Astrology of 1/24 – 1/30: Pre-Eclipse Upgrades

This week, Mercury in Capricorn exacts contact to Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. We are approaching a lunar eclipse in Leo on the 31st from which I want to hold our transits in context. (If you didn’t catch it, more about the upcoming eclipse can be found in last week’s forecast.) We are heading toward, already experiencing, about to experience — a new conscious perspective of the Leo archetype in our lives: how we play, how we have fun, how we create, how we shine, how we produce creative works, how we romance ourselves and others and life itself. But perhaps we’re also holding our fears, our sense of pressure, how it’s all going to work practically, if we deserve it, what right do we have, etc. It’s a clash of energy we don’t want to let dampen our fires; but perhaps only mature or make more stable our fires by having our actual life path and decisions resonate with our vision.

With this eclipse approaching, Mercury’s contacts to Pluto and Uranus can help us become more consciously aware of our fears which point to parts of our mental patterning which can be upgraded at this time, the more so that we know what we want and can imagine what it feels like. For example, if you become conscious that you want to experience more love and joy in your life, you would begin to notice the thoughts that you have that rationalize why you should feel bad about yourself and why you should be unhappy. There is a difference between simply suppressing the old program of thoughts and in massaging them out with new consciousness. The process of witnessing, releasing, and transforming our mental patterns is an opportunity for this week. If we’re headed toward this major Leo event (the eclipse), what could be the virtue of these Plutonian, potentially heavy Capricorn themes?

Leo and Capricorn can have an awkward relationship that calls for adjustment on both sides. They form a natural quincunx aspect, relating to the archetype of Virgoan adjustment. You can find this tension in the archetypal relationship between the head of the pride and the cubs (but let’s look at it in the human… constellated between groups of humans or even internalized in one psyche) The authority figure that Capricorn represents has gone through much experience in life which grants them both wisdom and limitations of perspective. The young, new, playful energies that arise in the cubs do not yet understand some of the wisdom of the aspects of reality that forge, that shape, that condition — and, they might readily understand the limitations of the authority figures (from albeit, the comforts and holding space their elders provide).

By the time you have a grandparent and a grandchild however, you have this beautiful match: the old who is ready to experience the joy of the young, and the young who is excited to play with the gentle elder. What confusion of energy exists in the in between, what conflicting needs? While we can be speaking of generations, think of that this week in your own world. How does what is old in you get along with what is new? Do you allow the spark of creativity and joy itself upgrade your programming and conservative sense of limitation? And can you use structure, responsibility, and judiciousness creatively, rather than restrictively? When does your vision require you to make boundaries, perhaps in relation to others or parts of yourself which are not yet mature?

Capricorn brings its messages with maturity and time and may filter how it gives messages depending on what we’re ready for. When we experience Capricorn energy as hard or as struggle it is often because some more definitive boundaried energy is shaping a soft part of us. How much we embrace or resist depends on the esteem we place in this forging process and if we trust, let alone comprehend, that which is forging us.

A simple self-care practice that involves the inner elder and inner youth: Often we have feelings that are too intense or confusing to understand or put into words. The child experiences this – they often have the emotion but not the language or developed rationality and ability to compartmentalize. In the face of emotions, a part of us may try to suppress it or to argue with it with reason (“it’s not that big of a deal,” etc.). But what can be far more helpful is a tender acknowledgment/validation of “This is how you’re feeling -“ and name it and expand it without judging, – “You’re upset that you haven’t heard back from your friend and you wonder if they are abandoning you.” And talk yourself through it from the voice of the more mature/elder in you or your Higher Self, speaking to the small self, again without shame, repression, or reprimand – just compassion. Then use your inner maturity to take care of yourself. You can actually be multiple versions of yourself at once rather than letting an inner tyrant win (and act as though nothing is wrong, you’re too sensitive or irrational, get over it) or drowning in the crisis self (and not doing anything to improve the situation).

Because really, at all moments where we are in fear/distress, there is a side of us in the throes of that and there is an aspect of us outside of time, our Higher Self if you will — that already knows the way and is invested in carrying your ego/small self through it. All we have to do is tap into it.

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Here’s our week:

January 24

Mercury in 19 Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 19 Capricorn: 1:49 PM PDT

  • Mental catharsis – ideas that release stuck/stagnant energy or grief.

