Astrology of 1/3 – 1/9: Mega-Mars, Venus Combust & Pluto

Happy New Year! While the calendar new year does not mark a celestial event, it does mark an event in human consciousness. When masses of humans tune into something, the thought form track is easier to access, like a radio station coming into extra-attuned reception. Associating the near year with resolutions that would involve disciplined commitment over time happens to be very Capricorn, the cosmic season in which societal New Years takes place every year. I’m guessing if you made some resolutions this year, you caught a pretty good wave astrologically, too. Venus and Saturn are in a new cycle together, which is a great time to commit to our values or values we’d like to step into.

This week we have some special and potent astrology: Mars and Jupiter exact their conjunction in Scorpio as Venus and the Sun exact their conjunction in Capricorn, making our Mars and Venus palpable forces in the sky – and they’re all interacting with Pluto to make it all that much more intense and transformative. Read all about it below:

January 3

Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: 10:38 AM PDT

(Image: Paul Jacoulet)

A differentiation between moral and esoteric non-judgement

Moral non-judgement is the layer of not judging because “you never know what they’re going through” for example. Benefit of the doubt, being kind.

Passing judgement from a moral stance can come with the subtle or overt intention to not allow that reality to exist, that part of ourselves to exist, or that other to exist as they are. It involves isolating and separating something out. The fear that is included in this othering is presumably that without judging, the unwanted thing will be condoned and will continue on. Judging is meant to curtail or stop.

I mean to suggest that this pattern of judgement and punishment (embedded into human history) is correlated and/or perpetuated to a lack of reference points to how to practice non-judgement but still elevate reality to a desired place. Do we view judgement as a way to properly police reality into order? Unfortunately, this is often delusional – it may control a symptom but the judged energy comes up in a different form, like a beast that grows new heads when one of its heads is cut off. How could reality improve? This is where esoteric non-judgement practices could come in as a paradigm shift.

Esoteric non-judgement considers auras and subtle consequences (what judgement does to the aura versus what forgiveness and love does to the aura, and what possible consequences emerge from these auras). There is a way to witness without passing judgement – to love things as they are, see their inherent divinity, and hold a blessing in mind, with the possibility that this may allow a better reality to emerge (yet still act with inner authority if that involves boundaries and respecting the value of your space, time and attention.) Not passing judgement does not mean tolerating, accepting, or embracing abuse or even circumstances which are below your personal standards. Boundaries can still be put up. But it is from a place of love (of self and of other), that does not require one party to be wrong and therefore corrected with judgement and any resulting actions of judgement. This can involve a lot of shadow work.

Really getting to a place where non-judgement is happening energetically (and not just superficially), can be more healing for all parties. Actions to improve the overall situation might come from a place of centered peace, rather than corrective violence (whether that corrective violence is personal, social, physical, etc.)

Consciousness can notice dysfunction or notice a problem and take it in, meditate, be centered, listen to what is needed, imagine, implement new creations into reality as offerings to positively augment reality rather than combat with that which is being judged.

When we judge anything it can offer a cue to our subconscious/aura that love is conditional and must be earned. Work and labor of any kind could still be offered with love, as work is part of earth life, but it doesn’t need to be a vehicle to earn love.

  • This transit brings opportune timing to forgiving judgements and grievances of all kinds. It is possible that this energy would work out also as simply *believing* judgements or taking them at face value. To amplify the vibration of this transit, get into a space where you feel the purest love and gratitude you feel you can, even if it is only in your imagination. From this space, you may notice opposing doubts and fears arising as well – they are coming up because you have the energy to love and forgive them. So do so to the best of your ability, or even forgive your limitations in forgiveness to start.
  • A similar principle is in operation whenever good things are happening in our lives and another voice inside us says, “but it won’t last,” or “I can’t have nice things.” To get out of the push and pull of wanting love but fearing its loss or that we’re not good enough to hold onto it, consider expanding your container or your capacity to hold love. Affirmations such as, “I am inherently worthy of love,” “I am infinitely worthy of love,” or “I already am love”, can help. Opening up to more love brings us in touch with our doubts; but these doubts need not hold us back or even be suppressed. Love each doubt as it arises and send it off.

January 6

Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries: 4:38 PM PDT

  • Mercury-Uranus transits are great for revelations and downloads. Here it is a trine, so a harmonious one – still it is worthwhile to tend to the nervous system when Mercury and Uranus connect so that instead of being wired, we are calm and the messages come in easy. You may find yourself alternately wired or lightning calm with this kind of transit – this kind of feedback is useful for discriminating what creates calm and soothes the mind/body and what doesn’t.

