June 13-19, 2016: Saturn-Neptune Square #2


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“The week begins with an inconjunct aspect between Venus and Mars, which will relate to some readjustment of how we are acting on our values. Specifically with Mars in Scorpio retrograde, the call is to understand our deeper motivations and intentions, and to examine how they manifest on the surface (Venus in Gemini). This transit can relate to surfacey peace-keeping where there is something more intense at the molten core of it. At the same time, there may be a difficulty in expressing how one actually feels or thinks, when the options that are entering our consciousness are plenty, and hard to pin down. The unpredictability of that energy as it compares with Mars in Scorpio rx’s sultriness in repose suggests that this would be a time where an uncomfortable impasse can arise around keeping peace and what that entails: does it entail hiding part of your truth, or being strategic when you’d rather be out in the open? Does it involve outright lying? The vibe will not lie, however, the words that cover it may be not at their truest right now. (The idea realm of life is potentially just experimenting, too.) This would be a time when “actions speak louder than words”, and the actions may not be externally directed at another so much as they are an internal-adjustment of the compass on a deeper level than we normally probe except when challenged to look more deeply into our natures by some kind of imbalance on the surface. Whenever those internal searches yield some kind of epiphany and evolution of self, the surface situation will naturally adjust. Mars retrograde in Scorpio really calls us to discover how we hold our energy and our power rather than projecting it onto external sources which may or may not give us what we desire.”

~Sabrina Monarch

(Image: Keiko Masumoto)

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