April 25 – May 1, 2016: Mercury Retrograde Thrival


Mercury stationing retrograde in Taurus (on the 28th) has us consider the value of ideas, and the trickster energy of Mercury can play with our sense of where the source of those ideas is – it can also play games on our value assessments of self. The gift of the trickster is it’s ability to expand our consciousness playfully.

The Mercury warp begins this week, know this. It would be one level of Taurusy to say I’ve got the “survival” guide for your Mercury retrograde, but that would imply there’s something to survive just because Mercury is tracing some degrees on the zodiac belt over again from the perspective on Earth, as though picking up some pieces he just skipped over is somehow bad juju and not Mercury stopping & smelling Venusian Taurean roses. We can only hope these decadent fragrances mess with our heads a bit. Read the full forecast here for the download on this week’s transits, including my thoughts on how this Mercury retrograde can elevate your $$ and resource amassing potential (1,693 words plus exact transit times). New subscribers – get access to my forecasts every week and month when you sign up.

~Sabrina Monarch

(Image: Aida Muluneh)


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