Astrology of 2/7 – 2/13: Eclipse Season Transformations

We are currently in between two eclipses: the last lunar eclipse in Leo on the 31st of January and the upcoming solar eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th. This window between eclipses has a relevant emotional tone – many people feel mysteriously emotional during eclipse times. But think about our luminaries, the Sun and Moon, lining up with the karmic axis of the lunar nodes or what we call the head and tail of the dragon. But really think then, about dragons and how intense they are as an archetype and what it might mean to align the small self or the ego with the dragon it is always in conversation with, but sometimes sees and sometimes doesn’t. You know how not-casual it feels to touch the razor edge yet how enlivening and evolutionary it is to be on the edge? Eclipse seasons are like when we’re timed to meet that edge so that we can transform. This edge could be parts of ourselves we feel are distorted/wounded and want to transform, and it can also be our greatness which our smaller self is resisting the power of. It is like this dragon slithers invisibly between manifest concrete events (to which it has had influence in creating), until we gain the ability to see the dragon and not just the forms around it. With the knowledge of this interior force, we can evolve through witnessing the similarities between the depth of our interiors and the events that gravitate around us — and that we might enter into a very conscious relationship of harmony between these two realms (inner and outer).

During the eclipse season window, this conversation between the interior and exterior is louder – such that events might affect us more. We might have mysterious moods. Events that constellate around this time have a way of getting us into contact with past and future karmas. We can watch ourselves shed old identities as we gravitate toward new ones – and when we actually experience that shift, it can be intense! It’s like ego death and falling into something deeper.

Eclipse season also has a way of bringing us in touch with our desires we mean to materialize via gifts and blessings – so while we touch the bottom and maybe become more aware of inner places we haven’t looked into and we see our fears — we also see light and possibility in a distinctly tangible way: actual life events and circumstances which show us what is possible and are symbols to which we can reorient.

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Here’s our week:

February 7

Last Quarter Moon in 18 Scorpio: 8:53 AM PDT

(Image: Stephanie Law)

The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. The Moon and Jupiter are both square the lunar nodes (upon which our eclipses occur!) and the Moon highlights in our emotional experience the ongoing trend of Jupiter square the nodes which has been about coming back to a deep truth that is heart-centered, in touch with the warmth of our bodies and our vulnerability, rather than ideas we perceive as truth from a disassociated, trauma-related space. Because of how deeply personal the themes will be, it can be our own personal work to switch the filters upon which we are perceiving our realities.

Moving into the heart and out of the trauma-mind doesn’t mean that you look at your trauma through rose-colored glasses. It can simply mean choosing to reallocate your focus to things that bring you in touch with your basic goodness, nobility, warmth, and sense of play, even pride, until time heals you or until some profound insight drops on you that helps you understand why things happened the way they did.

Move your focus toward joy and playfulness to access a new vibration to which you can re-assess patterns in your life (like someone who returns to their life after a massively heart-opening experience and experiences a re-orientation to their mental perception) — a general rule of thumb is that endless deconstruction of what is without envisioning what could be is a way to stay locked into the very thing one wants to liberate from. At some point creativity is asked of us. The needed counterpart for deep inner change or meaningful social change is imagination of what could be that comes from a space of nobility and generosity; an abundance of the heart.

We may find ourselves flipping back and forth between the heart/mind duality, between imagining the future and analyzing the past, and ultimately it is not because one is better than the other but that they are meant to work in harmony. Each can lead to, and be the portal for the other.

February 10

Venus enters Pisces: 4:19 PM PDT

Venus stays in Pisces until March 6, 2018.

  • Venus is in Pisces correlates with unconditional love, a truly vast transpersonal love. People who live out this theme natally (or Venus-Neptune in aspect) can love in a way that transcends normal human limitations and conventions. The drawback tends to be a lack of discernment, which can lead to investing one’s energies in relationships that are unhealthy in some way. Pisces has the ability to live in a fantasy and some relationships which are not necessarily functional in normal terms are at least screens onto which the fantasy can be projected. At higher levels, the work of Venus in Pisces is to bring the transcendent down into the field of relationship and into one’s values. If we integrate the Virgo polarity to Pisces, this can be about materializing these fantasies and showing up for the process that entails rather than just experiencing them ethereally.
  • At the same time, the process of discovering the values we may discover in dreams, fantasies or illusions are worthwhile explorations to have and work with, as the imagination seeds realities. Pisces is able to transcend normal human conventions because of not being attached to them; the normal human conventions are also just a dream to the Piscean mind and this gives the Pisces vibration freedom to enter into different realities.
  • While you experience Venus in Pisces season, pay attention to what your fantasies, daydreams, and longings are cluing you into in terms of what you value. There can be a deep sadness in Pisces in terms of being disillusioned or feeling like one has so many fantastic visions or is in touch with a unique magical world without that actually being real. I am going to suggest this is an intellectual mistake upon what the imagination truly means and signifies, when we get hung up on comparing the imagination to reality. Reality is a constant event emerging out of a sea of possibilities, and it is the imagination that helps shape that which manifests. Venus in Pisces turns the imagination into an art which, if mixed with faith and follow-through, has the potential to uplift reality in an inspired way.
  • You might also think of reality and fantasy as different locations in a loose way. When in a state of daydreaming or active fantasy, or even dreaming, we travel somewhere. And then there is also the denser, more historic reality of what already exists. Fantasizing, daydreaming, etc. is like going for a swim and Pisces puts us in touch with our amphibious nature; our ability to exist in, and relate to, multiple realms.

