Monarch Forecast: December 7 – 13, 2015


There are extra dimensions to love and relationship this week, with Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio both forming aspect to outer planets, Mars opposing Uranus and Venus trining Neptune. With this, routines have an unstable feeling, but rather than try to uphold the status quo take these moments as peeks behind the veil- that our attempt to control our reality so that it goes as it “normally” goes or is “supposed” to go is just one way to sleep. The shifts in what is to be expected this week form opportunities for us to deepen into the spaces of what is supported at this time, though it may be new, but is part of the shift that is happening collectively. Like a river that is needing to move freely that has been dammed for centuries – humanity is a lot like that. Beyond attachment to the dam itself, there is more pleasure inevitably in being on a raft or a boat along for the ride as it is actually unfolding.

On the 8th, the Sun in Sagittarius follows Mercury’s recent footstep and trines Uranus. The feeling with the Mercury-Uranus trine was one of seeing things in new ways, thinking in new ways- more on the intellectual side of things. The Sun trine adds in the dimension of is-ness or being, which is the Sun. Whatever is special or unusual about us that we radiate outwardly is in the domain of this kind of transit. Sometimes we are under the impression that we have to hide what makes us unique, but not with this transit. The main importance is just that we are expressing things naturally, our truths that are self-evident. It is the difference between a person standing on the proverbial soapbox and one who leads by example. This is a subtle influence that starts the week, but think of it in terms of appreciating what is unique about yourself and about others; and allowing yourself/giving yourself permission to actually be your weird self in a way it feels natural to you.

The Sun will form an exact square to Chiron, also following Mercury’s recent footstep. In combination with the Uranus trine, there is a potential feeling of discomfort when it comes to just being ourselves. We can feel triggered by it or have memories where doing so led to our downfall or undoing (one expression of Pisces). Also we may take into account that it is commonly within human experience that those who have a lot of brightness or spotlight (Sun/Leo archetype), often confront shadow qualities such as jealousy in others. With a Sun-Chiron square, an image that comes to mind is one of two people having an unpleasant encounter together in passing. Both are aware, on whatever subtle or obvious level, of the skewed chemistry between them. But rather than view this one incident as a net-bad or net-unpleasant affair, imagine that each person goes home and goes on with their lives, until at some point later in the future the memory pops up again. This time when the memory is re-lived, something about the encounter makes sense. One of them reads a book and has an idea that brings them back to that unresolved encounter and inspires greater self-awareness. Of course, the thing that assists this process if you happen to come by it this week is not giving into the drama or story of when you are rubbed the wrong way or notice you have irked someone else. On another level what is happening is not just this, but a point from each person’s energy field meeting the other, this point being a surfacing wound that is on the person’s cutting-edge to release into consciousness and then more actualized form.

We also have Mercury changing signs to Capricorn on the 9th. Mercury entered the previous sign, Sagittarius on the 20th, and inspired a mini-season of more intellectualizing and collecting of information on topics of cosmology, philosophy, and on some levels moralizing and right versus wrong. This was a fiery and active place for Mercury to be, and the feeling once it goes into Capricorn will be of solidifying and slowing down, condensing even. It stays here until January 1. Communications can be more methodical during this time.

Mars in Libra opposes Uranus mid-week – having Mars activate the Uranus-Pluto square (still in the picture, though not making astro headlines anymore as it is done hitting exact) is a tense influence. Events like random mass shootings (of which we’ve had more just recently) are part of this influence. Uranus is a very separating force, as is Mars. Though both have their ways of connecting, and certainly liberating. Uranus is a force like Prometheus, bringing information from the Heavens (in the form of fire) to the mortals. But Uranian territory is not always a clear channel. Sometimes people go very far off the deep-end – something seems like a glimmering truth but it’s not. Also trauma and things like post traumatic stress are within Uranus – and so having the Mars-Uranus linkup is not a great energy for people who are already violent or unstable. As an energy itself though, there are a lot of different pathways it can take.

For one, Mars-Uranus is going to love freedom. This is not a week to try to hold anyone down. People can feel rebellious under this influence. However much we are wrapped up in the security of someone else’s presence, this influence can expose the rawness of that when we don’t feel secure in that particular way. This gives Mars a special little chip on his shoulder anyway – how can we level up so that we aren’t insecure in relationship when the other person needs more space or freedom than we wanted from them? Some can give that kind of freedom and space graciously – others can give it half-heartedly, and still others can be totally threatened by it. Relationship health this week is tested by how much freedom we can give each other, so if you have any inner-work to do around this, this is a week to take note.

