Monarch Forecast: December 14-20, 2015


Venus in Scorpio is all or nothing right now. Some people are feeling a deepening of their relationships (to self, friends, and lovers), while others are feeling really empty. This is all in the realm of Scorpio. To be able to be seen and to be held deeply, one must know their depths. There are certain aspects of our depths which we ultimately travel alone. Sometimes we have the help we want, and other times it eludes us, but no matter the case we are going deep within. The promise is just that if we get through the tunnel, however this tunnel has happened to manifest, whether its feeling alone or being in a partnership that makes us feel alone, or it can be a brighter kind of tunnel, such as our heart is opening and we’re feeling vulnerable and moving through that while processing the parts of us that resist, etc – whatever it is, we are promised a newer and more evolved kind of intimacy when we work through the unconscious matter that is surfacing or obscuring our actual happiness and sense of ease. Our psychic knots to massage out as it were. As all planetary influences, this is happening for each of us on a spectrum. There is some magic and remedying for the lower pull of Venus in Scorpio and we’ll get into that, as well as how to amplify or lean into the gifts of this week’s transits.

Venus in Scorpio seems to me like the main player this week, considering she was just trining Neptune last week and this week she continues to make aspects to Pluto, Uranus and Chiron. She’s in Scorpio and she’s literally not fucking around. Though that doesn’t mean she’s not making hot passionate love, I’m just saying she’s not of no consequence this week.

Venus relates to our values: this is in the realm of self and in the realm of relationship, relationship being the mirror of our interior values as well as the playground through which we get to expand into the mystery of the other, which to me is becoming more and more clear as a metaphor of love of Source, where we come from. Let us remember that we literally entered this existence because two people came together and had sex. Now of course I’m getting into Scorpio, and Venus in Scorpio, but even Venus by herself is sexuality, in a different way than Mars.

Money, inheritances, (also Scorpio when it comes to inheritance) is ruled by Venus. We are learning with Venus to value ourselves enough that we make the effort to do our laundry so we have clean towels if that’s the kind of thing we like or value, or maybe we value living outdoors and traveling and so we set up our lives to always be on the road. Venus is our pleasure center – without paying attention to Venus, we can feel a lack of inspiration. One can be Neptunian even and have grand visions, but not any awareness of how to materialize them – since Venus co-rules Taurus and Libra, it is not just ideas that Venus deals in but also material wealth and resource.

While Venus transits Scorpio, we are tuning into our baseline. Our pleasure baselines. It becomes more apparent that the way we treat ourselves is reflected in the outer world in how we are treated. Instead of searching and seeking for value externally, we are called to discover it within. When this happens, it becomes magnetic (Venus and Scorpio both) and you may notice people coming out of the woodwork to talk to you or want to merge with you somehow. They want to hang out, make business deals, etc. This is very much in the air right now – propositions.

You may tune into the Mars in Libra aspect of it to to be graceful when it comes to making advances. Advances are a move that scare people when it’s too intense, abrupt, or it’s not clear what the motives are, or the relationship is lacking in foundation. The best remedy for this and all in Scorpio realm is to really get clear about your will, and to be able to recognize your unconscious in action, and to wake up from that and see that it’s not just the way reality has to be, that you are not bound to your fears. As soon as unconscious matter becomes conscious in Scorpio, it can be adapted. You are here to interact with others and merge with others. It’s healthier when its coming from a place of self-value rather than trying to extract from another.

Another way Venus in Scorpio plays out – Imagine every time you pay a bill you feel a squeeze within, a sense of constriction. It may seem like a logical response to paying bills, “Ouch, I’m spending my money. I have less money.” But if we back up and look at the values system that this speaks to on a deeper level, it is really a fear of not having enough. The same person could instead view things with a sense of gratitude (a different attitude and vibration) and have a much different experience, exalted even, while paying bills. Maybe they think about themselves in connection with others such that they are grateful to support the livelihoods of others who are people, humans, really, working those jobs to maintain the heat and electricity etc.

You get what I’m saying? The more conscious this inner-dialogue is, the more it can be rewritten from the root. This is not to say it is traveling far away from who you are. It’s breaking down the calcified bullshit that obscures who you are. But this is not a process where a magic wand is waved and something disappears. There is usually a process of letting go/mourning/parting that involves dealing with the wounds directly. It’s like becoming conscious of a habit that was before unconscious, and before the habit is done away with, you are noticing yourself doing it again and again. “Whoops, I did it again. Whoops, I did it again.” – until eventually you are able to break the habit. (Note that the WILL is involved in this process and catalyzes it. Yet if the will does not care, the person may have to deal with the bad habit if its consequences blow up in their face. To some extent, if you are aware of something you would rather not be doing, you ARE ready to begin the process to quit, but what that looks like is a total soul journey with divine timing in its own right.)

The more conscious this inner-dialogue, the less likely it will be projected out at other people as well. This is of course a time to be more internal about your judgements and upsets at others. If you feel disempowered by another person, that’s a big wake up call to look within and why you ever gave your power away in the first place, and how you may assert yourself/put up better boundaries the next time. When it comes to asserting yourself or standing up for yourself in the heat of the moment, that is a Scorpionic gift when Scorpio is very clear and precise with itself. But no… it’s not messy, and not originating from a place of helplessness, but of a place of clear self-value and upholding that in confrontation. It can be a matter of figuring out how to give yourself the love that you needed from the other.