Mars in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio: 5:39 PM PDT

Some possible manifestations/possibilites include:

  • An amplification of desire and drive to a point that is almost ridiculous, or incredibly enjoyable – vigor, lust. Limitations on the desired path or momentum can feel extra irritating whereas freedom to move can feel extra exciting. Just think about Mars and Jupiter playing off of each other – Jupiter expanding what it touches, and Mars adding force and potency to what it touches. Mars relates to our will, energy, athleticism and confidence, as well as our defenses and anger. Jupiter relates to higher knowledge, benevolence, luck, synchronicity, and the processes of learning higher knowledge (being a student or teacher).
  • Frustration from below the surface might rise – find your outlets for extra steam instead of being a pressure cooker.
  • A very forceful need to expand/to grow, or to outgrow old situations.
  • Feeling more motivated to get what you want, and/or feeling more frustrated about not having what you want.
  • The nature that as we desire something, a direct journey can unfold: we meet our cutting edge of personal development.
  • Considering taboos and wisdom around retreat vs. wielding force.
  • Accessing esoteric or secret wisdom that motivates, encourages, enlivens.
  • A personal expansion that is happening in secret; something that is building beneath the surface
  • Getting a sense of the bigger picture for your will or something you are planning, and feeling the need to keep the lid on it but also feeing tempted to just get on with it – a tension between urgency/rushing from a place of abundant enthusiasm or vigor, and the wisdom of acting only at the most resonant moments.
  • Expansion that occurs through attendance toward your magnetism or vibration — not so much “getting” in an external way but attracting by being. More support/energy at this time around looking within and undergoing inner transformation, the inner-self being the core magnet from which external realities attract.
  • Sex magic – resourcing sexual energy for wish making. See Layla Martin’s Sex Magic for making SH!T happen – her whole channel is great though ✨?✨ If not through sexuality explicitly, deep libidinal forces (Mars in Scorpio) and wish making (Jupiter in Scorpio) are connected in the sky right now so if you do make a wish, deeply mean it and keep it in the highest good rather than selfish gain at the expense of anything else – even if this is just a paradigm flip of perceiving how good creates more good and that everyone has a right to their free will and happiness (but not the right to take this away from others). This is always an important principle, but especially now as Jupiter in Scorpio is teaching us that we are intimately connected to the energies that we exchange with – the ‘winning’ can be generously shared.
  • The importance of discovering mutual benefit: how deeply can your good be the good of all, and how obvious can it be that harming another is harming yourself. What about doing something for the good fo someone else but it hurts you? The shadow work involved with this calibration, and the higher morals being attended to.

January 8

Sun in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (5:07 AM PDT) and Venus in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (9:13 AM PDT):

  • This is mega wish-fulfillment astrology – calling for a little bit of inner-work. This kind of inner-work may precede the wish appearing (helping you to become ready for it) or it may come after the wish has arrived (allowing you to relax). Take note that most people and quite potentially yourself – have some ceilings on just how much (love, money, security, etc.) you can have. Some of these limitations may be relevant to this moment in space and time, and others are structures that are carried in from the past. It can take a little bit of emotional discipline to commit to feeling worthy and deserving of what it is you want, what fulfills you. You might be in the habit of trading your future worthiness for some accomplishment, “If I do this, then I will be worthy” – when yet, if you decide you already worthy, the accomplishment comes quicker. This is an internal energetic that takes some focus.
  • Consider the reference points you have for what it takes to attain your goals. If you just have the methods, or what you’ll have to do to earn what it is you want, it’s going to be a steeper climb and you might find yourself ill-prepared at the summit. Reaching goals involves a balance of actually being prepared to meet them, which can mean imaginative visualization as well as transforming any hang-ups you have that are obstacles on the path. Do you simultaneously want financial security but think that money corrupts people (and you want to be a good person)? These are mixed signals blocking your path. Consider what internal shifts you can make at this time to open your path up between your desires and what infrastructure you actually have to carry those desires to you. Consider how to listen to, rather than judge, your desires, and how you might access knowledge that opens up your path to truly meet what it is you want.
  • If you’re having a hard time switching over to this form of emotional discipline (holding your worth, etc.) – just focus on what you already have that you are grateful for. Take account – make a list, or find things to be grateful for as you fall asleep or when you wake up in the morning. Not only can it recondition the deep focus to fixate on joy/abundance/what you do want rather than what is lacking, but energetically this is also magnetic for future gifts and reasons to be grateful.

Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn: 12:58 PM PDT

(Image: marina.mika)

  • Mars and Pluto are kin of different octaves. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. Mars relates to our free will, and Pluto is the depth of our free will which opens up increasingly as we become aware – the principle being that our unconscious traits/patterns control us to some extent until we are illuminated and able to make deeper choice rather than being compelled unconsciously. Alternately, focus itself (Pluto) can be quite willful and allow consciousness to osmose with that which it focuses upon. Simply focusing on an expansion of consciousness could yield just that.
  • We might be more inclined at this time to really dig in deeper to what our blocks are. Power games and struggles that can emerge at this time would involve projecting inner-power onto others (they become the block). The esoteric athletic mastery of Mars in Scorpio here sextile Pluto would be to locate the inner block and break that up with awareness. One way to access answers in this arena is to consider why you would be attracted to the particular adversities you are facing. What unmanifest potential within you is wanting to emerge via that resistance? Likewise, is there an area in your life and personal growth where you know your potential but just need to value the integrity of your own authority and inner voice (rather than waiting to be kicked into it via adversity)?

