitter body, or any various status symbol or symbol of personal arrival that we feel would bring us happiness. To the degree that we are delaying satisfaction for the arrival of a goal or dream, we are susceptible to being disenchanted with our lives as they currently are because they do not match our current fantasy metric. This transit is an opportunity to find beauty in the present moment (some would argue that is all we have) which may mean having to challenge ourselves to unlock happiness in new ways within our current circumstances and our judgment and value-creation around those circumstances.
  • This is not to say aspiring is wrong or misguided, but when it is a way of delaying happiness we grow out of alignment with our creative and joy-generating capacities which are a crucial and magnetic part of the manifestation or goal-reaching process anyway. It is also possible that being more connected to joy and beauty can redirect our values, desires and ambitions, and that when we are less joyful, there is more fantasy and potentially illusion directed into what could make us happy, because we are already disconnected from our hearts to start with.

January 24, 2020

New Moon in 4 Aquarius: 1:42 PM PST

(Image: Starlight by Patrick Hughes)

The Sun and Moon in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus at this New Moon.

  • One of the ultimate aspirations of Aquarius is freedom, so I invite you to more deeply consider what freedom looks like to you now and where you can tap into an objective vibration of freedom that is independent of conditions. There is conditional freedom, like having the money to travel, and there is more transcendent forms of freedom like freedom in the mind or emotional freedom. Conditional freedom is like a holy grail we have to find and venture for in the world outside of us, and unconditional freedom is like a holy grail that mysteriously lives within us and that we make contact with in our most ecstatic, liberating, and authentic moments.
  • Our inner-freedom can be a vulnerable place to the extent it puts us in touch with a radical, interior identity that is experienced as precious and potentially violable. We don’t just have trauma from bad things that have happened in our lives, but we also have trauma triggers around our highest emotions of joy and connection if these emotions have ever been connected to loss. If we would be tender with grief in ourselves and others, perhaps there are ways to also be tender with our most “high-frequency” and electric emotions as well. This may be the inner-work we do to accept our own happiness and excitement and soothe the fear that comes up when things seem good. We can build nests that allow us greater inhabitance in high-up places.
  • Aquarius can also relate to emotional bandwidth – the capacity for increased palette of understanding. Like Prometheus bringing fire from the gods to the mortals, Aquarius has a way of bridging realms & sometimes with a little shock and clash. We are invited to have greater emotional bandwidth when we are in community where some people are suffering/struggling and others are thriving, where one area of our life is difficult and another ecstatic, and so on. Perhaps there are people in our lives we are “in tune” with, and others that we are not – and yet, empathy and understanding can cross the lines of difference.
  • We associate Aquarius’s opposite sign of Leo with romance, and Aquarius has a romantic quality to it as well in the form of intellectual recognition of the other. Aquarius is our capacity to intelligently see another, and to engage with the brilliance of another person in a way that they feel seen and drawn into the spotlight through our astute and generous perception – or vice versa, us feeling seen through the intellectual recognition of another. As we build to the Full Moon in Leo, the theme of intelligent, generous “seeing” can be in the air.

January 25, 2020

Mercury in 14 Aquarius sextile Mars in 14 Sagittarius: 5:09 AM PST

January 26, 2020

Venus in 16 Pisces square Mars in 16 Sagittarius: 5:37 PM PST

  • While a square between Venus and Mars can suggest tensions in relationship, either between the sexes if that applies or between dynamics of courtship (like pursuer and the pursued), Pisces and Sagittarius share the traditional ruler of Jupiter (though Pisces modern ruler is Neptune) and have a dynamic resonance with each other.
  • In Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, Deida speaks of making love as though there is a portal that opens up through the woman’s pleasure – that in making love to a woman and being fully present with her, one is also making love through her and beyond her. The boundless energy of Mars in Sagittarius and the boundless pleasure potential of Venus in Pisces remind me of a cup-floweth-over vibe of transcendent erotic chemistry.
  • Whether or not sexual exchange is a present experience, Mars and Venus transits have an eroticism to them. As a transit, we may feel more fire and will to connect or create beauty. There is also the dynamic that if we direct our energy not just at our pursuits but through them, we may connect with that transcendent wave Deida speaks about. Mars is about pursuit, will, direction, and also generosity of presence and service, gifting through interacting, when Mars is service-oriented. So this moment can open up the question and experience of what kind of beauty and harmony we can create in our realities through active and attuned expressions of love and generosity.

January 27, 2020

Venus in 16 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 16 Pisces: 12:00 PM PST

(Image: Alper Yemenicigil)

  • This alignment is like love and beauty magic in of itself. In traditional astrology Venus is already exalted in Pisces, and Neptune is both the higher octave of Venus and modern ruler of Pisces. Venus-Neptune contacts can bring healing through love and connection, whether that is with others or a healing through our connection to the divine.
  • Venus-Neptune contacts can also relate to illusion and disillusionment in love. The prospects of pedestaling others, or being pedestaled, and then someone being sorely disappointed are present.
  • When our love opens up fantastic images and sensations that cause us to want to deify or pedestal another, we tend to have to learn how to wield this romanticism more skillfully. The romanticism itself is precious. The type of discord and falls from grace it connects to in relationship, however, can be a source of suffering. When poeticism and romanticism strikes us, we are connecting with something much deeper and more eternal than the particular image or circumstance we are experiencing as a window into that eternal space. Discovering how to be in right relationship with who and what sparks our fascination is a task of skilled lovership.
  • At a lower octave of Venus-Neptune connection you have delusional relationships. When a lover is a drug, and dysfunctional or even abusive dynamics of ignored in favor of the high and the chemistry, this can signify a deeper relationship with Source is needed and that perhaps one has poor boundaries. If one is willing to sacrifice major things for the ephemeral high of a troubled connection, this is also a spiritual crisis.

January 28, 2020

Mars in 16 Sagittarius square Neptune in 16 Pisces: 2:34 AM PST

  • If it is already set up for our hearts to be sparked for greater union with Source, either because of a deep yearning for another or a yearning for connection within us (Venus-Neptune) — Mars-Neptune contacts signify a willingness and zest for spiritual pursuit. Sometime spiritual experiences just seem to happen to us, but another and large part of the equation is how we are choosing to interact with the mystery. Do we talk to trees and leave offerings for them? Do we ask for visions in our dreams? Do we engage with divination? Do we consult embodied spiritual guides? Do we ask questions to our spirit guides? There are many actions that signify a desire to connect with the beyond and Mars-Neptune relates to the willingness and courage to forge that connection.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are soul family to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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