May 2016: Navigating the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-Square


What you need to know about May boils down to:
2. The Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square

For the retrogrades – introspection and slowing down occurs – it’s inevitable. As with shifting gears or turning directions. It’s more uncomfortable to keep going in the same direction you were – better to allow the energy to move. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde the entire month, while Mercury turns direct on the 22, and Jupiter turns direct on the 9th.

The t-square will be thrumming in the background of the weekly forecasts, we will revisit – but let’s start with some foundation on this:

This is a time of great change – the T-square is epic. Saturn-Neptune enough changes the status-quo, changes our very reality, but now we’ve also got Jupiter on the other end of this square, opposing Neptune. This makes a Saturn-Jupiter square also.

The evolutionary call of Saturn in Sagg itself (the fulcrum between Neptune-Jupiter) is about aligning with natural law, natural truths. I wrote about it in this post here, in terms of changing what we think “work ethic” is. How much of our idea of how to live, what is culturally sanctioned, is based off of something very distorted and far away from what is natural? With Saturn in Sagittarius in an evolved form, we get the government and people of social power and prestige to care about things like the environment, human rights, the protection of the natural world — in less desirable form, Saturn in Sagittarius can relate to bigotry or religious extremism. The energy of Saturn in Sagittarius is manifested through it’s belief system, so where the belief is around honoring nature, the form Saturn takes may be earthier and on Earth rhythms. While Sagittarius relates to truth, it also relates to things we only BELIEVE to be true. Saturn though, makes believing in what is not really real for us, harder and harder. Bend or break?

Take Saturn – add the square to Neptune. The benevolence of this transit is real – even in its disappointments. For whatever in our Saturnian world, our constructions, our calcified beliefs, are no longer in alignment with our Spirit (Neptune)— the disappointment sets in. The plan doesn’t work, it falls through. Or we get what we wanted, and it’s not all that we thought it would be. However, if we can stay open to the infinite Source potential Neptune represents… our plans can take a positive turn. We can become open to more information, more opportunities, more awarenesses. On the evolutionary level, Neptune will favor what is in service, and what is true, and it is not just Neptune that relates to illusion – in Saturn’s land we find the “false self”, the highly conditioned, superego, put-a-suit-on-for-work kind of identity where we are truly just wearing a mask. The bubble-bursting of Saturn-Neptune can take place on subtle levels – delusions pop, and granted, not all delusions feel easy to let go of. Some were comfortable or full of hope. But the potential of what is really, truly, being offered to us, is likely, the fantasy. When we find out how to drop into what IS, instead of fighting what is, we work best with this transit. And this is mutable energy: what IS, changes.

The Saturn square with Jupiter creates tension and conflict between buoyancy and optimism, and cynicism and/or feeling defeated. Keep in mind, our worldview, and our way of organizing our reality is shifting and changing. With Saturn in Sagittarius, we really can be inventive and innovative, and we can bring higher wisdom into the most practical places in our lives with both of these planets. Before this energy equalizes and becomes a little more stable, depending on where you’re at with it, it’s easy to feel a switch between being on top of the world, and feeling like shit. It’s like we need the extra energy to see possibility, and yet if it doesn’t come true right away or in the way we think, we feel equally deflated.

The three planets together = not the most grounding of energies. “Who am I?” “Anything is possible!” It’s easier if you stay open to possibility, your truth, and your evolution – and harder if you want to keep things a certain, fixed way. This is all mutable energy, and these are big forces. The potential for growth is massive; the energy shifts truly epic. Make it yours.

~Sabrina Monarch

(Image: Henn Kim)


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