Astrology of 4/19-4/25: Primordial Reimagining

Our week starts with the beginning of the last quarter of the lunar cycle, and carries with it several transitions: the Sun enters Taurus, Pluto stations retrograde, Mercury retrograde re-enters Aries, and Mars enters Gemini. Retrogrades (which we have many of at the moment) have an effect of reorienting consciousness. I’d encourage you to utilize this time of flux to open to new opportunities as well as to set intention for what you might like to shift or change in your life, as to allow the energies of these celestial bodies to collaborate with you.

Protocol for the last week of the moon cycle is universally: drink water! And get rest. Even if you are out and busy and doing things on a different time schedule, pay attention to ways to nourish and recharge yourself as the moon tides ebb the lowest.

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Here’s our week:

April 19

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn: 2:57 AM PST

  • A Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn can carry with it a vibration of letting an old form dissolve: the potential even, to be disillusioned with a previous structure (internal or external). If Aries is a sign of birth and emergence, this particular Moon may be like the necessity to let go of the amniotic sac. There is nothing “wrong” or “bad” about the amniotic sac (Capricorn archetype has a tendency to judge), it is simply no longer a relevant structure for the ongoing purpose of the being who has been birthed. Of course when this metaphor is expressed more complexly in the concrete events of our experience, there can be a note of grief in that transition of forms.
  • The mood of a Capricorn Moon is hampered by feelings of self-judgement or shame, and elevated by creating structural support for one’s happiness. It’s a chance to see into how we might take the authority of being the inner-parent to our inner-child. Do we tell ourselves to buckle up and deal with it when we struggle or do we take honest account of how we might re-orient ourselves to our overarching plan as to diminish that same struggle?
  • When in doubt, do the nice things for yourself that you know historically, set you up to be in a better mood (or you know, by a relevant impulse in the now, will set you up to feel boosted. With Saturn (Capricorn) – Moon contacts, this goes a long way.)

Sun enters Taurus: 2:27 PM PST

It is now Taurus season! We may anticipate some of the fire of Aries season to settle and become more rooted in the cultivation of a given form. Taurus loves to cultivate its reality into a beautiful Venusian garden, loves to get one’s hands and feet in the soil and dirty. Taurus goes slow and savors every moment.

Sun in Taurus conjunct Mercury in Taurus: 10:54 PM PST


  • When Mercury is in retrograde, information repeats over the same archetypal dynamics – in going back over places we’ve already tread, we notice more depth and more information in the environment. Instead of meeting something for the first time, it’s like we meet many things over again – such is an experience of synchronicity, or feeling like there is an illuminated trail of clues toward the right direction. One of the worst strategies in Mercury retrograde is to try to maintain order without opening up to the new information that is being presented – the strategy is to be flexible as to be open to new experience and to universal energy flows which have an intelligence.
  • When Mercury is conjunct the Sun, the messenger’s qualities become highly lit up. It’s a time where information may pierce. In Taurus, the vibration is made more gentle, and may even be embodied, like finally figuring out the muscle memory in a yoga posture that had been eluding you. We may also receive messages or cues around where we are stagnant and need to budge, or likewise where we are wishing to stay put and further cultivate the soil.
  • Mercury relates to our mapping of reality and as it joins with the Sun, we may access a creative mapping: how we want to map out our destiny or self-actualization. Given that this is retrograde; it may have more to do with working with what we have already been cultivating. Mercury retrograde also heralds reroutes. The Sun/Leo archetype relates to joy; see the ways in which reroutes may be extremely joyful experiences at this time rather than inconveniences.
  • What gestalts have been thematically building experience more theatrical depth at this time – there can be enhanced metaphor and the possibility for seemingly unrelated pieces of information to form a synchronous whole which allows for a deeper sense of rooted clarity in the mind.

April 20

Pluto in Capricorn stations retrograde: 5:46 AM PST

(Image: William Stout)

  • This intensifies the planet Pluto within our consciousness and that’s a big deal! Anyone who is naturally Plutonic or Scorpionic is pretty familiar with sex-death-rebirth process and the ways in which we may shed layers of self, meet our fears and our desires and resistances, experience transmutation. It is important to recognize this is a loud planet in the sky and that this archetype is emphasized at this time.
  • Attention toward that which is primordial. Ancient psychological structures and how they may be renovated to the present.
  • A gaze into what’s at the bottom line.
  • This can relate to a deeper examination of our fears, which we experience by projecting expectations onto reality or we move through certain scenarios in sleeping dreams. The dream plane is one way we can do karma yoga – work through some of our attachments and fears in dreams instead of in life. Even people who have prophetic dreams don’t need to get spooked right now about having scary dreams, as some dreams are only symbolic, and may offer us a chance to meet our psyches in a way that is more like a release of a pressure-valve.
  • Additionally, you may consider the way in which believing a fear inspires people to act on that fear (such as in a preventative fashion) which can result in self-fulfilling prophesy. This is a good time to see beyond our fears as to step out of their creative matrix.

