Astrology of 1/31 – 2/6: The Art of Being Weird

The week begins with a powerful lunar eclipse in Leo on the North Node lit by the Aquarius Sun, and everything else is coming out Aquarian – Mercury enters Aquarius right after the eclipse and later aspects Mars, and Venus in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Scorpio and sextiles Uranus. Thematically this has to do with our individuation and creativity, and how we find belonging just by really being ourselves.

Aquarius can be seen as a stubborn energy, like the other fixed signs; and it is stubborn in the realm of the mind. But the image is not just someone who is fixed on a point of view. The higher airwaves that Aquarius rules are like radio stations, like entire landscapes that can be tuned into and out of at will (if we should see them clearly and recognize our own agency in choosing broadcasts).

So, if you have a broadcast and you are receptive to other broadcasts, what can you do about it?

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(Top image: David Mattingly)

Here’s our week:

January 31

Lunar Eclipse in 11 Leo: 6:26 AM PDT

I’ve been writing about this one all month! So if you check the archives on the homepage, you’ll find more details on this eclipse from the last three forecasts. Some additional themes to note:

  • A change in how we feel we can radiate and shine in our social circles: how we give and receive warmth and validation.
  • The quality of infusing friendship and friendliness into our romances.
  • Transformation that occurs in our lives if we take the leap to let people know we are (versus hiding our light). While we may have memories of people rejecting us or not valuing our expression, people have their own reasons and preferences for doing so – Aquarius wisdom is that it is not personal. The best way to allow community to be a part of your life is to be honest and demonstrative in essence and in action of who you are, instead of catering to the audience who prefers that you be quiet and limited. All your internal inhibitions and self-doubts can collude with such unsympathetic audiences. Or, we might try harder to become visible by working harder to develop our talents so that we can be seen. Either way, a lot of turbulent emotions can arise from the lack of validation, which is easy to internalize.
  • The visions that we have held to and honored internally without external feedback to validate it are uniquely powerful – it is like a Leo yoga to keep the fires of our enthusiasm lit. Some people are called to go through passages of time (whether they know this on an ego level or not) where they will not be validated or believed in but they alone will believe in themselves. This process is a part of individuation; of learning how to stand out from the rest. During these passages, a person’s audiences and environments are not often favorable to the inner vision – but again, that’s nothing personal.
  • The fusion of social awareness and having something to offer personally as part of that ecosystem is Aquarius – Leo. Wherever you are at in this storyline personally is going to vary, but the astrology of it signifies a portal of greater expressiveness and greater social relevance in that expression. We can walk with that by aligning with company that helps us manifest our creativity and by honoring the creativity in others.
  • As integration of self and community occurs; the process of building a bridge between people is really about finding a way to relate. It’s not about a power struggle of whose perception is right and whose is wrong, but about the ability to see through another’s lens or to translate your own lens for someone else to be able to resonate with it.
  • The asteroid Ceres is conjunct the Moon and North Node (she’s been on the North Node for a while), relating to a lot of movement being placed in our lives around recognizing gifts that we’ve gleaned from the Underworld – places we have depth and have discovered strength and power in reserve. People who have resurfaced from underworld journeys often have a presence about them that conveys they are a force; in touch with their nature. With Leo in this arrangement, there may be actual showing/telling of what has occurred at these depths – there is the desire to be seen/witnessed and to express them. Cultural mores around keeping things light and pleasant can definitely clash with this more primordial expressive urge. Some cultures have grief rituals/rites of passages that make space for people to be witnessed in more difficult spaces, not just celebrations or sanctioned achievements. Take note/make yourself available for these personal and communal moments where witnessing of something ‘heavy’ is not only allowed, but dignified, and see what magic can occur here.
  • Some may experience these powerful shifts in community and in a social way. If you don’t feel this is the case for you, there can still be some powerful shifting and illumination happening internally, such as more clearly valuing or recognizing in oneself some creative or spiritual urge. These illuminations do shift the path.

