May 2-8, 2016: Making More of What You Like


This week there is a lovely grand trine between the earth signs: the New Moon aligns in Taurus, forming a trine each to Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.

Have you been feeling the pace of life slow way down? Besides having five planets in retrograde in the background (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto), we also are in Taurus season, Mercury and Venus included. Mercury’s retrograde in Taurus is having us focus especially on the slowness of life, leisure, simple pleasures.

This astrology is made blissful and easier when you align with the timing of it: if, attempting to go in the direction you always do or are used to, or at the speed you are accustomed, all of these retrogrades make that process feel like getting stuck in traffic.

For this week, since the main events of the week are all combined in this grand trine, I’m going to outline each part of the trine and include the sign degrees of the planets. Check what houses/planets you have activated by transit, and those are your gateways for accessing the grand trine, which is a lot like a wheel. When you strengthen any given spoke of that wheel, you help the energy of this grand earth trine move through your life for blessings for the Lunar Month. We can align with the grand earth trine to set in motion new and real intentions around abundance, love, career, or anything we place value in.

For timing…
Sun in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo: May 3, 12:58 AM PST
New Moon in Taurus: May 6, 12:29 PM PST
Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn: May 7, 6:00 AM PST

*The degrees below are based on the position of the planets at the New Moon.

New Moon in Taurus (Sun and Moon in 16’41 degrees of Taurus):


The New Moon does not consist of retrograding planets, since the Sun and Moon don’t go retrograde – but this New Moon is in harmony with two other retrograde planets, while in one of the most slow, patient signs of the zodiac. Taurus is not seen as a sign of re-invention necessarily, though its polarity, Scorpio, is the sign of transformation ruled by the Phoenix. It’s an oversight to not see Taurus in the same light. Taurus is where we make slow, steady change; it is also where we build routine. People with Taurus influences natally tend to love alone time, though they can also self-isolate in negative ways. Taurus is fixed earth, and an word that often comes with Taurus is “rut” – (think of a bull drawing its foot back in the dirt, making a physical rut) this is a sign that can get stuck. But it’s also a sign that can get so very rooted. The energy, no matter how it is tinted, is steady. It’s a set of values that inform how Taurus is going to position itself. It can be a stuck place, or it can be the start of a garden.

This New Moon is a fresh start in the world of values. Where is 16’41 degrees of Taurus in your chart? This is a place you can develop some roots and plant something – or, whatever you decide to nurture in your physical world (such as your diet, wardrobe, house, etc..) will have a metaphysical affect on the area of life the house represents.

This is a time to think about what your values are around what you are worth – what you deserve – what you are capable of receiving. Because that can change, along with your intentions!

Jupiter in Virgo retrograde (13’16 degrees)


In relation to the New Moon, this placement can be about expanding our capacity to receive, our capacity to experience wealth and abundance. To amplify this influence, we do so through the lens of Virgo, organization, and on an energetic level, gut health and a good diet will go a long way, as Virgo rules digestion and the gut.

Another aspect of Jupiter and Virgo here has to do with the question of in what ways are we showing up to receive more abundance in our lives? Virgo is a sign of alignment: alignment of the practice with Spirit, alignment of the body with the mind, alignment of our actions with our intentions. Virgo can be meticulous, and it’s biggest issue comes in being overly critical, to oneself and others. Yet Jupiter rules truth, and natural law… how much of our judgments of self and other come from a societal paradigm that’s not rooted in the Earth? In the Earth realm, and in exalted forms of Virgo, the capacity for scrutiny in excess is channeled in loving attentiveness to the ever-changing needs of the body or environment. In exalted Virgo, the connection between all things is implicit – all actions have an affect or counterpart, and Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and luck – so – with this alignment, think about the ways in which you can set yourself up for greater abundance. In what ways can you be more available? And is there any kind of discernment in your life that might bring you some luck and added clarity, not spending your energy where it’s draining you?

The change or move can be literal or an intention, esp. since some things may be bigger picture ideas. A metaphor that comes up with this is around manifestation. Virgo rules the practical dimension of life. There is a difference between visualizing becoming an amazing dancer, versus going ahead and signing up for a class and beginning the process of learning. With Jupiter in Virgo, the opening comes in showing up.

Pluto in Capricorn retrograde (17’24 degrees)
Pluto, like Jupiter, is adding some drama and flair to this New Moon – but it can be accessed at multiple vibrations. It is the Phoenix. If the focus is on empowerment from Pluto, and the Taurus world stuff is loving and exalted in some way (pleasure, something healthy at the same time, like actual self love, not just pleasure-seeking w/o value), deep insights and changes can come through. This would not be the best time astrologically to like, spiral down into your stuff – let’s take Jupiter in Virgo into the story too. If the focus is on what is wrong; and that’s the starting point of investigation, with this astrology it can be easier to get stuck. It is so super helpful to resource yourself with things that are healthful and bring life-force and joy to you, and then go ahead and use that Qi to do the psychic work/psychic cleansing that is coming up.

On the other hand, if there is anything hanging around you that is not helping at all, and you can cut out, that will help too. We let things go with Pluto. If you can identify what it is that brings you happiness, what your vision for the future is, also take a look at what in your life may be holding you back from that. Even if it’s a concept, like a judgement. At the same time that you set an intention for the New Moon, you can identify something you’d like help letting go with, and ask your guides for that help. Sure it’s Taurus, but – you don’t really have to do anything alone. That’s not how anything else in the Universe operates. It’s more like an ecosystem you’re nourishing this week.


So in short, look to your chart for these places of the Grand Earth trine, or your epic wheel of manifestation for the New Moon-
New Moon = create new roots based on new values, access thru something physical like food, earth, stones, exercise, wardrobe, etc.
Jupiter in Virgo = employ practicality for magic, get organized for luck
Pluto in Capricorn = let something go…. rebirth

~Sabrina Monarch


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