Monarch Forecast: February 29 – March 6, 2016


February 29
Venus in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius:
Freedom in love that may worked in as a core value or belief to any kind of agreement. Ability to build more stable partnerships based on friendship, freedom, and space to roam. Connections that feel liberating and energizing are strengthened with this transit, while connections that are draining can inspire reality checks. New types of commitment can be forged right now – freedom loving Aqua isn’t afraid of commitment, it just has to be authentic and mutually serving. You’re real about what your needs and boundaries are. Think along ownership of what your natural needs are – not judging them – and being free around how those needs are met.

March 1
Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius:
We are closing up the lunar month and entering the last week, dissolving into the last parts of the most dissolving sign, Pisces. Where we move forward by letting go. Emotional tides can run low. This is a good time to be hydrated and getting lots of rest. Both of those things will go a long way in neutralizing the feelings of being drained. If you’re feeling inexplicably tired or unusually hard on yourself, remember the Moon cycle – renewal is close. But first, the Dark Moon approaches.

March 2
Venus in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries:
When Venus and Uranus link up, we are called to follow resonance and electricity, which also means practicing non-attachment. Serendipitous, spontaneous meetings occur – quick, surprising meetings. Seeing people from the past unexpectedly. With this, some diversions occur. Values change. Relationship dynamics can change. Because the sextile is harmonious, it’s more likely to be little positive shifts rather than big, cataclysmic interruptions. So with that being said, follow your nose. You are better interacting where there is spark, not obligation. Plan for fun things (using Venus-Saturn) – that sets your intention.

There is an ability with this transit to see beyond a given relationship, to see it’s patterns for what they are. This information can bring partnerships to the next level, or signal where you’ve outgrown a relationship. Stay heart-centered as you shift.

March 5
Mercury in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio:
Verbal confrontations can be loaded/pressure is a high in communications. The pressure valve can release in shocking or unexpected places. Think along the concept of “freudian slips”, where information that is suppressed comes forward accidentally. If you have any important talks or dialogues this week, it will help to get clear about your intentions, what you intend to affect – before just speaking. See if you can clean the rough edges off in practice. Of course if you do not have this luxury and your issue is in real-time, just know it’s part of the cosmic theater. IF you do have the luxury of foresight and thoughtful planning of your words, use it.

One other thing on this – it’s important to be clear about your intentions and YOUR business. If you are using your mental energy to moderate your communication so it has a particular affect on someone, you can be practicing manipulation. A liberated way to communicate (Mercury in Aquarius) will be more freeing and effective for all parties involved. Stay in your business. Let other people’s choices, reactions and decisions be their business, while you show up fully for yours.

Mercury enters Pisces:
In classical astrology, Mercury is said to be debilitated in Pisces. But I think this is silly – just as I advocate for all “debilitated” positions. Why certain planetary placements get this label is complex and easily misunderstood when given a reductive label like this, so I like to bring forth other interpretations that empower the planetary position’s special gifts (of which there are…) The value of Mercury in Pisces is that Mercury here is capturing data and information coming in through Neptune’s realm – this naturally lends itself to a kind of mystical, surrealist vibe. Dreams are going to be enhanced during this time, both sleeping dreams and waking daydreams and mind-wanderings.

This is a great placement for making art and *translating dreams*.

Mercury in Pisces understands information by sponging it up and absorbing it – the boundaries become very unclear. When Mercury is in Pisces, your thoughts may not be all your own. You can easily be picking up on psychic information. The polarity of Pisces, Virgo, is about discernment. Pisces is not practicing discernment. Pisces is where we dissolve boundaries; it is where we see that another person’s suffering is our own suffering. For practical concerns, we do need boundaries to have certain experiences in this lifetime. If we have no boundaries or practices to specify or direct our experience, we are just leaves in the wind. For some Souls, being a leaf in the wind is a necessary karmic experience. And maybe for most, it’s a compartmentalized aspect of life – like you are very responsible in some aspects of your life but in one area, like making art, you let the floodgates open. Where do you get high? Maybe you’re haute on your game and you do yoga and you dissolve in savasana at the end & are back on point showing up for life. (Virgo smiles here.) Visions that come in through Pisces are a gift, and a potent drug. An ambrosia of the Gods. The question is how responsibly you can imbibe and if you’ve set up any place in your life to receive intoxication. Just as we sleep to reset the body and some would say the mind, if we don’t let the mind unwind, we take the risk of being tightly coiled and conditioned thinkers.