Mercury enters Aquarius: 6:39 AM PDT

  • Just a few minutes after the eclipse goes exact, Mercury leaves the anaretic (29th) degree of Capricorn and enters Aquarius. To debrief on the Capricorn stuff – it can be helpful to recognize shame is an archetypal essence that can pass through whether or not we are actually doing well or doing something ‘wrong’, it is an emotion that is especially tied to performance and people can feel it because they don’t feel talented, because they know they are talented but feel they aren’t supposed to know that, because someone else is talented, etc. Just being aware of what shame/guilt actually is can be a way to witness it or inquire into it without necessarily acting on it or projecting it onto others. Shame, like fear, is a very dense emotional landscape that is a little like quicksand; it pulls things in with it and amasses a kind of gravity.
  • Aquarius takes us outside of the ‘norm’, so here we go –
  • When Mercury moves into Aquarius, our most dense thought forms have air again. It’s a higher airwave, like a radio station, that Aquarius brings us in contact with – which means, as you think or speak, you resonate with a particular station. It’s how group think works, how telepathy works, or how information is shared non-locally such as in the hundredth monkey effect or the morphic field. Playing with different radio stations of ideas is extremely liberating – not only can you tune into the vibration of “ecstasy” or “peace” and link up with other beings feeling that now or at various points in time-space, but you can also issue broadcasts. When people are triggered by information (such as in the news) and enter thought-clouds/radio stations of grief or anger, they could just as easily send a prayer and issue a different broadcast (of peace, etc.).
  • Aquarius, in Evolutionary Astrology especially, relates to triggers/trauma, as well as breaks from the known. A break from the known can be traumatic or it can be liberating, it simply depends. Aquarius and Pisces become the signs of the zodiac the least attached to consensus reality, and in this they can be dissociative or free to experiment, channel, innovate, and share their innovations/healing ideas with the collective from which they originally diverged.
  • We like to think we are individuals, but many of our reactions to events are also sequences which have happened so many times there’s just a kind of gravity around it. When you choose peace instead of anger, or love instead of fear, an original path over a cliche/trope etc. you are not only healing yourself but you are adding gravity around that sequence of events so that other beings can do the same. If someone’s story on a podcast gave you courage to quit a job you hated and follow your dream, that audio transmission is just one step away from the same kinds of telepathic podcasts you tune into or create whenever you think. Pick and create stations that liberate you; and they will so too, help the ecosystem.
  • If you want to learn about telepathy in more detail, Personal Power through Awareness by Sanaya Roman is a great text.

February 3

Mercury in 4 Aquarius sextile Mars in 4 Sagittarius: 8:57 AM PDT

This reminds me of a friend I met an astrology conference who made a sign, “Tell me about Eris” and walked around with it until he ended up meeting an expert on the dwarf planet Eris. When he was telling the story later he said the idea occurred to him and that “ideas are currency” which can be put into circulation or acted upon at the moment they are had for resonant results like he had.

  • Acting on ideas for great opportunities to appear is something that is possible when we are tuned into our higher selves – such as when we have a really electric idea and we also get electric impulses re timing. Acting on ideas that are not coming from the higher self can come with a sense of dread. Opportunities and luck can occur when we act on our inspiration.
  • Acting on inspiration is a skill that can be learned sequentially. A lot of people’s intuitions are silenced because of early life conditioning or social conditioning. Reopening the intuition can involve small gestures, like beginning to pay attention to the inner voice and beginning to take small actions which align with the inner voice until more confidence (Mars) is garnered to utilize the intuition for bigger ventures.
  • The harmony between Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Sagittarius can signify novel ideas which expand the territory of direct experience, novel ideas which inspire some kind of travel (literal or metaphorical), more enthusiasm and optimism about thinking differently.

Venus in 21 Aquarius square Jupiter in 21 Scorpio: 11:06 PM

  • This can signify very intense resonance happening at this time as well as the possibility of needing to give others space or take space ourselves for inward experience. In general, when two or more people with lush inner lives combine forces and interact, the experience is dynamic.
  • Experiencing a different life rhythm because of a transformative experience – finding resonance with people who are at that same speed.
  • Relationship breakthroughs; some friction in relation to confronting patterns (of the relationship or of the individual) which are loaded in some way – the possibility for a new experience in relationship to these patterns.

February 6:

Venus in 25 Aquarius sextile Uranus in 25 Aries: 6:37 PM PDT


(Image: AN KEL)

  • This transit is high resonance for friendships and for being weird! Like that intense joy and liberation and excitement we feel when we are weird with the same people and amp up each other’s unique flavor of weirdness.
  • What takes a person’s unique weirdness over the edge from alienating weird to lovable weird is often just located in their own personal esteem and enthusiasm for what they are doing and who they are. The external validation is nice, but not required. People that just radiate their essence without needing to be validated often inspire courage in others and they end up being validated anyway – it’s like if you’re going to do it, don’t falter, just be who you are.

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