Full Moon in Cancer and Tender Beginnings: Astrology of 12/19 – 12/25

There is something so sweet about this week’s transits. We have a Full Moon in the 0 degree of Cancer, shortly after the Sun enters Capricorn, Mercury aligns with Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. On a mental level we can be coming into contact with broader, more expansive and optimistic types of thinking. Relationally, we can access greater forgiveness, letting-go and depth. And on an inner-level, emotionally, we are preparing to nest, to create more inner-home and nourishment. If you are sensitive to these themes this week, think about the deep and perhaps understated value of nurturance in your life. When you have a big new idea, do you let it gestate in your heart and develop inner-confidence about it before you voice it aloud? Do you give yourself the time and space to consider what you really need to grow, and then support yourself in receiving those qualities? Do you take a moment to center yourself and find inner-peace and love before you go out and engage about the world? These are just a few examples of how creating care in one’s innerworld is like a secret alchemy for a better life. We once gestated in wombs before we were born into this world, and cyclically throughout life there are tender inner beginnings we need to nurture and protect for a time until we are ready to birth them out into the greater ecosystem of our lives.

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Here’s our week:

December 20, 2018

Sun in 28 Sagittarius trine Uranus in 28 Aries: 9:21 AM PDT

  • New visibility of possibility emerges – the social field is full of excitement, enthusiasm, and synchronicity. 

  • There is a transformative quality of just learning the narrative arch of the archetypal “hero’s journey” and perhaps getting a sense for where you feel you are, or recognizing advancements on this storyline as your out living your life and you watch developments of your ambitions, dreams, or personal mission unfold.

  • If you’re feeling stuck in any way, some of the gifts of this enlivening transit may come through having new experiences. These new experiences may shake us out of our perceptual ruts and give us a sense that there is more possibility in our lives than we imagined.

December 21, 2018

Venus in 13 Scorpio trine Neptune in 13 Pisces: 10:11 AM PDT

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  • Venus aspects both Saturn (in Capricorn) and Neptune here. This is a potent time for forgiveness. We can feel more aware of our grievances as though they are being dredged up (or already have been) while simultaneously here is a portal to release them.

  • It is important to really identify when we are in victim mode and relating to ourselves and others in that way. There is possibility to cut through that more this week and re-assess situations in our lives from a more empowered place.

  • Venus in Scorpio calls us to get to the bottom of what we really feel, desire, and value, instead of remaining superficial about something in avoidance of really looking at what is going on. Deep pleasure and resonance occurs with Venus in Scorpio, and that comes from doing the work of actually going there. As she trines Neptune in Pisces, this is a beautiful time to lift veils and illusions that we have about love, about the Universe; any of these illusions which shield or block the heart. In a mystical way of looking at it, the Universe is a lover, we are our own lovers, and these relationships require depth just as much as we require or desire depth with others. If we are unhappy or something is off, this transit can be a sweet reminder that love comes from the inside – we can actually meet ourselves in deep places and lift ourselves up. The Universe so often mirrors and reflects us, and it lifts us up as we connect to love within ourselves.

Mercury in 9 Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in 9 Sagittarius: 10:37 AM PDT

(Image: Michael Bohme, Parallel Worlds)

Mercury has conjoined with Jupiter twice now since the end of October, due to Mercury’s retrograde. Now that Mercury is direct, this is the last conjunction it will form to Jupiter until the next cycle.

  • A lot of momentum, movement and expansion happens currently as we speak our truth and communicate in increasingly authentic ways. As poet Cleo Wade so beautifully says, “The best and worst thing about the truth is that it gets instant results. Do not let fear of what it will reveal keep you from it. Go after it. Let it liberate you. Allow it to give you the gift of clarity so that you may move through your life on a more focused and deliberate path.” When we put our truth into the ether by verbalizing or otherwise demonstrating it, we are changing the storyline.

  • Both Mercury and Jupiter can have to do with ways that we lie – Mercury has a clever, agile mind and can present the same issue from a multiplicity of different viewpoints, often bending or manipulating the data. Jupiter can relate to how we lie to ourselves by adopting a dogmatic belief and stretching or justifying information we receive to fit that belief. Sometimes we lie in life by not being who we are – it’s not necessarily totally deliberate, and to be compassionate it’s often developmental from both a social and psychospiritual perspective. It is a big leap to leave the values of a particular relationship or tribe, or our normal conditioned self even, and to express something else – with that comes the risk of alienation, and loss of belonging in the tribe. In our DNA’s memory being kicked out of the tribe can equate to death. We might be called this week to think about the ways that we are avoiding our truth and our true calling by pretending to be something else. When we lean into our real truth, magic and adventure happens. And adventure in the true sense of the word – think back to the hero’s journey.

