A Narrative Leap: Astrology of July 6 – 12

This week features a few Cancer-Aries squares (with Mercury and the Sun in Cancer, and Jupiter and Chiron in Aries) which suggests there are some experiences in the field around insecurity & the potential of developing in relevant ways through/past those insecurities. The Cancer-Aries square can hold the resonance of both actively building a nest (actively creating security) as well as jumping out of the nest and taking that leap to leave a place of comfort which one cannot stay in forever and fully live. Some of the nests we jump out of were quite idyllic, magical & supportive for growth, while others were limiting restraints/constraints we had the courage to de-condition from and cast off.

Aries experiences insecurity in the way of constantly generating novel impulses which, one cannot be sure how they will turn out. It is a drive of wanting to act on these new impulses & the inner-experience of generating the willingness to do something first, even as there may be very little personal or collective track record as to how the endeavor is going to pan out. There can also be a great amount of innocence here, which can be charming and inspirational to others (who then follow Aries’ quite innocent, instinctual lead).

Cancer is concerned with emotional safety, and our emotional safety often has to do with the imprinting of our personal history, family of origin, our childhood, and so on. Thus something out of the norm of our own history or own familial experience feels new and therefore insecure.

The tension of the Cancer-Aries squares is about the insecurity of grappling with new impulses, but the opportunity is that of expanding how we can feel a sense of home – home at the frontier, home within ourselves as we map new points in reality which we never dared to before.

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Here’s Our Week

July 6, 2022

Venus in 16 Gemini sextile Chiron in 16 Aries: 10:17 AM PDT

  • A moment of balm, a balm of having options, in relationship to a place we have simply been frustrated/thwarted.
  • Memorable Cameron Allen teaching from NORWAC this year, in a talk about holistic health and astrology: he says that instead of taking the orientation “I can’t figure this out” (such as we have tried a bunch of remedies and nothing seems to work), we take the orientation that “I don’t have understanding yet.”
  • If we apply this to this transit – Chiron in Aries may be the complex or health issue we have some frustration (Aries) around, for not having figured it out yet. Venus in Gemini is light, flexible, curious, openminded, and may bring grace to the situation through a new kind of openheartedness to approach the mystery of the situation with greater possibility, greater collaboration with the invisible knowledge we have yet to encounter.

July 7, 2022

Vesta stations retrograde in 6 Pisces: 2:33 PM PDT

Vesta stations close to the royal fixed star Fomalhaut – a star that relates to mysticism and storytelling. Vesta is an asteroid that corresponds to Hestia/the hearth as well as sacred space, devotion, fire tending and fire gatherings, and tantra.

  • At a most obvious level, storytelling around a fire would be a literal manifestation of this Vesta station. ☺️
  • But some more options for us to think about is how storytelling soothes/centers us at a profound level or how the way we cultivate the story of our lives can be a sacred ritual act. A few ways to think about this…
  • Our lives have a narrative arc, and having aspiration or vision is like an orientation that we reach toward. To be able to feel into an inspired trajectory and actually lean into it is a visionary action.
  • Our past also holds stories, some of which are refined and processed into gems – but many of which may be untended to or frozen in sour conclusions. To imagine our past differently, or apply the insight of time/aging/wisdom to confusions of the past, may have a healing quality that is more powerful than its immediate implications would suggest. An illuminated awareness of the past that is generative can also illuminate self-forgiveness, celebration, and new pathways forward.

July 8, 2022

Sun in 16 Cancer square Chiron in 16 Aries: 6:22 AM PDT

  • There could be something here about dialing in a better relationship with the moment of personal time we are in, the developmental phase we are in, even while there are simultaneous drives to want to be free of it. Perhaps you can relate to a special era in the past – maybe one you never wanted to end, or maybe one you did want to end but now you look back at it fondly because you can see it with greater perspective.
  • Any season in life can be special – it is often our mental judgements and perceptions that influence whether or not a season in life makes that cut. But as a form of homemaking with time itself, it could be profound to actually recognize the value of this era and to at a higher level understand its importance, whether you find yourself in some kind of preparation/incubation stage or a full-on flight/expression stage, an integration stage, or so on.
  • For many people there can be a constantly operating hum of some kind of discontent with time itself: wanting something from another season past, or wanting something else (imaginary). This type of consciousness splits us from fulfillment and home in the moment. It could be profound to actually tune into the mythos of this present season.

