Astrology of 10/26-11/1: New Moon in Scorpio


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We are leading up to a New Moon in Scorpio that is exact on October 30 at 10:38 AM PST. The events that precede it this week fall under a Dark Moon, meaning that emotional energy levels tend to be lower. Scorpio is an archetype that transmutes and effectively metabolizes its adversity (sometimes to the point of craving it like a fuel source… we always hear the word “intense” being thrown around in Scorpioverse). The Sun will already be in Scorpio but on the 30th, the New Moon will have an effect of sealing it in on the feeling, perception based level.

Venus in Sagittarius will be closely approaching a conjunction with Saturn, going exact on the 29th. Before their conjunction and while the two are still in a culmination phase, Venus will sextile Jupiter in Libra exactly on the 26th, and Saturn will be in orb of making that same aspect to Jupiter. We will have a Sun – Mercury conjunction in Scorpio on the 27th. On the 28th, Mars in Capricorn squares the Uranus in Aries – Eris in Aries conjunction, and then the 30th is the New Moon, with a Mercury – Neptune trine, and the Sun will follow Mercury November 1 and trine Neptune in Pisces as well. So let’s break this down:

There is nothing like a Venus-Saturn balsamic conjunction in Sagittarius to echo the Rumi saying: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” We have the pair in the sign of the seeker; and the balsamic phase is about dissolving everything that has been learned and accumulated so that a new cycle can begin afresh. Saturn is the archetype relating to walls, boundaries and barriers. Before we approach their new phase conjunction on the 29th, this is a time where we can really uncover some parts of us that are jaded and bitter in disguise of being status quo – just how things are. It’s like finding that you’ve created a rule for yourself that’s actually arbitrary and not real. If there is some way that you connect to yourself or others that comes under conscious awareness and a curious inner-voice could ask, “Why that way?” and the answer is a solemn, grisly, “Because…” or something that otherwise furrows the brow & darkens the demeanor, there you go. (you can throw it in the Scorpio New Moon’s fire…)

With Venus in Sagittarius sextiling Jupiter in Libra, this is a time to be expanding our connection with others and to engage more as a listener (and sharer, if you’ve been withdrawn). The two are in mutual reception, each planet being in the sign that the other rules. The sextile is a harmonious aspect that works best with conscious attention toward it, whereas the trine is effortless harmony. This transit favors honest communication as well as generosity of communication and engagement. With Venus closing up to Saturn, this can look like saying things that normally one would keep to themselves but in actuality open up a pathway for truer connection. Though, the opposite is also true (and taking into account our Scorpio planets) that sometimes the actual giving to ourselves and to others is to not share. A concrete example is someone who has an idea they are really excited about, but to actualize that idea they require to not be discouraged by others not getting it and so it is more important for them to keep it close while it is still gestating. The quality of listening in relationship that is being exercised with this transit can be extremely internal. Consent philosophy correlates with authentic sharing and authentic yes’s and no’s and emphasizes being able to feel what a yes, no, or “I don’t know,” actually feel like in the body and honoring that. Culturally, this is still kind of radical/fringe. Given the relationship of Venus, Saturn and Jupiter at the moment, what is really right may seem unusual or go against an easy to understand, predictable pattern, and this kind of honesty is magical because it draws wisdom from the source of being rather than from the social script. As with Saturn sextiling Jupiter as well, this is speaking as well to growth that comes from applying authentic constraint, boundary or ethic.


The Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio on the 27th is a transit that could easily correlate to the illumination of secrets, or drama/scandal in the headlines related to uncovered secrets, betrayals, taboos. It is the combination of the spotlight and full heat/brightness of the Sun and the cycles of life (including hidden parts of that cycle) that Scorpio represents. This transit can see the delivery of a sharp and clear message regarding something that could not be seen before. The media sensationalizes this kind of energy toward the vibration of scandal; and while that may be possible in our personal lives, it could also just be something highly illuminating and potent/soulful in nature.