Sun enters Capricorn: 3:23 PM PDT

  • Capricorn Season begins! This is a time where the expansive yang energies of Sagittarius (all our new visions, revelations, ideas for the future) transition into the yin phase of Capricorn where we get to work on actualizing these visions in a tangible way. The Capricorn path is one of deep maturity and the embodiment of success by being in tune with the elements of cause and effect. This is not to say Capricorn drives cannot be co-opted by value systems which negatively impact it. Capricorn also requires a sober discernment in the form of evaluating if the mountain we are climbing is in fact a trajectory we want to be on. And if so, are we truly willing to see the path through even when there are challenges, and to grow because of those obstacles?

  • Capricorn relates to depression, much in alignment with this deep inner process of value assessment and weighing the heaviness of consequence and limitations of time and mortality. Once the lead-like heaviness of this settles and is transformed, the Capricorn presence is robust, majestic, and elevated in a grounded sense, like a mountain. This can happen cyclically, as new challenges are met and integrated.

  • The Sun will pass over Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node during its stay in Capricorn, which are each heavy and powerful energies in their own rights. This may be a time of clearing and letting go of old values and expectations which are deeply conditioned, familiar, but perhaps dead! Or maybe we willfully and selectively choose certain conservative attitudes after realizing their purpose and value. Capricorn is a very constructive sign and it has a penchant for tradition and history. These traditions were however, once created in relationship to the time and the conditions of which they were born. Periodically we have to assess if our structures and rules of life fit the time that we are in. Structures can both support or restrict, and it takes introspection to come into harmonious relationship with them.

  • Our state of being and our actions always have consequence – Capricorn and Saturn just seem to highlight it as they are related to the harvest of past deeds. Becoming friends with Capricorn and Saturn involves making the choice to aspire toward positive and constructive deeds, to respond to how life mirrors these efforts (keep going, change paths, etc.) and to watch the results of this sensitivity toward karma flower over time.

  • Something I like to think about for Capricorn is that it doesn’t matter so much that you’re at the top as much as you are finding your leverage, the footholds that are elevating you. Focusing on those footholds brings presence to the joy of the climb itself, and you get to watch the domino effect of one life improvement creating positive shift in the rest of your life and ecosystem. Even something we don’t think of as elevation like rest or play or letting something go ARE forms of elevation, if you are considering the health and vitality of your vibrational state and your self-love. The ‘work’ of Capricorn takes many forms and it is continual, but so rewarding to be in touch with.

December 22, 2018

Full Moon in 0 Cancer: 10:48 AM PDT

  • Capricorn and Cancer are both very supportive archetypes at heart. Capricorn creates conditions for particular realities to unfold, and Cancer creates safety for emerging beings or qualities to develop. The womb is a space of gestation. Our homes, when they are cozy and nourishing, add a cushion of ease and love that lifts up our basic emotional vibration and can allow us to recharge and go inward.

  • Because this Full Moon occurs in the very beginning of Cancer (the 0 degree), it is possible that we may feel a strong urge, almost instinctually, to begin to nest. This nesting process can be in relationship to a goal we might have, and recognizing that we need to care for ourselves and our realities in certain ways to midwife that goal. Tune into what you’re looking to build in your life, and what you can do to welcome in that new reality with warmth and care.

  • With the North Node in Cancer now and all of 2019, Cancer is an important archetype to understand more deeply and to befriend. This is our home, our family, and our inner-home – and many of our breakthroughs will be sourced here. When tending to what is new, sensitive and vulnerable within us with love and care, we are also allowing ourselves to evolve and enter into a heightened reality.

December 24, 2018

Mercury in 13 Sagittarius square Neptune in 13 Pisces: 5:32 PM PDT

  • This alignment almost occurred in mid-November, but Mercury stationed retrograde just before this alignment was exact. This time period may have correlated with a sense of moving through fog and feeling as though we were onto something – some truth, some wisdom, some transcendent understanding of a current puzzling situation or question. This fog may have not been without enchantment or magic. Maybe it was confusing, or maybe it was also full of strange synchronicities and attractive detours and adventures.

  • Take note of a dynamic where the mind is searching for more (always something more, the next thing) and the way that a dissolution or a form of disillusionment is where the “more” happens, not necessarily by adding something. Removing filters or veils from a direct experience with reality – perhaps filters and veils we really believed in – expands our perception. Removing these veils also frees us from those particular confinements. We tend to work with veils as long as we need them, but one day removing them is a form of growth and freedom.

Happy holidays, and thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Please let me know what you think in the comments. I love you and you are tribe to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have. If you feel you would benefit from further guidance on your personal natal chart and transits, I am available to help! Book a reading with me here.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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