Mercury in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries: 11:14 PM PDT

Another Cancer-Aries square, this Mercury-Jupiter transit can emphasize some of the themes I mentioned in the Sun-Chiron square, adding in the support of storytelling. Mercury works with details and Jupiter works with the bigger picture, thematic overview. When Mercury and Jupiter interact, we can see the connections between details and how they add up to a larger story.

Stories are, however, an interpretive art, as the same objective event could be seen from an infinite number of angles. So some thoughts on the friction we might see here with the square between Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Aries —

  • Jupiter and Mercury are making a first quarter square – an opening square, like the first quarter moon after a new moon. This phase relates to a “crisis in action” meaning there is now some impetus to make a decision but we still might feel relatively new or unexperienced in the place we are pressed to make a decision. Courage and the willingness to try new things are emphasized.
  • Jupiter in Aries already represents a new burst of vision – a possibility of having greater faith in our own will and our capacity to be victorious.
  • Mercury in Cancer could relate to the ways that we are needing at this time to integrate and make home with, new inspirations or visions – perhaps we have a big new impulse/instinct (Jupiter in Aries) but it does not feel fully integrated in our emotional body (Cancer). Mercury in Cancer could relate to the process of beginning to think and speak in greater harmony with the vision even if it means we think and speak in ways we have not tended to before.

July 10, 2022

Sun in 18 Cancer sextile Uranus in 18 Taurus: 1:39 AM PDT

See Sun sextile north node below, we will read for all at once 🙂

July 12, 2022

Sun in 20 Cancer sextile north node in 20 Taurus: 8:45 PM PDT

The Sun sextiles the current conjunction of Uranus and the north node in Taurus.

  • We could think of nervous system regulation not as simply coming back to a baseline (while that is also valuable) but as a more holistic capacity of integrating disruption or shocks. Think agility. Think of commonplace situations you get thrown off or flustered, versus what it would be like to be able to respond authentically in the moment.
  • When we do get flustered, disregulated, or thrown off, anyway, tracking what happened and integrating the experience can help us the next time. Sometimes people skip this form of digestion because it feels too shame-inducing or too cringe. But to not be so precious here, to be sober here – could be supportive to development. Imagine gently working with a child who is learning something and making mistakes, as opposed to withholding attention/love only when they do it right. Our awkward growing pains need our compassion and presence too. And again, it is the mind/perception that labels these frames of time as not [insert judgement here].
  • In short, develop the capacity to be with your own development and to find insight/adjustment when needed. This is a type of emotional bandwidth that people cut short with excessive shame (and shame can work like a freeze response, not allowing response/growth).

Mercury in 16 Cancer square Chiron in 16 Aries: 9:07 PM PDT

  • This transit follows the earlier Sun square Chiron, which could imply that we gain mental awareness or clarity (Mercury) later in the week around something that was just felt earlier in the week, illuminated as a feeling (Sun in Cancer) but maybe not a feeling that we could mentally understand.
  • The need to mentally understand feelings can be a form of personal tyranny, however – to subject the raw, primordial, instinctual, irrational part of ourselves. It is like when scientific articles come out to say it benefits children to be held, or that dogs have feelings – as though we needed people with specific socially-sanctioned credentials to verify that. The degree to which we are insecure about our own intuition will relate to the degree at which we need external validation or proof.
  • This being said, it is not wrong either to gain clarity or understanding about a mysterious feeling – just magical when there is some spaciousness for that process to happen organically and with truth instead of using the mind in a controlling fashion to clamp down on experience to label it, to mitigate the insecurity that we feel.
  • The tension/opportunity of Mercury in Cancer here forming an opening square to Chiron in Aries is that we might find some of our own personal ways of understanding and navigating what is emerging within us in a way that is more sovereign or intuitive than ever before.

Venus in 24 Gemini trine Saturn retrograde in 24 Aquarius: 9:28 PM PDT

  • Something beautiful I could see with this transit is that seemingly casual conversations we have with people who we feel lit up by are yielding greater breakthroughs and understandings at this time. Venus in Gemini is conversational and connects through sharing ideas and perspectives, while the trine to Saturn in Aquarius suggests a greater paradigm in connection to these perspectives. Shared lightbulb moments.
  • It may also suggest a type of relational grumpiness we feel when we do not perceive anyone to talk freely with, or we find ourselves bored with company. These moments it can be helpful to develop the thought, art, philosophy, etc. alone – melancholy as a gateway – and trust in the fabric of life to once again connect us with resonance in time.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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