Neptune station & New Moon in Cancer conjunct Black Moon Lilith – Navigating Disenchantment, with Power

I’m catching up on a few transits I would have written about last week (which I did not write a forecast about) in light of current events – the Supreme Court ruling yesterday in the United States, the gun violence crisis here & considering these events in tandem with the Neptune stationing, the New Moon in Cancer conjunct Black Moon Lilith and the backdrop of Pluto in Capricorn. 

These events are charged. Please read on if you would like my astrological/spiritual commentary. If this commentary is upsetting, please take care of yourself however you need to – which may mean not reading.

I’m writing this from abroad, on a long summer trip! Currently in England. I just had one of the most beautiful and magical weeks of my life. I feel generally accustomed to processing and living life in a multi-dimensional way, where celebration and Eros co-exists with grief. I believe in the importance of opening to aliveness.

If you take nothing else from this letter, I also encourage you to keep cultivating the thread of what brings you alive, that we are not only just allowed to feel enchantment, pleasure & joy in the midst of the complexity of life but it is crucial, today and in the bigger picture.

(I also understand that these transits would be interpreted very differently by anti-abortion people and I own my bias here. Transits work through all areas and sectors of life & we have to consider our participation and relationship as part of the delineation.)

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

June 28, 2022

Neptune station retrograde in 25 Pisces: 12:55 AM PDT

  • Neptune infuses our current experience and sky with this station, so there can be a noted presence of fantasy/magic, dreaminess, disillusionment, and/or disorientation.
  • I would invite us to tune into the dream symbols that life itself offers us, such that we can participate more creatively with a deeper flow of inspiration than our primarily egoic or social reality. Neptune is disorienting in part because it represents a part of reality that is “beyond” normal conscious everyday register. Neptune is both correlated with ultimate truth (the eternal) as well as the Maya, illusion, and the ephemeral circumstances we mistake for ultimate truths.
  • A situation might seem impossible or entirely disillusioning at the personality/social level, while being an apt/appropriate arena for a particular kind of of soul development – a quest if you will – by which the interpretive acumen of the dreamer serves as a better navigation system for breakthrough than the habitual thought patterns of the ego or the socially-conditioned self.

Sun in 7 Cancer square Jupiter in 7 Aries: 5:59 PM PDT

See New Moon, below.

New Moon in 7 Cancer: 7:52 PM PDT

This New Moon (New Moons are always conjunction of the Sun & Moon) squares Jupiter in Aries exactly. It is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith.

  • Black Moon Lilith is an archetype of the primordial, powerful feminine, the creatrix, the witch. She is capable of embodying any and all moods, from the classically beautiful and profoundly erotic to the ugly hag, and her power exists in all of these expressions. She is the rejected or exiled dimension of the feminine within patriarchy, whether this judgement is acted upon others or internalized. This is the phenomenon of hatred of the feminine, and the way that seeps into everyday judgement of cycles, menstruation, birth, death, descent, chaos, emotionality, non-linearity.
  • In the world, this feels so clearly reflected in the recent US Supreme Court ruling against women’s rights to abortion. Jupiter represents law at the social level (universal law at a more spiritual level) and it is squaring this New Moon in Cancer conjunct Black Moon Lilith (Cancer, related to families, and Black Moon Lilith, relating to the primordial feminine as creatrix and destroyer).

My commentary offering is more spiritual/soulful than it is social/political. If this is of interest to you:

  • The transit of Pluto in Capricorn (from 2008 – 2023, coming to a close) relates to a crisis in governance (social organization, status quo, and law as a dimension of Capricorn) – the overall descent constellated in the political sphere (scandal, exposure, the archetypal focus on the villain and forces of corruption) as well as the psychological process of the individual grappling with ‘the world’ and the ways the individual is bonded/enchained with ‘the world’.
  • In Plutonic journeys, we often experience the rug being pulled out from underneath us. A place where we have assigned too much of our power abandons us – such as a special relationship, or any other non-ultimate place we have derived ultimate meaning and security.
  • Part of the desire nature of this transit is to change the world, to change the way society is organized, but some of the methods of doing so are unhelpful and/or personally draining and soul-crushing. The pressure becomes about finding a new evolution of how one participates with the world and the condensed multi-generational issues of the world without collapsing into powerlessness, despair, or siphoning one’s energy inappropriately and at a loss.
  • Within the Plutonic context, this New Moon square Jupiter feels like an activation for the soul, of how to respond to being alive in a time where a government/powers that be are not ideal and/or actively detrimental to family life. The images of threat constellated here as rampant gun violence in the United States and forced pregnancy for those who do not find the resource/way out.

A few personal notes to make my point:

The gun violence situation in the states has disturbed me in waves for some time. From sadness, to feeling overwhelmed at the horrific nature of these shootings, to digesting the possibility of randomized violence, it has been a process for me.

Personally, more than making moves to petition the government or hope that the government will do anything (and there’s the riddle of the sector of America that loves guns and gun culture), I have had to contemplate and process this situation at a different level. I respect and appreciate those who are called to more direct social action.

As someone whose life path is not very much about directly influencing social policy or organizing social change, I find my work is about supporting and guiding individual people at a soul level. I trust in the magic and change that people can create when they are in touch with themselves at a profound level, and this type of self-recognition and soul-level enchantment is what I am service to.

The image then, of randomized violence & feeling powerless to do anything about it has constellated for me, complex emotions, grief, and also a kind of evolution and invention.

I arrived at faith, intuition, and more spiritual/energetic ways of navigating life as my anchor (like intuition as protection magic, like trusting the Universe and my thread of connection to it) – it is not ultimately secure (my life will end one day) but it is more secure and gives me more peace than waiting for the government to do something. In the meantime, I am resourced emotionally to be stationed at my place of service within the ecosystem.

For the record, I hope the US employs sane gun control, but I have had to adapt emotionally and tactically to the possibility that this will not happen.

Why I bring this up is not to encourage doing nothing, but really taking care to digest the gritty circumstances and symbols life gives us from the overculture and find our place of power and meaning within that. 

Black Moon Lilith represents aspects of human nature and of the feminine which have historically been put underground, villainized, distorted. We are not necessarily freely taught how to tap into this creatrix magic.

In the same way that someone might have a health condition and go to a conventional doctor who gives them a grim, “this will be chronic for the rest of your life, here’s a bunch of medications with terrible side-effects though,” but then this person finds an alternative breakthrough of healing that is more root-oriented and appropriate for them and ends up well —

I think the times call for similar imagination of how to be well and thrive and create important ripples into reality *without* the explicit support/guidance/permission of a disinclined authority figure, who for whatever reason intentional or not, is not positioned to help. And where, alternately, is there support? How do we expand our vision to find it?

Whether this world situation is the current source of your disenchantment/bitterness or something much more personal/unique to you, I could see this lunation being about how we work to facilitate life, home, safety (Cancer) and freedom (Aries), and how we relate to the world in an inspired way after the grief and disillusionment that comes from facing detrimental and non-ideal circumstances. What it means to stay alive and in touch with soul, rather than become defensive, embittered, and tapped out of the stream of dharma and magic.

To me, the presence of Black Moon Lilith drives home the point that many of the answers may be subtle and magical, esoteric. It may be a remembrance, of a power and magic that we inherently are & that stressors remind us to come back home to.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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