June 20 – 26, 2016: Pull the Weeds & Run Free

This forecast is up early because I’m going camping and will be gone the day I normally put this up. I’ll be away until June 19th.

A Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 20th occurs hours before the Solstice when the Sun changes signs into Cancer, and it’s in the last degree of Sagittarius with the Sun in the last degree of Gemini. The 29 degree mark (30 degrees to a sign) is a critical and magical degree of each sign, where the energy of that cycle culminates. It is a time where the themes make a theatrical display of themselves before they return to the Ocean to switch forms – I see it as a mermaid flipping her tail out of the water and her tail passing through our field of vision in psychedelic trace lines, time slows down and something spectacular is distilled. With the Full Moon energy, our emotional life will have this kind of dramatic exposure of itself – Sagittarius is an archetype that relates to frank, blunt, honesty, an ability to speak the truth and to do so in a way that makes all of the bullshit seem laughable. Sagittarius is not without a shadow – this is also a sign where we lie to ourselves and therefore to others, where we privilege a belief more than reality and are unable to reconcile the two.


The ruler of this full Moon, Jupiter, is also smack exact conjunct the North Node of the Moon, in fifteen degrees of Virgo, the height of the expression of Virgo. The mid-degrees are when the sign is the most itself, whereas the end degree, 29, is when the sign is transitioning into the next and simultaneously culminating, hence the dreamy mirages, life passing by at the blink of an eye.

I see this combination of factors as the Full Moon offering us a moment to FINALLY reconcile with an aspect of our natures that we have been wrestling with, and with insight on what we can do to practically move forward (Jupiter in Virgo on the NN).

To prepare for the Full Moon so you have as sweet an experience as you can, I’d suggest Virgo-ing it up and purging the excess. I feel like the Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter t-square taught us, among many things, that an existential crisis is a lot easier if we’re waking up in the morning to a clean, aesthetically pleasing space. That maybe we can have transcendent realizations of what we’re doing with our lives while we’re cleaning the dishes, and not while we’re avoiding those mundane-ish chores that actually ground us to Earth and help us reach up and out more healthfully. When we don’t have that grounding, the mutable energy of this month has been a lot more rattling.


(Image: Freddie Made)

Jupiter and Sagittarius are such party energies – all of the fire signs speak to some kind of spontaneity and spark, but Sagittarius is maybe the most likely of the fire signs to go on a serious bender and be just fine— at least, they themselves. (Aries destroys its bridges, Leo gets too big of an ego). Sagittarius can make a mess however and find some convenient and clever way to just move onto the next exciting attraction.

This Full Moon, what if you make the space before it starts, to go to excess? To expand past a previous limitation? Maybe you are going to stay out later than usual, talk to people you normally wouldn’t have, and end up consulting the Oracle that is random adventure (the chance for your vibration out in a new environment or container, to attract resonant experiences which help you contextualize your normal life into something that makes more sense, or even into something that seems grander than you appraised it to be before). Your Full Moon party is going to be way more awesome if you’ve done simple stuff, little chores, unfinished tasks, etc. beforehand. Those are all just ways of making space, and what does Sagittarius love but uninhibited and unbridled freedom?

Expect that the more space you make to clear your mind, the more your mind will fill up with ideas that illuminate and inspire you. Take those little steps and let the Universe fill in the magic. It is our second Full Moon in Sagittarius in a row, and the centaur has an extra message of truth to hit us home with. All you have to do is be ready.

Mercury in its home sign of Gemini will be interacting with the Saturn-Neptune square this Full Moon, by being opposite to Saturn and square to Neptune. This complicates the arrangement in that the information we receive during this Full Moon will likely be encoded. Trickster vibes. Truth in part, and distortion or fantasy in another. It may be that by considering a new idea (that seemed outlandish before) it is a stepping stone to the next vision of truth. We’re not really here to settle or get fixed on what is real or true, though, after all. (Change being the only constant and whatnot?) Definitely enlist your equanimity and inner-zen to take on the messages that come in through the Full Moon.