(Image: Ramzy Mazri)

  • We can shed layers of conditioning right now: become more aware of the difference between our actual nature and the conditions we once met repetitively. We may see a way beyond a given construct which was limiting in some fashion, yet also intricately tied to our security. We may evolve past it.
  • On the desire or attraction level of Pluto (we’ve spoken mostly of resistance, repulsion or fear thus far): this can be a time to get more clarity about what we truly desire – what we truly feel magnetized toward.
  • Fixation may be used responsibly, as in we can focus our attention with free will and agency. As we deepen into this practice, we get better at it. “Where attention goes, energy flows,” as they say. Even combatting something we don’t like holds a karma – which may be relevant for this moment in time space. (Avoidance or escapism is not the answer in Pluto’s realm. In Pluto, there is no way out but through, yet the path itself is a discovery.) But there may also be openings to shift the storyline altogether – to fixate on a new reality as to bring it into being. To relax our attachments to what we are already fixated upon so they may begin to transform before our eyes.

Mercury retrograde re-enters Aries: 10:37 AM PST

  • Mercury originally entered Aries on March 13, a transit I wrote about at the end of the forecast for 3/8-3/14 of this year.
  • Mercury has been resourced with information from Taurus’ realm, which is a lot about gentleness, patience, cultivation, pragmatism and earthiness. Aries does not always care for such things in the heat of a given passionate moment. Meditate on why you may be revising certain hotter themes within your consciousness after taking a grounding rest from them. Is your gaze upon them new? In what ways has your mind relaxed?

April 21

Mars enters Gemini: 3:32 AM PST

  • Mars in Gemini may pursue its goals by following connections – one thing naturally leads to another. When there is not a fixed trajectory, Gemini can see an infinite breadcrumb trail of curiosities. Our culture (writing from the US, so please comment if you are from another country and weigh in) has trouble with this kind of consciousness, even going so far as to pathologize it in terms of ADD or ADHD. While Gemini may need resources to rein itself in if it wants to create a structure or get something done, its particular intelligence can flourish in its free-association style of moving from one connection to another.
  • With Mars here, we may meet the vital dimension of ourselves by connecting with our sense of agility – how we can connect to the present moment environment and its winds of circumstance with a quick, witty presence.
  • While Mars also represents aggression, the arena of warfare may take place in words. This can be a time to be aware of how words can be used as weaponry and how, like fire wielded, ideas can also warm and vitalize.
  • Gemini (along with its ruler Mercury) is a mapping mechanism. Meditate on the connection between your sense of vitality and courage (Mars) and what is mapped. Being en-courage-ed is like receiving new mapping, is it not? How might you meet or create this magic?

Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius: 4:10 AM PST

(Image: Duarte Vitoria)

  • A confrontation with the notion that dreams take time to materialize into maturity, whether they are personal dreams or relational dreams. The note of despair arrives here when one cannot connect with the frame of space-time they are in for wish it was something else, while a certain ecstasy may come through when one drops into total presence with the part of the process they are hovering within.
  • A confrontation with the notion that dreams require structural support to materialize into reality, such that if our concept of where we see ourselves in the future and our current self have a disparity, we need to introduce practical supports to accommodate the shift. These structural supports can range from beliefs about ourselves, to attitudes, to ways we spend and invest our time and money, to education and self-education, to the company we keep, to our living environment, etc. Any particular “upgrade” to our situation will make space for further upgrades. It’s important to work with what we have, what is relevant, instead of being overly idealistic and therefore overly disappointed or jaded when our ideals to not manifest into reality so quickly. We need relevant ideals, which can sequentially become more extravagant (if that is relevant to you!).
  • Value placed in the way that love endures hardship or stands the tests of time & the depth and soulfulness of love that is capable of withstanding these factors. Or, how a vision of love or an open heart (despite obstacles) is a way of maturing and strengthening an immature heart.

April 24

Mercury in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius: 1:15 AM PST

The backdrop astrology of this current moment is truly profound – we also are in the midst of the Saturn-Chiron square (nearly exact) and a Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus t-square is also characterizing the mass history of this moment. Contemplating the scope of these transits is may take some time. The world is changing quickly, and the deepest of the depths are being addressed in that transformation. Yet the vortices and the rabbit holes we see are not always all there is – freedom, complete and absolute freedom also exists. Take the dive inward and connect with the intelligent design of who you truly are.

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing. You can subscribe to receive her weekly forecasts by email here.

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