Full Moon in Libra: Astrology of 4/1 – 4/7

This week Venus enters Gemini, Jupiter and Pluto join up in exact conjunction in Capricorn, and we have a Full Moon in Libra. The Moon’s light growing into its fullness in the sign of Libra suggests an increase in connection and desire for connection, while Jupiter and Pluto exacting their conjunction relates to the heaviness and somberness in the air. Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn has a leveling effect, bringing people together through shared hardship. This may be a time where we find ourselves (and others) being more honest and perhaps breaking through some of our normal and routine stoicisms.

(Image: Hans Richter, film Dreams That Money Can Buy)

Some of our personal patterns and habits may feel difficult to maintain right now, but we likely have some belief that we will fall apart without them. And there probably is some kind of ego death at hand if we let go. The temptation to loosen up and let go of our control mechanisms is growing stronger. To work with this process (which has a free-fall feeling too it), it may be helpful to connect with our Spirit/Soul/Higher Self in whatever way you know how, even if it feels like you’re just guessing. Ask for, and visualize, a stronger line of communication between your Soul and your ego, such that your ego can work in harmony and work for your Spirit/Soul and not at odds with it.

We have heard of the mind-body connection, hand-eye coordination, mind-muscle connection, right? Maybe we have experience connecting our mind with certain parts of the body, certain muscles. The ego and the spirit can also develop this kind of connection, and as with any mind-body bridge-building, the connection grows stronger with practice.

Breaking through a limiting ego-structure or ego-pattern feels like a death but only to the ego. When the ego-Spirit/Soul connection is stronger, we gain the courage to let go of what we truly no longer need and we also gain vision of how to more richly participate with this reality. Especially in times where normal life is rapidly changing, being able to see beyond familiar forms, or even to just walk through liminal spaces without trying to grasp onto something, is a way that we connect with mysterious, yet-to-be-known treasures and opportunities of the future.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the vibe may feel like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox, sign up for my mailing list here.

Before we get into this week’s transits, a quick announcement:

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Here’s our week:

April 3, 2020

Venus enters Gemini: 10:10 AM PDT

Venus will be in Gemini until August 7 – an extra long time in this sign because of the upcoming Venus retrograde in May!

  • Venus brings her graces to communications while in this sign. People with this natal position often have a gift around being able to put language to subtle nuances of a relational dynamic and when they verbalize it, they are very stimulating partners. Receiving the observations of a Venus in Gemini can be an irresistible way to be pinned down.
  • One of Gemini’s strengths is the capacity for mental flexibility – to see and be open to many sides of an issue. This becomes useful to be more aware of in relationship. Although one reality seems to be shared between the two people, each person is having a unique experience. Venus demonstrates love in this placement by cultivating and expressing curiosity for the other, and being able to intellectually empathize.
  • Venus in Gemini can also relate to the expressions of love that have to do with mental mapping, i.e. remembering what another had planned for the day and asking them about it later. While these demonstrations can be seemingly superficial (not necessarily deep or intense), they nonetheless communicate care. Mental mapping for another person’s details may come naturally to you, or it may be something you can put more effort into during this time.
  • Venus in Gemini speaks to a harmonization of stories, when it comes to relationship. If we like the thoughts another person has about us or we like the thoughts we have about another, we feel harmonization. It is just as possible, though, to have discord and conflicts of interest, and to dislike the sentiments someone has about us and for someone else to dislike our sentiments about them. Venus in Gemini offers us the opportunity to relate to a multiplicity of viewpoints, but we can choose which ones we value.

Mercury in 19 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 19 Pisces: 6:15 PM PDT

  • Our minds are potentially more permeable under this transit, almost like being more suggestible within a hypnotic trance. Of course, this can go any which way. If there are thought-forms you’d like to dissolve, now may be a good time to let them go. If you want to bring your mind closer to Spirit, now is just as good a time as any to pray and connect.
  • Be careful with bottom-feeding. Originally as this term spontaneously came to me, I meant the metaphor of fish at the bottom of the ocean, but realized a bottom-feeder is also defined as “an opportunist who seeks quick profit usually at the expense of others or from their misfortune” when I looked it up. When we are not feeling strong in our aura (or confidence, self-possession, however you want to look at it) we more easily entertain self-depreciating thoughts, and this can continue to keep us down. Sometimes in a more vulnerable state we think it’s important to entertain these thoughts, while underestimating how parasitic to the spirit some of these influences can be. If you want to rationally think through what feels like a problem, try resourcing yourself a little more first (i.e. sleep if you’re tired, food if your hungry, clearing your space if it’s stale).
  • Mercury-Neptune here also highlights our capacity for compassionate thinking. If we stop to identify our thoughts, we can literally edit and revise them to be kinder. The more frequently we entertain compassionate or loving thoughts, the more doorways we open up in this reality to have miraculous experiences. This is why there is a connection between raising your vibration and being positive and manifesting or attracting what you desire and what you find beautiful and fulfilling – it’s because you’ve tuned into that station or that alignment.

April 4, 2020

Venus in 0 Gemini trine Saturn in 0 Aquarius: 10:09 AM PDT

  • With quarantine and social distancing in place, many of Venus in Gemini’s social butterfly desires are channeled through digital communications. Many people have unhelpful thoughts that the internet is different than real life or that in-person communication is objectively better than online communication. This cynicism does not tend to inspire much heart-openness in digital communication, nor innovation within how to work with digital mediums. If you are one who entertains that kind of thinking, consider asking more optimistic questions about what value digital communication could have in your life and how you could work with the medium for results you’ve yet to imagine.