When the Sun enters Cancer about half a day later, the vibe will simmer, and we can bring it on in. Venus is already in Cancer, and we have some cardinal (start-up) energy entering the astro landscape which has been mostly dominated by mutable (shifting, transitionary) energy. We’ll be feeling more into family, close community, feeling cozy and safe and held.

On the 22nd, Mercury in Gemini will go on to interact with the next figure in the T-square – Jupiter, by square. This energy speaks to me of the nervous system giving direct messages on what it likes and doesn’t like. This will involve both very physical elements of health, like diet or exercise, but also aspects of wellness and mental health like thoughts, beliefs, and energies we are choosing to engage with. The sensitivity on that will be amplified and it really does not have to be something that science could validate (like eating a particular food having a particular affect on the body). It could be more esoteric, like experiencing strange pains because you’re doing something that’s not true to your nature.

To mitigate the negative affects of this, do things that are positive for your state of wellness, and from that clarity of mind, you can analyze what changes may need to be made.

If there is not some kind of excess to deal with or overwhelming fix to make, like if your alignment is pretty tuned and adjustments are in general easier to make, this transit may bring some breakthroughs along the lines of what is the next step to make. For everyone, because it’s a square aspect, the insight can be confrontational or crisis-oriented in general. An expansion of thought and a vision of a new direction can come based on what is lacking, or what feels off.

On the 26th, Jupiter in Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn. This is the last hit of this trine (we had one in October of 2015 and another in March of this year). This reflects BIG changes that are harmonious and easy to make, even if we are talking Pluto here. So maybe I can take that back a little – changes that are easy to make if you’re cool with the Pluto vibe, which is about evolution and letting things have their fruition, death, and rebirth cycles. This is another push of that Virgo purification energy – which is not about societal or puritanical ideas of what “pure” is, but about what your nervous system legitimately aligns with and what it legitimately is unamenable to (even if it has seemingly built up a resistance). This alignment between Jupiter and Virgo makes moving on from what is deadweight to us open up a lot of joy, possibility, expansion and prosperity. The principle being that to move forward, to evolve and grow, we need to let go of what is no longer serving us.


(Image: Angela Rizza)

The trick with Jupiter in Virgo is discernment… and we grow in our capacity of discernment via practical, hard life experiences (Pluto in Capricorn), such as knowing what we don’t want from relationships by having relationships that didn’t work out. We couldn’t have possibly known what we didn’t want unless we went through that process of direct experience to learn.

If you are able to take practical lessons from your most recent losses, or what feels like reversals in fate, if you’ve experienced any, you’re doing the work of this transit and reward is likely to come based on what you attract in the future. When the lesson is learned, we no longer attract the teacher of that lesson. We get to graduate and integrate, instead. Even if something that’s gone on recently seems like such drudgery to pull up and analyze, if you can find the hidden wealth of wisdom that only occurs thru looking at and processing those truths, you may sooner move on than keep it festering in the backseat (where it inevitably gives instructions to the driver…). That’s what the clearing aspect of this transit is such a gift for. You have to go deep to pull the weeds.

And lastly, we have Mercury in Gemini sextiling Uranus in Aries this week. If you’ve been following the forecasts the last few weeks, you know that the Sun and Venus recently did the same thing, and there was a certain unpredictability and electricity around, socially, that was fun to play with and maybe disappointing if you were attached to particular outcomes. When Uranus is playing in the sky in harmonious aspects, these are times we get to have novel and unique experiences by following our impulses (uranus in ARIES). We follow our impulses to find where the party is. We strike up conversations with strangers when we feel the connection, we end up having dinner with them, and having a magical time we never expected to happen when we woke up in the morning. This is a great time to talk with people about what’s on your mind! Chat and open up the connectivity to the human collective that happens when we verbalize our feelings and intentions.

That’s our week! I hope it’s full of blessings and serendipity for you.

~Sabrina Monarch


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