Saturn, Neptune, and Bubble Bursting


So, doing some research about the Saturn-Neptune cycle and I checked when Saturn and Neptune (now squaring) were in opposition – 2007. When I realized where I was at that year, I connected that it was also the housing crash in the US. Saturn was in Leo, and Neptune in Aquarius conjunct Chiron.

I was a freshman in high school then and the housing market and economic crash was disillusioning. I had the potent feeling then of society doesn’t have my back, wealth can be attained and lost, an illusion can evaporate. It doesn’t matter if I go to college, get a job – it could all crumble. 


And, Neptunian as I am, instead of compensating my fear of the future with Saturn-like activities of learning practical skills or figuring out how to be in the world, I just read and wrote a lot (but got good grades) without realizing that is what I’d end up doing, and dreaded the day I would have to play in the real world. Dreaded it so much I couldn’t imagine it – figured it wouldn’t even happen, that something else, miraculous would occur instead.

And that’s just the thing with Saturn and Neptune – the illusions of the consensus get popped. Then it was the romance (Leo) of the ideal suburban lifestyle (Saturn) getting burst by Neptune in Aquarius – trauma, loss.


How does this storyline get revisited with the Saturn-Neptune square? This square active now is in last quarter phase which correlates to a “crisis in consciousness”. Bankers involved in the housing crash of 2007 have a spiritual emergence experience and decide to help refugees? Once the creators of suburban homelessness, seek a chance at redemption?

There are people who get to the top of a given paradigm, see through it, and decide to turn their life around, write books, donate to charity, etc. Forget the corporate ladder (Saturn) and follow the dream (Neptune)… In general this square also feels to me like more material from the Neptunian world becoming visible or seen, and real to the general public, the existence of pop-spirituality.


~Sabrina Monarch

(Images: Raf CruzAnni Leppala, unknown)


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