So all this above being said, these are some philosophical points for the week. Venus is in harmonious relationship to Pluto (sextile), so depth work happens if you consciously will it. Venus in quincunx Uranus, which comes with an advisory note to not act rashly on what it is that you are processing. Venus trining Chiron means that deeper healing comes EASY this week and may happen right under your nose, but certainly you can amplify its affects by being very conscious and sensitive with yourself. This week’s Venusian transmission said, “You do not cease to love simply because it exposes your rawest places. You just sink into every gaping abyss and suture it with that love.” That is advice for this week too – the raw stuff is out there. But don’t armor up in ways that you do not have to. There is a deeper love to fill in those gaps than you may even know, but watch it amplify the more and more that you seed love into your own value system at the core.

Mercury in Capricorn forms a conjunction to Pluto this week (keeping the Plutonian vibe strong), meaning messages from the depths come up. In Capricorn though this can be very intentional and constructive. Not saying everyone will utilize it that way, but you can. When you are choosing words this week, consider if you are building a relationship and building something, versus creating destruction or using your words to wound. You will feel better both immediately and in the long term if you can use Capricorn’s level-headedness to be able to sensitively deal with more intense topics that come up for you. The Capricorn shadow is one of repression, and that doesn’t work either. My friend spoke of “forced meditations” in life, which I think is poignant for this. Meaning, when she’s going through something really intense, she has to slow down and lean into it, even though she’d rather her reality be doing something else – yet what is right under her nose is consuming her attention and is at the cutting edge of her own growth. But it’s not necessarily comfortable. But recognize that it’s growth, like a seed bursting from the ground. Some kind of ceiling is met.

Naturally, Mercury also squares Uranus since the Uranus-Pluto square is still in orb. Mercury-Uranus squares are good times to be extra kind to your nervous system. Calming herbs, massage, being outdoors, unwinding, is important with this transit. Being mentally wired is not what you want – but if you clear tensions, you are also clearing your antennae to receive clearer, more resonant messages. Do not give into negative self-talk (shadow Capricorn). Use that hardiness towards building yourself up, forgiving yourself for perceived mistakes, and just doing your best to do better next time.

The first quarter Moon on the 18th is in Pisces… for how intense this week can be, let this FQ Moon be a reminder that going with the flow and surrendering is how we lean into life and experience all of its gifts. When we are trying to control outcomes, (different from setting an intention and lining up your actions to meeting that intention, but being open to how it plays out and how you interacting with the forces outside of yourself you meet in turn) we are losing the chance to be met by Universality. We think we can only be happy or satisfied if we get our one, limited way. See what happens this week if you collaborate instead.



*Note that breaking down the week through each Sun and Rising sign as I do below will be discontinued in 2016. If you want insights about your specific astrology, book a personal chart reading with me.*


Aries/Aries Rising: Truthfully Aries you DO face the world head on. You feel alive when you are in the midst of new experiences. Use this optimism to face new experiences that you could label as unpleasant, but are really just you deepening into your essence. It’s always – all – an adventure.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Exchanges of mutual value are heightened right now. Making apologies for things you haven’t even done wrong is not just an unnecessary move, but part of the past. You are on an equal playing field. Enjoy it.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: You’ll feel best this week if you make some intentional YOU time, however that needs to look for you. You have a lot of depth processes happening with a lot of Pandora’s Box kind of opening. Things are not as gloomy as they appear – sometimes you just need to open the window and let some air in.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Your creativity is like kryptonite. Allure. Obviously use this for good. Consider that you being in your creative space is truly a magnet right now, and that where the world outside of you is lacking or not offering, it’s your higher calling to go make the magic yourself.


Leo/Leo Rising: There’s a little bit of righteousness in the air (or a lot?). But pay it no mind. Except that it’s helping you deepen into your core values, what is actually true for you. What seemed solid, but is actually not. What foundation will be far more lasting than an argument or an idea. It’s a feeling.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: There’s a potent opening in your creative world this week. Even if yes, it seems like there’s this huge block. You are really just chiseling away at it to find the wellspring, but even the block promises some kind of release, some kind of mountain to climb. You go hard, but on the path of least resistance simultaneously.


Libra/Libra Rising: Feeling empowered to value what you value, need what you need and want you want are huge for this week. Exciting if you get to share it. But no need to compromise it – keep the vibe strong and it attracts the right alignments. Plus you are giving others the same right/freedom, and this is huge.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Venus in your sign is good for putting forth your new vibe right now. Also finding love and luck where you are able to act on your will and impulse – jumping headfirst into situations that take some courage, but you know are calling you for good reason.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Passion and going with the flow are hand in hand for you especially right now. Forcing your desires is really not the point – but pointing your arrow and going for it is. There will be rewards in seeing what happens naturally. Also, as with any 12th house transit where Venus is, a time for letting go.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: The love downloads are hot right now. The channel being clear is important is all – freedom is important. You may have a dominating/controlling instinct – but you get to work through it as an exercise. You don’t have to project it.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Career magic is on. But are you really doing your work? It’s not just the job or what you are showing up for but how you are approaching it. How earnest and how deep is your desire to do a “good job” and what does that truly mean to you? Take it deeper and see what springs out of it.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Your philosophies can inspire love. All you need to empower them is to get to a place where you are believing in your intrinsic value at your work, art, or craft (and by all means do the work that that looks like). Convincing others is just giving your power away. But YOU believe it, and communicate/be what is self-evident & see what happens.

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