Mars in Capricorn squares Uranus and Eris in Aries on the 28th. There is a natural tension here in the form of working toward a vision of the future that one cannot fully grasp because it is still the future. This transit can look like an assessment point as to if the ends are really going to justify the means. It is old (and tends to be patriarchal) thinking that the ends will somehow magically be different than the means in vibration. This is the kind of thinking that upholds the necessity of total sacrifice. Yet the ability to plan for the future and work incrementally toward a future does elicit some kind of trade-off between present and future that is not exactly sacrifice except when it is. This transit begins to dissolve stories or illusions we have around the future affect of our action when the vibration of the action in the present moment does not align with the future we are wanting to move toward. It also invites the possibility of truly inspired action and more radical lenses of consciousness. In this position and transit, Mars is still willing to play the long game; but chances are the vision of what that long game is changes. It is also a basic tension between freedom (to do what one wants) and freedom to relax into what one has “earned”, as well as the complexities of “earning” and what value judgements feed into that. This transit also brings up the question of what the competitive drive is working toward, and given the entire astrological landscape as a whole (Jupiter in Libra I’m mainly thinking of here), how getting to the top alone or with some elite class is an old idea that is not the wave of the future. The way the steps look NOW accumulate and concretize into the future. So the integration of this square is about feeling the essence of that future you really desire, and bringing it into the present with the resources you have now, so that your means are in harmony with your ends in vibrational truth. This totally calls for inventive and imaginative thinking!


On the 29th, Venus in Sagittarius catches up to Saturn and the pair enter a new phase. This is exact @ 5:44 PM PST for those who like to do magic and set intentions. This is going to be the start of a new relationship between love and boundary, love and rules – essentially what we allow into our experience and what we put up boundaries for. Keeping in mind Saturn is still squaring the nodal axis and being resolved through Virgo (not Pisces), this may have specifically to do with sobering up. Many people have the experience of extending themselves to their detriment in love because of a fantasy or a shared fantasy. The spiritual food of this process can sustain a person enough to not take a look at the hard facts (Saturn) of their given situation, which in process would open to more fulfilling alternatives. Instead of applying Saturn’s discipline to maintain a fantasy, Venus and Saturn can apply themselves toward a practice (Virgo) and discern (Virgo) where their energy is going. It’s a longer term strategy but the effect will be moving toward a more sustainable vision, rather than burning up fuel for something that is illusory. The conflict that this square to the nodes brings up is that the consciousness already understands on a feeling level without actually having arrived, the dream (as a memory), but that is in this timeframe, would be real as fruit of an arch of space and time. It is easy to stay where it feels good even if it’s unhealthy. The challenge of the transit is to show up for the process and arrive at the real and matured dream, rather than settling into the figment of it. This transit applies both to relationships and business/lifestyle concerns and the cosmologies and beliefs informing them. That being said, the new phase between planets is filled with a lot of energy. There can be a boost in optimism or vision or freshness around our pursuits and dreams with Venus and Saturn, and a sense of being able to make real that which we value. The trick with the square to Pisces/Virgo in this instance is simply discernment.


The New Moon in Scorpio on the 30th is trining the planet of magic and surrender, Neptune. This New Moon is the start of a death cycle – a descent into, a letting go. An image for this is this seasonal falling of leaves from the trees, and how these leaves become soil for new life. Both in this life and, if you subscribe to reincarnation, in between lives, we get to experience death many times in this existence without the finality, yet a potency of experience each time. If the concept of rebirth comforts us, that may empower us to dive into the letting go (death) part of the cycle without resistance, but even this is not required for the experience to be soulful. Scorpio lights up the magic in those transition spaces. It’s resistance to change that feels contracting, but merging with experience as it is, is a different experience. Experiencing what it feels like to shed one layer and descend into a deeper space is an opportunity of this New Moon – what it is like in the darkness and in the shadows and what fascinating potentials of consciousness reside there. What happens when we meet our resistance with love?

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