Retrograde Season’s Psychic Soil

I’m back from my month of travels. It culminated in a past life regression workshop – Deep Memory Process. These regressions were intense! Simultaneous Mars and Pluto retrograde & let’s rework some deep psychic imprints. NBD.

The regressions work with traumatic soul imprints, the principle being that we develop karmic complexes when we die with unfinished business or die with a very vivid feeling like “I’m always alone” or “It’s all my fault”. We end up carrying those feelings into our next incarnations, attract situations to validate that, etc. The soul fragments under trauma, we learn to dissociate, we develop defenses, which keep us in karmic loops. This work was about going in and connecting with those moments of soul fragmentation and the Deep Memory Process specifically (different than most past life regressions where you witness the past life, this one you’re IN it), we did work around building closure and mending those soul fragments in the bardo so that the soul fragment could return to the soul and be integrated. And so I actually do feel more -here- than before, and intrigued about how much more present I can become as I continue to work on myself like this.

Afterward, I had super vivid dreams that were full of important downloads…. my psychic soil was thoroughly stirred, and I feel more things now that I had built up defenses around how not to feel. But now I have more tools or resources to meet those emotions and memories so it’s time to do the work. I’ve often been able to notice in this life when my reactions to an event are more loaded than the situation calls for, and part of why reincarnation is so easy for me to accept is because of this.

My past lives I connected with were super Piscean. The thread in both was that I had a lot of visions and dreams I was unable to share with the people around me, so I was more invested in my visions and dreams than in real life. My ability to go straight to spirit was really developed, but participating in life around me felt like drudgery, or what’s the point. (I have TOTALLY experienced this theme in this life, and astrology has helped me see this and make conscious changes, mostly through my Capricorn node.) I really got to feel the heartache of that and do some work on that. That is one reason why this incarnation me loves the internet so much, I have been able to feel community and share and connect with likeminded people… thank you! from my soul lineage.

For now – it’s RETROGRADE season and I’m feeling pretty content to slow down, look within and read a lot of books.

So, I’m back… in deep processes.. integrating a lot, and devoted to continuing to deepen all my practices bc I’m a Pluto in Scorpio and that’s what I do.

How are you all? My question… what is really characterizing this time period for you? What’s coming up? Does the abundance of retrograde planets make you feel cozy and reflective or like intensely self-aware?

I’m available to work with anyone who feels they need some extra guidance or insight for this retrograde-heavy time.

~Sabrina Monarch


(Images: Raf CruzSolYaCheva)


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