Revolutions of Inner-Peace: Astrology of 5/16 – 5/22

We are at the start of a new lunar cycle, fresh from this New Moon in Taurus and also Uranus’ entrance into Taurus! One of the magical opportunities for Uranus in Taurus is to attune the nervous system to feelings of safety and rootedness, whether our entrance into doing that is by meditation or a physical practice, or a multi-pronged wellness approach. The results of reaching inner states of peace consistently over time could be phenomenal. We are in an era of information – more information perhaps than our bodies have had the time to integrate – but there are resources for adapting to this. See if you notice opportunities to develop new skills around inner peace and if in so doing, your personal evolution occurs at a cozy (Taurean) warp speed. Collectively, imagine our global networks filled with more individuals vibrating peace, too! This doesn’t mean that life ceases to be difficult at times or that life might throw us surprises, but that we have the adaptive skills to essentially stay rooted.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, and both planets relate to the nervous system – though Uranus more readily correlates with the subtle body and energy body. It might be time to consider the energy body something as basic and intrinsic, and not just something out there. I may be speaking to the choir, but just sayin’. And if you’re alone in having unordinary spiritual/embodied experiences on a routine basis, it might be time to find some peers – as a basic need in making sense of and making the most of your heightened reality. Maybe that’s online, or maybe it’s in a community locally where space is made for people to be themselves and to be witnessed.

This week the Sun enters Gemini and Venus enters Cancer; and Mercury activates the Jupiter-Neptune trine by transiting both planets. Read on below.

(Top Image: Ira Carter)

May 16

Mars in 0 Aquarius square Uranus in 0 Taurus: 12:03 AM PDT

  • We may have been running a little ragged as Mars in late Capricorn squared Uranus in late Aries – almost as though our inner drill-sergeant was taking orders from a version of us that had a LOT of energy to spare. But eventually that kind of ramp-up can settle down into a cultivation process – Taurus. This square between the two planets now in Aquarius and Taurus points to a movement from hard work and lots of energy to cool-headed, grounded strategy. If some of our endeavors require constant pushing through hard barriers; we might want to employ new strategies that allow us more rest. 

  • A shift from nose to the grindstone consciousness toward some technological boost (consciousness technology, life hacks, etc.), some kind of energetic attitude toward the situation does the work, too.

May 18

Mercury in 8 Taurus trine Saturn in 8 Capricorn: 9:48 AM PDT

  • A tendency toward thinking and talking about pragmatic ideas which can be applied or to which real results can be seen.

  • Heightened strategic consciousness which can see parallels between consistent habit and results that will accumulate over time.

  • The feeling of slowness or slog can point to addressing some ways we might have mental, neural habits which have this consequence. Which thoughts we routinely entertain (and believe), the ways we keep our environment, the foods we put into our body, are all choices which condition our realities, and these realities further determine our choices. Changing patterns can be going against the grain, but eventually one can gather inertia. We can begin to cultivate this process with more intention when we experiment with which habits positively condition our reality; which choices free up Qi and enhance our self-esteem.

  • Consider the dialectic between your willpower and your environment. Certain environments afford greater alignment with one’s path than others – and certain environments afford resistance and make doing one’s unique work more difficult if not constantly Sisyphusian. Having and cultivating an environment that reflects your goals makes a huge difference. See what movement is made or can be made on this front, this week. Slow, constant steps up the mountain.

May 19

Venus enters Cancer: 6:10 AM PDT

Venus stays in Cancer until June 13, 2018.

  • While Venus was in Gemini, we perhaps learned that putting our ideas and thoughts out in the air with people we are in relationship to created more intimacy and love in our lives – the value of communication! Venus in Cancer now brings warmth, passion, celebration and abundance towards matters of the home and intimate contacts with people we feel safe with.

Venus in 0 Cancer sextile Uranus in 0 Taurus: 10:30 AM PDT

  • Uranus relates to a phenomenon that all of our memory from prior lives is stored, and our memories even from prior life-forms we evolved out of is stored in our bodies. We do not always have lucid access to these memories, but sometimes we are triggered into flashes of memory. When we are triggered in a Uranian sense, it is like a chord to which similar experiences belong (the trigger being one of a whole stream) are evoked. Memories of a positive nature can be triggered too – like being transported to preverbal memories of being an infant and feeling nurtured, in a moment as an adult where you feel totally safe and loved. As Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus align, we might more readily access memory streams along the themes of feeling safe and secure (or not feeling safe and secure). These streams can intensify the current situation which acts as the trigger. For this reason, it might simply be useful to consider this intellectually and to be aware of the power of condensed memory streams as they occur for you.