At the same time that this is happening, Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces – immediately this can follow one of two extremes (with a spectrum in between of course). The first extreme, the lower arch, would be reacting to the insecurities we just spoke about and using our psychological awareness of the other person to simply get better at controlling them, or manipulating them. Even if it’s soft manipulation, like altering ourselves (but lying). This could also be playing out all by ourselves, trying to control ourselves (and don’t we sometimes?) The other extreme, the higher arch, is surrender consciousness. Seeing that where we find insecurity in life here, in relationship, etc… that we can always look to our transcendent connection. The ultimate understanding that we are not the ones in control. So much of our life, yes, is about our choices, it’s about how we show up, it’s about our skill, etc. But there is an element of life that is beyond us, and this is the force that seems more and more threatening the more we have parted from it. But our reunion with it reminds us that it is total and complete love.

So already a lot happening – and now a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 11th. Expect a shift in energy. The time leading up to it is quite busy on the planetary level, but the lunar filter for reality is at its most waning. It sets up the week to be rich in awareness, in deepening our relationship to inner life, but it’s not as much a time of beginnings. When the New Moon hits, some of the Mars-Uranus instability will diffuse and make way for a clearer pathway of vision. It will also be our first New Moon since we’ve had an exact Saturn-Neptune square, so any insights we had about what doesn’t work in our lives can see a construction of the new vision/alternative after the New Moon.


*Note that breaking down the week through each Sun and Rising sign will be discontinued in 2016. If you want insights about your specific astrology, consider booking a personal chart reading.*


Aries/Aries Rising: Mercury entering your career house is, amidst transits you’ve already been doing, a speed-up around career planning. Making lists, grinding out the details and hard times. Mars opposite Uranus adds some excitement to your love life certainly… you are keeping cool and not jumping on drama cause if you wait a moment, it tends to dissipate anyway.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: A New Moon occurring in the Soul sector is a potent one for setting strong intentions and also letting go of anything from older eras, and the addictions, compulsions along with that. Venus is in Scorpio and you are evolving – so are your partnerships. Stay organized where you can to enhance the Mars-Uranus transit when it doubt.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: Mercury enters your Soul sector this week meaning the messages that reach you at this time come with a deeper base vibration… maybe some important communications, but not necessarily as they first appear but as to what they uncover or spark. This is a time to feel things deeply and go to your roots.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: This New Moon is a good time to get excited about some project that promises to enhance your skill sets and challenge you in some way. Keep your senses out for something that enters your sphere that seems exciting yet one you don’t feel “ready” for. You are. The point is the process.


Leo/Leo Rising: This week jealousy issues can flare up – either personally or inspired by you… while all are inherently royal, you are the one who knows it and is not afraid to flaunt it. So this naturally freaks people out who are not in a place to beam out their own. See ways in which your most natural expression this week can be in a self-evident way, empowering.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: The New Moon occurs in your house of home and identity – this is a good time for re-envisioning the self and your living space. Before the New Moon, Mercury enters your house of creativity, so you are able to plan out new directions with a good solid bit of grounding thanks to Mercury in Capricorn.


Libra/Libra Rising: Fast track growth this week with Mars in your sign opposing Uranus. This is not a time to be tied up in affairs that aren’t your own. In that case, go in a new direction. Attract new people. The New Moon occurs in your house of communications which is also a house of options and much activity – keep your vibe fresh and see what you attract.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: If you keep your will focused on what is universally supported (i.e. the highest good), you will find resourcefulness in working with what you’ve already got in a way that can be very surprising. New Moon occurs in your house of resources – start it on a good note vibrationally. Abundance.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: This New Moon enhances your direction (as you set intention) – also helps to increase harmony in your home life or very personally within by some depth traveling/meditation/dreamwork/dream journalling. It all sets the tone for launch.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: This New Moon is in your Spirit sector – the house of letting go and moving into universality, of conclusions and culminations. Think of what you wish to exhaust or work through finally and see that this lunar month may help you reach conclusions. A good time for dream insights too.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The vibe can be a little righteous right now – or above the fray. Conviction and passion are elements of this week – use the energy wisely, creatively, and for the furthering of your overall visions. The New Moon occurs in a Uranus-ruled house for you = new and epic insights.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: There may be something to enhancing self-discipline toward a worthy personal goal or cause at the moment, something of being, like being more compassionate or more fearless. The awareness of what you feel is lacking is there – but the discipline to actually just become it is there also, if you’ll use it.

(Image: Julia Lillard)

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