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  • The release of hidden information which has been kept secret as to maintain the status quo, order, image. This can happen on the mundane level but also the subtle psychic level – becoming aware of where mental energy is used to maintain something and the relief in simply letting forms change as they need to.
  • The ability to focus the mind; or the possibility of feeling overpowered by the mind’s activity (fear, intrusive thoughts, etc.) Anxieties, shame, not feeling good enough. Mercury-Pluto can relate to mental toxins and the ability to transform them. Rather than directly combatting or trying to suppress thoughts of this nature, consider accessing a different octave of thought that will transform the lower octave.
  • In terms of the content of what comes up though, it may be the mind running old programs. Utilize the insights you have at this time to upgrade yourself.
  • Newly crystallized insights on the deeper essence of things that fascinate us and processes we are committed to.
  • When Mercury and Pluto combine, subtext becomes highlighted; Freudian slips are possible, people speak more about taboo subjects, and symbolism in our experience may be more intensely vivid.
  • Information can come up to our consciousness in terms of how we are structurally involved/in exchange with certain energies. Mercury is a flexible archetype which can access flux and quick change, but it may be limited to a particular arena. It can help to become aware of what these arenas are, for example, someone who is generally very clever/intelligent who has only been applying themselves to study what they consider rational, while many other streams of data are not accounted for. We have our blindspots – Mercury-Pluto can bring our awareness to them so that we can transform unconsciousness into clear insight.
  • To be critical and pragmatic about which depth processes are opened: that it is not always the time to probe into certain themes, while other repeating themes and patterns do keep knocking at our door asking to be looked at. Wisdom in discernment.
  • A transformation of how it is that we are exacting or not: Pluto in Capricorn in general is bringing evolution to our boundaries and our standards: sometimes these elements in our lives are too rigid; alternately they are too loose. We might find ourselves loosening up and being more forgiving/allowing than usual where we realize we’ve been too harsh, or putting up more boundaries than usual where it is that we feel we’ve taken on too much responsibility, are wasting time, or feeling taken advantage of.

January 25

Mercury in 20 Capricorn sextile Jupiter in 20 Scorpio: 4:28 AM PDT

The current Pluto-Jupiter sextile represents a profound inner process that is occurring which may take time to manifest, which is sometimes preverbal and difficult to speak to – except now that Mercury is touching it and making it more intelligible/translatable.

  • Expansion that comes through cutting excess, through not settling – the laserlike art of being precise about the use of one’s energy without necessarily having to be obtuse/flashy about it. There is a quiet, unseen kind of knowing that occurs, but the hidden transcript of these decisions may be known privately or in more intimate company.
  • Likewise — certain hidden topics and themes that are in operation do at times come out in the light of day. This can often be a matter of timing, of sensing the need for a particular dialogue to come out. We might feel very judicious at this time as to how we illuminate unseen or not-yet-spoken-of topics. We can find more comfort/success with revealing these deeper processes when we are comfortable enough within them.
  • There is a drive of candor, of “just put it out there!” with Jupiter in Scorpio. But we are also considering deeply the obstacles to that candor. Is it repression or is it wisdom? Is it a matter of timing, of maturation? An answer ripens alchemically by considering the obstacles and yet overcoming the fears at the most naturally attuned timescale. It may be the very psychic maturation process that this Jupiter-Pluto transit is pointing to.

January 26

Mars enters Sagittarius: 5:56 AM PDT

Mars will stay in Sagittarius until March 17.

  • Energy and vitality expands while Mars is in Sagittarius, though at times the energy can be quite diffuse and spread out. Sagittarius is about expansion and opportunity, and not necessarily focus.
  • Our pursuits/ambitions may take on a more adventurous/epic/jovial tone with Mars in Sagittarius. While Mars is the hero or the athlete archetype, Sagittarius is a very optimistic sign that doesn’t indulge limitations as much as others tend to. For this reason, the impossible becomes possible. Our enthusiasm itself becomes a driving force in striving toward noble and expansive goals.

January 28

Mercury in 24 Capricorn square Uranus in 24 Aries: 12:08 AM PDT

We’re still not finished with this Uranus-Pluto square, which has been cooking since around 2012! So when we experience a Mercury-Pluto transit like a conjunction, we also get a Mercury-Uranus one. Mercury here works to bring more local, contemporary context to this bigger picture transit; it brings messages related to this transit. Look for-

  • The revelations that come from confronting paradox and having to find an answer that is outside of the current arena of available information.
  • Being conscious of a pressure to liberate oneself from dynamics which feel old, oppressive, or limiting.
  • The need to prioritize; which matters are truly urgent versus which matters feel urgent but actually require patience or diligence to mature.
  • The possibility of hearing/perceiving the future and committing to it with the present self: the undertaking of a long process/goal because of the certainty/trust in its future arrival point; the existence of self in multiple frames of time.
  • The possibility through enhanced awareness (Pluto-Mercury) to anticipate future trends (Uranus-Mercury) and to account for them. Of course, take note what ‘station’ of thought you are tuning into. There are plenty of ways to prepare for the apocalypse or the end of the world; though there are also plenty of ways to anticipate and prepare for positive futures. When we prepare for, and act upon our fears as though they are given, we are creating a gravitational dialogue with them. If we are going to gaze into the future and change our present moment because of it, we may as well access our higher, inspired visions – and these can include innovative ideas which improve our long term personal or world situation.
  • Problem-solving with ingenuity.

The lunar eclipse in Leo comes on the 31st! Read what I said about it last week here.

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