  • While digging into traumas and deeper reasons for why we are the way we are may be attractive to the self-knowledge seeker, we always have the power to tune into imagination as well. The nervous system hardly knows the difference between imagining an old memory that is real (and traumatic) or imagining a new version of the story or a new possibility. Similarly the nervous system hardly registers a difference between a hypothetical fear and an actual, tangible threat. You have the right to nurture your nervous system by situating yourself in real and imagined situations of love and safety, to form/enhance these neural pathways – and the results might blow your mind, especially when practiced consistently. 🙂

May 20

Sun enters Gemini: 7:14 PM PDT

Gemini season begins – our transitioning, mutable sign between the season of spring and summer. Gemini brings us in touch with the Magician archetype, and the way in which our communications alter reality. We have been given this gift of symbolic consciousness, wherein we can express ourselves and create experiences for ourselves and for the beings that witness you – where we are also altered by the information we take in. Gemini brings us in touch with boundless curiosity for the infinite permutations of thought, idea, expression, and how they might alter our path and consciousness. This is not always about words – it involves any language you like to practice like touch, dance, visual art, observation, etc.

The Solar archetype is about play, creativity, radiating, taking up space. This season take note if there is a correlation between how literally sunny you feel and how free you are in expressing yourself. See if taking the step to express yourself enhances your possibility streams.

The chatter will coalesce and condense when the Sun enters the cardinal water sign Cancer. For now, the Sun shines in the area of our lives where we are curious and observant, where we consider new ideas and possibilities, and where we learn by expressing and articulating.

May 21

First Quarter Moon in 1 Virgo: 8:49 PM PDT

  • The Moon reaches first quarter at the very start of Gemini Season with this Moon in Virgo! Energy is still building toward the approaching Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th. Some themes you may notice are: considering how to best be prepared, having a need for discernment among rampant possibility, & dealing with self-criticism; feelings of not being good enough and perhaps gaining new mental leverage on how to reframe this inner-narrative, as it is not the only point of view!

May 22

Mercury in 16 Taurus sextile Neptune in 16 Pisces: 7:13 PM PDT

(Image: Grażyna Smalej)

  • A tendency toward longing: the desire for pleasure and satisfaction, daydreams of such. And the potential to draw from these longing-filled daydreams tangible steps of wish-fulfillment. The question remains, however, if we value these dreams or if they are delusional (Neptune). We might want to discern if the things we imagine will bring us pleasure are dreams coming from our spirit, or if they are just ways we chase ghosts – like wishing for a glorious past to return, or wishing for an unattainable standard that is at its root, an ungrounded fantasy. 

  • Disillusionment can always make way for more grounded forms of satisfaction; we need ways to love and to transform what /is/ based on what is really potential. The question of what is possible versus what is fantasy is a question we live into.

  • One common human theme that arises is the comparison of oneself to another – which is to nebulously lose boundary of one’s own inner compass of direction and value with the path of another. Many of us know that doing this causes suffering (differing of course, from being inspired by another while still having clarity on one’s own self-worth). We might want to think carefully about which thoughts actually come from our centered place of self-love and the rooted authority that lives there, versus which thoughts co-opt that process. For those feeling especially sensitive about themes of self-worth at this time, taking some time to stop, meditate, and take actual account of what you are grateful for about yourself may do wonders.

Mercury in 16 Taurus opposite Jupiter in 16 Scorpio: 10:53 PM PDT

(Image: muddy doors to perception by Ira Carter)

  • In relationship to the themes above for Mercury and Neptune, Mercury’s contact to Jupiter intensifies our mental focus and similarly, any mental focus on gratitude can yield abundance and magnification of the same: more reasons to be grateful, more attunement to pleasure and esteem in life. Never does this need to be an escape from dealing with more difficult aspects of our realities, but it does certainly give us the buoyancy to see everything from a higher place – transforming both our consciousness and our available options.

  • Mercury is also highlighting the trine between Neptune and Jupiter! One thing that emerges here is the healing that comes from forgiveness (Neptune): the venom/toxicity that is transformed and freed up as energy for better experience when we do so (Jupiter in Scorpio). 

  • In general, mystical experiences are expanded at this time and the relationship between our depth psychology and our relationship to the Universe holds fruitful vistas of psychospiritual expansion. Clearing blocks on either level is good work!

  • Mental themes that are ready for transformation emerge more visibly at this time: like scripts that suddenly become so obtuse, we can see them and change them. These scripts may have been unconscious or murky before, but we might gain more clarity on them now – they might appear humorous as well, in their absurdity as we consider them to their ultimate proportions.

  • When we seek to transform ourselves and/or our lives, we might find some buoyancy in having an attitude of love in the process, especially when deeper themes arise that make us tend more toward harsh judgement. It might be gentleness and a deep orientation toward kindness that allows us to make the most important changes and leaps of growth, since means are ends, too.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Please share this article with friends and on social media if you found it helpful!

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