Mars-Chiron & Venus-Rahu – Fire & Desire: Astrology of 6/15 – 6/21

There are a lot of storylines at play this week (detailed below) but I’ll draw our attention to the two conjunctions of the week as a thematic anchor – Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries & Venus conjunct the north node in Taurus. The both make for passion, in different ways.

Mars and Chiron in Aries amplify or emphasize initiatory experiences we are having right now, in relationship to a pain point – likely something we feel at odds with or no longer accept. Will is surfacing to make a change. We may be called to tactics or experiences we have never engaged with before, putting us in the seat of the novice, the beginner, the initiate.

Venus and the north node in Taurus can relate to a growing appetite at this time for acquisition of value, resource, pleasure. There is both space here for actually having and receiving more, as well as getting beneath the part of us that is always hungry and never satisfied and touching a deeper root of receptivity. It could be the act of wanting something and inquiring – is it the external merging and meeting with this desire that I need, or is an internal opening to receive that I need? Given that we’re looking at the very internal sign of Taurus, there is probably an emphasis on the latter. Not because we can’t want external things, but there is a real internal cultivation when it comes to being actually available to receive, rather than repel, what we desire.

The tension of these two conjunctions may speak to a simmering quality in the field right now of feeling moved to go for what we really want, and facing the obstacles and challenges related to our own desire nature. Desire is vulnerable.

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Here’s Our Week

June 15, 2022

Mars in 15 Aries conjunct Chiron in 15 Aries: 7:17 AM PDT

Chiron as initiating, Chiron as “the wounded healer”, Chiron as the philosopher-physician, Chiron as the pursuit and mysteries of healing.

  • Wounds are openings – literally and metaphorically. Wounds make us permeable. Wounds make us receptive to medicine and insight. Wounds can also be places of extra guarding, defensiveness, scabbing.
  • With Mars and Chiron joining, our sensations of woundedness may be amplified. One might feel more sensitive to insult. Irritation feels inflamed.
  • Or, the woundedness/activation may be around willpower – the pain we feel around not having willpower, or the pain we feel from having too much forceful willpower that overrides other aspects of self.
  • Healing might feel like a call to action at this time. The medicine might be our willpower. The medicine might be the will to heal (as opposed to complacency), or the will to try a new tactic.
  • Outside of the context of woundedness, Chiron also relates to initiatory journeying – going through a threshold, going through a rite of passage, receiving an initiation (ceremonially or from life itself). The focus on Mars/Aries may be about where life is calling us to courage/action/beginning, where life is asking for our effort or asking for us to make a move (as opposed to waiting on external factors).

June 16, 2022

Sun in 25 Gemini trine Saturn retrograde in 25 Aquarius: 12:13 AM PDT

  • Reflecting on this transit, the word “oversight” came to mind immediately – a word which both means a failure/error in sight, missing something – as well as the act of looking over something broadly and perhaps successfully, like overseeing a project.
  • The Sun and Saturn harmonizing in these air signs could be the act of grasping the nature of a situation intellectually – its structure, its parameters, its implications.
  • The Sun in Gemini asks for range and flexibility with possibility and options, while Saturn in Aquarius asks for structural fortitude, for things to “work” in reality or be efficacious as opposed to dysfunctional. This might be to say, we can believe or think anything we want, but do we like the consequences and results of our thought matrices?
  • It is very easy for people to get attached to particular logical structures or ways of thinking, or to passively accept inherited programs of thought from culture. When we run up against bugs in the program, we can use some flexibility of mind to reorient. Problems or dissatisfaction may necessitate a new way of thinking, as well as trigger a curiosity, “could there be something I’m missing (aka an oversight)?”
  • The harmony between these planets might also speak to the benefit of being skillfully aware of social norms or social paradigmatic thought-forms. The difference between a totally exiled iconoclast and an innovator welcomed/celebrated by supporters is the capacity for there to be a bridge between the fringe/visionary reality and the normal reality. Holding and integrating multiple words like this is a complex and valuable skill that takes groundedness and patience, and the willingness to translate and empathize with multiple ways of thinking.