Why I bring up discernment is that while information is coming through the Piscean stream, you can witness all of it without acting on or believing any of it. The stronger your container – your identity – your path — the more you will see when these messages are for you to act upon, and when they are just for you to witness. Sometimes you’ll receive messages that take some time to become clear.

Mars enters Sagittarius:
Mars does not retrograde this month – but it will be in April. So keeping that in mind, you are setting the stage for some future deja-vu or re-dos.

Mars in Sagittarius loves to have freedom to move. The source of aggression that comes with this placement is about not having freedom to explore or expand, and in certain states of consciousness, this will be about being threatened by whatever people believe, or actively trying to force beliefs on others. Holy wars and bigotry.

These issues (which are already playing out all over the world) receive some heat this month. But instead of being threatened by this, I offer you some strategies for mitigating this conflict or using this energy for something that creates better ripples for yes – the whole world!

First, acting on your beliefs involves being an example or being self-evident. A lot of the issue with bigotry for example is the hypocrisy – a shadow of Sagittarius. So – if you direct your energy toward becoming a better example of your own truth – you find something along this spectrum:
1. Self-growth into a better version of you
2. The realization that your standards of conduct were actually not allowing of human folly or human imperfection

And that is a hard line to walk. I don’t think you should give up on what your truth is, unless you found it wasn’t the truth. When there is a will, there certainly is a way. The problem with will in the sign of Sagittarius is when it hasn’t accounted for its own self and its own shadow, and is intrusive in nature about other people’s business. But that’s not you this month. You are riding the power of chic-Sagittarius: self-evident truth.

But I do think if you find the way to live your truth in a self-evident way, you are actually performing a transpersonal act, in that you are being an example of virtue for others without having to be aggressive or didactic. Instead of alienating people with moralism, you would become an inspiration. And on a subtle level, your own discovery of how to act your truth brings that vibration down to Earth from the creation sphere. It becomes a POSSIBILITY on Earth that either didn’t exist here before, or doesn’t exist here with very much population. People who are not directly witnessing your… righteousness (wink)… will still be positively affected by it. It’s phenomenal.

March 6
Sun in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius:
A confrontation between our life of intoxication and our life of responsibility. Pisces is a water sign that will fill its container. Without a strong container (Saturn), it just leaks out in whichever direction the environment takes it. We have more power to affect our lives and the very world itself when we have a container – a vessel – for ourselves. The body is a vessel for the Soul. The ego is also a container, a filtering-agent, something that specifies us and makes us a distinct being with likes, dislikes, dreams, desires, preferences, goals, etc.

Saturn’s M.O. in Sagittarius is both to expand the boundaries and to bring the natural world into our human-made constructs.

You work this square by setting the stage for success and letting the magic of Pisces fill in the lines. You create the tracks and then let go for the ride.

Structure and magic are in relationship: work one and feel the power punch to the other.

Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn:
This transit speaks to exchanges of mystical brightness. When can being hypnotized or enchanted – or hypnotizing and enchanting another – be a source of empowerment? This is like being at a theater and being so inspired by one of the actors on stage that one is actually compelled to make life changes. An outside fiction becomes an interior reality. When we see people shining bright or we ourselves are shining bright, there is a power exchange here. It’s energy that can be used for empowerment… jealousy is on the other hand a shadow expression, a self-imposed belief and self-imposed disempowerment. With the Sun in Pisces in this, we are challenged to not take our inspirations too literally as to feel impossibility or despair – there is no need to imitate the works of others. But you catch the vibe and make it your own.


(Art: Adam Cruces)


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