June 13-19, 2016: Saturn-Neptune Square #2


This week we have Neptune stationing retrograde just a few days before another exact hit of the Saturn-Neptune square. The last one was in November of 2015. This is a big outer planet transit signature of 2016 which is revamping the way we do culture and business – on a global as well as personal level, this transit creates a yearning to orient ourselves to a structural reality that is true and spiritually nourishing, as opposed to continuing to scaffold up anything that is clearly not working anymore/soul-sucking. It can certainly be tense! The imagination and dream realms are empowered to make actual change in the world — just as the delusions that are currently working and have been working are starting to show their true colors by… not working, or presenting us with harsh disappointments and reality checks. It is a time of giving up old dreams and allowing another vision to become clear. This involves confronting disillusionment, which is one of the toughest Neptunian experiences there are to have. But disillusionment can also be looked at as the chance for something else that is wanting to manifest (on a spirit/soul level) to have the space to come into being. The vessel gets emptied to make space.

Another way the Saturn-Neptune square can manifest is by softening any part of ourselves that is rigid or overly dogmatic – we may have boundaries, restrictions, or conditions upon reality which no longer apply. Letting them go can invite in a whole new level of spiritual at-home-ness, if we are willing to re-orient our perception to these whispers of what is beyond the material/circumstantial layer of reality.

The Saturn-Neptune square can involve an element of divine timing – waiting for the right inspiration to make changes, or when we do receive that inspiration, receiving the inspiration to make changes that are surprising or against a previous status quo.

The week begins with an inconjunct aspect between Venus and Mars, which will relate to some readjustment of how we are acting on our values. Specifically with Mars in Scorpio retrograde, the call is to understand our deeper motivations and intentions, and to examine how they manifest on the surface (Venus in Gemini). This transit can relate to surfacey peace-keeping where there is something more intense at the molten core of it. At the same time, there may be a difficulty in expressing how one actually feels or thinks, when the options that are entering our consciousness are plenty, and hard to pin down. The unpredictability of that energy as it compares with Mars in Scorpio rx’s sultriness in repose suggests that this would be a time where an uncomfortable impasse can arise around keeping peace and what that entails: does it entail hiding part of your truth, or being strategic when you’d rather be out in the open? Does it involve outright lying? The vibe will not lie, however, the words that cover it may be not at their truest right now. (The idea realm of life is potentially just experimenting, too.) This would be a time when “actions speak louder than words”, and the actions may not be externally directed at another so much as they are an internal-adjustment of the compass on a deeper level than we normally probe except when challenged to look more deeply into our natures by some kind of imbalance on the surface. Whenever those internal searches yield some kind of epiphany and evolution of self, the surface situation will naturally adjust. Mars retrograde in Scorpio really calls us to discover how we hold our energy and our power rather than projecting it onto external sources which may or may not give us what we desire.


On the 14th, the Sun in Gemini sextiles Uranus. This is a time when there can be much ingenuity in playing with ideas and how we are to creatively manifest those ideas. This week can highlight what is in flux and changing this season, as Gemini is a mutable sign and represents partly the transition of Spring into Summer. Uranus brings unexpected circumstances that break up the status quo. To ride this transit, it would be especially helpful to not have a rigid self-concept (the Sun relates to our being, our is-ness, what we radiate), as this will be a great time to loosen up those concepts and invite in new self-concepts.


Then Venus enters Cancer on the 17th. Amidst all this flux and changeable energy, Venus enters the sign most associated with nostalgia and the past. Cancer is a water sign and corresponds with the emotions. With the pleasure and love planet entering this sign, matters of the home life, what we find familiar and cozy, feel more valuable and important. Cancer is a very empathic sign, and so Venus in Cancer adds in an element this week of caring… Uranus can be a particularly uncaring, energy to the watery type, where Uranus is about detachment and freedom, Cancer is about closeness and cohesiveness, belonging, feeling secure. The romantic dimension of life will take on a homier feel, like homecooked dinners and emotional intimacy. If you are uninvolved and open to meeting someone new, you might like to beautify your home and arrange things such that you are expecting companionship (what is your environment symbolically reading? is your art on the walls hint of loneliness or passion? etc.) and house parties/potlucks could be a good place to meet potential love connections. Same applies for meeting new friends.

Saturn-Neptune (with Neptune extra strong in the sky via retrograde) will draw our attention to what changes our spirit is wanting us to make to our lifestyle, and because of the nature of the square, these realizations can be tense and, via Saturn, depressing or oppressive-seeming. Tune into the Venus in Cancer vibration to see how when we value our emotions and emotional body, making decisions with that in account allows us to manifest lifestyle choices that nourish us on that emotional level, rather than ignoring the emotional body in favor of something like a preconceived notion of success or how things are supposed to be. This can certainly allow us to move in new directions which honor our whole being, rather than making part of our being sacrifice itself in the name of an ideal.

Blessings on your Saturn-Neptune journey – and this mutable astrology in general! It’s quite challenging for many. When we look back on this time, we may see it as a moment that we switched directions for the better, even if the adjustment itself was disillusioning or difficult.

~Sabrina Monarch

(Images: Keiko Masumotoduo of Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni, Cathryn McEwen)


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