Jupiter in 22 Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 22 Capricorn: 7:44 PM PDT

NOTE: The above image is not meant as a prediction – just a mood!

This is the first exact conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto since Jupiter entered Capricorn – because of Jupiter’s upcoming retrograde, this aspect will happen two more times, on June 29, 2020 and November 12, 2020. The two will remain close in conjunction for all of 2020.

  • Jupiter expands, exaggerates, and inflates what it touches. While it is a planet of luck that tends to bring fortune, it does so in accordance with the sign and aspects its working with, and Capricorn is in many ways, a contradicting energy to Jupiter. Jupiter in Capricorn blows out restrictions, boundaries, depression, and contemplations of limitation and mortality. In some sense this can be very expansive for us if it means that we step up. For example, once we soberly recognize that something is hard and it requires our effort or endurance, we may brace ourselves mentally and emotionally for the challenge and actually get a lot more done than if we were bemoaning that it was hard and staying paralyzed as a result. Consider a powerful mentor figure (you’ve had or currently have) who doesn’t baby and pacify you but who gives you pep talks in the face of grave situations where the odds feel stacked against you. That vibe may be more galvanizing at the moment.
  • In Robert Greene’s book Mastery, he shares the wakeup call that the odds ARE likely against you. The greatness and the achievement that Capricorn can represent does not come without confronting many obstacles. Many of us are facing challenges right now that feel like narrow tunnels without any light at the end – even if we can rationalize otherwise, this psychological undertow has a sturdy presence. We may need to look at the situation from a bigger picture perspective as though we were the heroes of our own stories, and THEN consider our current impasse or block from that perspective. This is also a good time to imagine who you will be when you are victorious, when you handled this situation with grace. Are you proud of this person? That matters.

April 7, 2020

Mars in 5 Aquarius square Uranus in 5 Taurus: 11:50 AM PDT

  • Collective issues around the wealth gap and economic inequality are especially highlighted in light of hourly workers being as impacted as they are by quarantine/shelter-in-place. This transit may relate to a spike in uprising/resistance/organization of some kind, as well as individual actions toward greater economic freedom like seeking out new forms of work to adapt to the current disruption. As Saturn is also involved in this square (Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius), we will also be watching governments adapt radically and the status quo in general (Saturn) respond/adapt to disruption (Uranus).
  • Individually we may feel a greater tone of urgency inside of us, especially when it comes to freeing ourselves from dynamics that feel very stagnant or stuck. We’re hungry for a breakthrough. We may need some time and space to get immersed in something that energizes us but has nothing to do with the problem at hand – as to get in touch with a part of ourselves that is free and unfettered.

Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (2:27 PM PDT) & Mercury sextile Jupiter in Capricorn: 7:20 PM PDT

  • The platitude that one must be healed to heal others, or in a good state to support others, is often deeply unhelpful. Sometimes the boundary between helping others and helping ourselves can actually be very thin. Many people are anxious right now, but we may notice that we possess a helpful distance from other people’s problems and other people to ours, such that we can be coming together at this time to support one another even though we may not feel like we “have it together”.
  • Around a month ago, I was having a strange mood where I felt deeply depressed and hopeless and couldn’t pull myself out of it. I went to the woods, and still felt like I couldn’t escape this raincloud bearing down over me no matter what I did. I had a strong message come through that I needed to focus on someone ELSE’s problems and only a few minutes later a friend called me in tears and I was grateful for the opportunity to help her. (Also, a little synchronicity there…) As the conversation evolved throughout the day (and we got together that evening), we were both helping each other. This memory came to mind as soon as I started to consider this transit. The more I reflect on it, the message is that we can still be sufficiently resourced to show up for one another, even if we are personally struggling. It may even be the opportunity to rise to the occasion for another that helps us diffuse our own emotional crises.

Full Moon in 18 Libra: 7:35 PM PDT

The Full Moon axis forms a t-square to Pluto, Jupiter, and Athena in Capricorn. 

  • The Libra Moon reflecting the light of Aries Sun is like the camaraderie or friendship among warriors. This is a quality where two self-assured, confident, and assertive (perhaps aggressive) individuals share common goals or common codes of honor, and generally are peaceable among each other but have a way of making their boundaries known. To connect this to everyday life, we might consider the way that true negotiation and collaboration in relationship is supported by the strength of the individuals involved – each knowing what they stand for, and willing to express their needs accordingly.
  • In Aries experience, we feel our needs instinctually and can often lack awareness of how to ask for support, or that this would even be an option. We feel like conquering or surpassing obstacles, or we heat up to anger before we consider how to negotiate within a situation. As the Moon grows full in Libra we may have more moments where we perceive ways to interact with, rather than fight, a given frustrating situation.
  • Aries can be quite impulsive, but this Moon suggests some greater emphasis and possibly tension on considering cause and effect. Sometimes from a harmonic/musical standpoint, spontaneity is just the note we want to play and we are prepared to meet the consequences. Other times, if we took some moments to breathe and think it through, we would know that diffusing our hot-headedness could prevent acts we would regret. We may need to bring balance to our emotional state (Moon in Libra) before we act (Sun in Aries), unless we truly want to live out the emotional state we are channeling. 
  • We may derive a very primal and alchemical satisfaction from living out an emotion in a creative space – moving it through our bodies or voice (through embodiment practice, and not necessarily at another person). Where do you feel you can direct your passion?

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are soul family to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She is a novelist and has a M.A. in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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