Sun in Capricorn conjunct Venus in Capricorn: 12:01 AM PDT

(Image: Scott Bakal)

  • This is extra Venus. Love and sentiment run high; and so does the shadows of Venus in Capricorn – holy hells of judgement (scorching with the Sun). As the Sun relates to realization and manifestation and Venus love, there may be relationships in our lives which are clearly flourishing at this time. We may also need to take accountability and ride the wave: note where it is we can shine our light/love and allow the opulence of the Sun’s glittering generosity to beam outward our affections to others!
  • Capricorn and Venus in Cap love and value competency and authority. Tune into where people’s natural authorities are – our relationships are a fabric of exchange of different natural authorities. (Authority being where a person is strong, where they command, where they have presence, where they could lead, etc.) It is a kind of love to support people in their particular authorities and let them shine there rather than to ask them they do a good job in a place they are not in their authority. It’s like loving someone for who they are rather than judging someone for what they are not. Essentially relational wing-(wo)maning.
  • Likewise, considering pride with the solar archetype and Capricorn’s potential for ‘having it together’ at all costs – share authority and share the wealth: there is no reason to posture or pretend if there is nothing to back it up with. In many cases it can be more generous to be honest and to allow others to help. Pretending we have it together is a way to be left alone (or asked to take on more). Being honest is a way to let love in.
  • The harmonic art of standing your ground – being centered and in tune with your authority which may be mirrored at times or may be challenged at other times – having the buffer time/space to listen to others but to still come from an inner-authority in relationship. The way we love these types of people because their solidity makes them earnest: connection is because they mean it, not because they are afraid of what happens if they don’t please.
  • The love language of showing up, of committing, and of recognizing committed/enduring relationships as a co-creative endeavor.
  • Commitment as a form of warmth, or an ingredient that allows a creative process to flourish.

January 9

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (2:03 AM PDT) and Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (2:32 AM PDT):

(Image: Forbidden Fragance, Rowena Morrill)

  • Super powerful triple conjunction relating to creative actualization of self and of love nature that happens due to deep focus, or deep will, and shadow work.
  • The main thing to avoid is this being carried out by force (trampling over the will of others) – if you find that getting your way involves this, it can be time to listen more deeply. Pluto relates to energy exchange, so when interacting with others we are doing to ourselves what we do to them. If we have to step on someone else’s free will, at a deeper layer there can be an unrealized part of ourselves we have also stepped on and put into shadow. Find those hidden footholds and give them the love they need – outer resistance will dissipate.
  • Consider the new heights that your focus can take you to. Visualization, for example, is using the imagination to get familiar with a new chosen vibration. If you’ve located certain realties in your life that bar you from feeling certain ways, “I’ll feel good as soon as ________”, you are limiting yourself. Pluto in Capricorn’s focus can definitely illuminate cracks in our life that we would like to work on: but we may have to compartmentalize our focus a little bit and take due account of what is working.
  • If you have the agency right now to make a change that will make you feel better, then do! But if you don’t have that agency yet, do the inner focus work first – internal architecture can match the outer. The more the inner and outer lives start to mirror each other, the quicker manifestation will begin to happen. Before then, changes take time to appear and discipline to a creative vision has to be honored until it becomes effortless, conditioned into the background.

Venus in Capricorn sextile Mars in Scorpio (2:07 PM PDT) and Sun in Capricorn sextile Mars in Scorpio (10:36 PM PDT):

  • The desire to actively express love is present.
  • Defenses can be triggered when boundaries are weak.
  • Getting really clear about agreements we have with others as a form of love. Capricorn can be very contractual, considering relationship “investments” – which on many levels they are! It can be nice to know the mutual agreements, to see if the relationship is going to hold space for the people involved in them or not.
  • These conversations might happen now, or they might be cooking – it takes some soul searching to know what we want! If you’re looking for new love to enter your life, this can be a great time to begin to consider what you really want and not just what you’re willing to settle for based upon conditioning of what you think you’ve deserved in the past. Water, associated with feeling and emotion, happens to fill its container. So what are your parameters? And this doesn’t mean being harsh or cruel when people don’t fit the bar, it’s just a quiet inner authority of knowing your worth and not settling for less. People around you even rise to the occasion of your integrated, soulful authority.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me! This is quite a week – dynamic for sure. Let me know what you think and how you’re doing in the comments!

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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    Michael Crouch
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