Sun in 22 Aquarius square Jupiter in 22 Scorpio: 4:20 PM PDT

  • This transit signifies a potential for deep, preverbal, primordial, reorientation to what is objectively occurring in a given situation. Jupiter brings us expansion that moves outward in concentric circles – it expands us based on where we already are and adds to it, or pushes the boundaries outward. Pay attention to where a system of organizing reality intellectually becomes a limitation when it comes to really describing or knowing what is occurring – a knowing that is less conditioned, but still a reality that is present. A simple example would be a change in relationship to an animal like a cat or dog – moving from perceiving their actions from what humans commonly say the animal’s motivation is, to having a psychic or deeper revelation of what the animal is saying or experiencing. Because our culture so values what is verifiable fact (without necessarily taking into account the limitations of the observer or the observer’s methods), sometimes our antenna for sensing direct experience is less activated…. until it is, which Jupiter in Scorpio can bring us some waves of!
  • A gift of Aquarius is to see reality from other’s point of view, to understand the structures of another’s consciousness and see through that filter. How we perceive operating motivations and undercurrents would necessarily shift if we take a moment to perceive what others are doing from their point of view rather than what we would do in the situation. This week, that cognitive form of empathy might be especially useful.

February 13

Mercury in 22 Aquarius square Jupiter in 22 Scorpio: 3:38 PM PDT

  • The notion that memories change whenever we access them (that they are not necessarily static videos which we store and return to) can apply to this square. Here it can have to do with an overarching or deeply rooted emotional, philosophical orientation that we begin our thinking or remembering with. If we are triggered into a bad mood, for example, we might recall images and events that are connected to that particular chord in our consciousness. Though this could be happening all of the time, this particular transit emphasizes its drama or intensity, or its ability to push its way into the conscious experience.
  • At the same time, because this phenomenal window is opening, is we are to take any free will in it we may choose a deep orientation that we want to mentally explore and channel ideas and images from.
  • When there is a transformation of luck and gifting in our lives (things are going really well), we may have parts of our consciousness which clash with that by thinking it’s necessarily going to end badly. Or perhaps even before things go well, we hold off from pursuing some form of happiness because we are tuning into the trauma of loss of happiness from this life or past lives. It’s possible that this phenomenon is just part of the chattiness of mind, and leftover programming from old psychic structures that we have. The thoughts that something is not going to work out or that happiness is not ours to have are not thoughts that we need to cater to or repress, either. This can just be part of the path when life dramatically takes a turn for the better (or we choose to steer our lives more dramatically toward our happiness and thrival). Like software on our phones or computers which gets regularly updated, our consciousness has to do the same as conditions of our interior and exterior life change, or even as we tune into the power of consciousness that exists beyond ephemeral conditions.

Sun in 25 Aquarius sextile Uranus in 25 Aries: 7:22 PM PDT

  • The Sun in Aquarius forms the harmonious sextile to its ruler – brilliance is in the field.
  • Juno, goddess of soul contracts, is conjunct the Sun. A virtue that emerges here is that we cross paths with people as we resonate with them. If you are looking to meet someone (friend, lover, business partner, etc.) this can basically mean to go ahead and live out your life as though you were already in resonance with this desired contact. You can meet someone because you’re doing the thing that energetically connects you.
  • While we think about soul contracts most often in terms of soul mates or our most intimate connections, there is also the possibility of group contracts, entire groups of souls that meet in a school, program, or who are citizens, or who happen to be alive at the same time on the entire planet. Taking this view and mulling it over can reveal the sacred quality of all of our relationships, to even the most distant; to the people you hardly know but whose presence takes up residence in your consciousness, to the people you don’t know at all but who send ripples out into the collective web that do affect you. When we think about becoming our best or higher self, we are also honoring our radiance within the collective ecosystem, perhaps our most individualized social contract.
  • Practically, pay attention to inspired creative ideas that relate to your own self-becoming and see how that creates ripples in your social environment, just in the same way that you are personally affected by other beings being themselves.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me during this eclipse window! Let me know how you’re doing in the comments and please share this article with your friends and on social media!

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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