Venus in 22 Taurus conjunct the lunar north node in 22 Taurus: 2:46 AM PDT

(Image: Gursahil Sohal)

  • This is quite a Venusian appetite. We already have Venus in domicile, well-resourced in Taurus, inclined toward the sensual pleasures of life. Rahu, the north node, the head of the dragon, is associated with the desire for incarnation, hunger for life, and potentially greed. Greed is one of Taurus’ shadows as well.
  • Greed is interesting to think about because as much as it is not a character trait most people like to identify with or admit to possessing, most people are also susceptible to being possessed by greed at various times. Greed is a kind of hunger that is accompanied with an absence of satisfaction – we want more, and we are consumed with the awareness of lack.
  • Greed is remediated with gratitude, appreciation, dropping into the sensations of recognizing and savoring what we do have, and working with that thread. Remediate your greed not because of morals (greed = bad!) but because greed will never fulfill you. We are not wrong for wanting more in life – in many cases we ought to want more! – but greed will never give us what we actually want. What is the more tender, spacious, vulnerable desire and feeling underneath? What does it feel like to actually receive what we do have, and start from there?
  • Greed is an energetic of chasing and seeking more than we can actually receive – seeking stimulation, pleasures, abundance – that is an excess washing over an unreceptive vessel. It is like needing a near-death experience and a bunch of adrenaline to feel “alive”, but being unmoved by more subtle sensations of aliveness. Here the appetite is in relationship with disembodiment – a lot is needed, to feel a little. Starting with sensitizing ourselves to the ‘little’ can help us open and increase our capacity to receive what we are desiring in a way that actually lands and touches us.
  • Pursue and open to joy, gratitude, and pleasure at a subtle layer that is vulnerable to you, touches you. Imagine what it feels like to cry with gratitude at what you already have, that just yesterday you were indifferent or numbed to. What does that root system of relatedness feel like? How do you open to gratitude as a sensation, rather than a concept? What drops you in?
  • A ceremony – creating a space with ambiance (music, candles, a mood of choice) to move in and express and give incarnation to the experience that is currently happening in your soma/body, giving theater and drama to it as a practice of self-love and letting yourself fully be with where you are and what is opening for you.

Sun in 25 Gemini square Neptune in 25 Pisces: 6:41 AM PDT

June 18, 2022

Venus in 25 Taurus square Saturn retrograde in 25 Aquarius: 2:32 PM PDT

Venus comes in to activate the ongoing current Saturn square the nodes transit (read a recent article about it here).

  • While Venus squaring Saturn can generally relate to challenges/restrictions/obstacles around Venusian themes (or support/facilitation thereof), we can also see this as Venus bringing some grace to the ongoing challenging situation of Saturn square the nodes.
  • One way this could express is loosening up some of our self-isolation in the places we don’t include other people in our process – our need for help, our sharing of good news/celebration. Taurus and Aquarius can represent the tension between the individual organism and its survival (Taurus) and the community/ecosystem and its dynamic relatedness (Aquarius).
  • When it comes to responsibility in relationship, responsibility in community, there may be some shifting of resource and burden allocation – whether we find ourselves no longer outsourcing something we could be more self-reliant about, or we allow others to help us carry weight we’ve been carrying alone. You can imagine how there might be some friction here in navigating needed shifts.

Venus in 25 Taurus sextile Neptune in 25 Pisces: 9:06 PM PDT

  • While Venus in Taurus square Saturn brings up themes around resources, challenges, obstacles, pragmatism – Venus and Neptune can be a lot more boundless, ethereal, imaginative. As this relates to the Venus-Saturn conversation, this can be a magical doorway into the dream reality as opposed to a conflictual reality in an entangled relationship with the obstacle. Astrologer Ari Felix as recent inspiration: “you can sometimes tell what programming someone is still plugged into by what they position themselves opposing. Are you so busy opposing something (capitalism for instance) that you aren’t letting yourself do your work in the world sustainably?”
  • Venus makes aspects to Saturn in Aquarius (the square) and Neptune (this sextile) at the same time which feels profound to me. It feels like making the time away from direct confrontation with an issue or project at hand (Venus-Saturn project managing and getting a lay of the land), to drop into a playful space of imagination and reverie (Venus-Neptune) – to connect with an important essence of inspiration – and then to ground THAT thread into reality or live from that thread.

June 21, 2022

Venus in 28 Taurus trine Pluto retrograde in 28 Capricorn: 1:23 AM PDT

Sun enters Cancer – Solstice: 2:14 AM PDT

(Image: Inari Krohn)

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