Entering the 8th Year of Monarch Astrology

June 1 marks the beginning of the 8th year of weekly forecasting! We made it through a whole quarter of a Saturn cycle. 🥲

Normally this would be mean (with the last two years as precedent) that I’d be running a Kickstarter campaign to ask for your support for the year ahead.

But with a fair amount of deliberation and soul-searching, I’ve decided not to this year. I’ll tell you why, with some updates in this article and others ways you can support the free content.

There will still be forecasts and podcast episodes! I love making them.

The Kickstarter has been a massive amount of energy to produce – not only the campaign itself, but designing each individual offering (talks, courses, readings) and promoting all of them. That has been in alignment for me the last two years and you came through and energized me in return with your support!! But this year I am feeling something different.

I’ve been making more time and space for myself to write, grieve, and unravel layers of my self – the extra layers of conditioning or trauma that mask the deeper essence within me (the deeper essence we all have). Some of the things I’m doing (like writing an audio novella I’ve been sharing to the podcast) are requiring more time and space for my body to recuperate. Ultimately as someone who works magically and in conversation with the soul, I understand my own personal development or healing is directly connected to what I am capable of sharing with clients, students, and everyone.

I’ve also been reconnecting with the ethos of “following your highest excitement” and I can feel myself on this very new trajectory I don’t fully know yet. It whispers to me in my dreams at night, sends chills through my body, is courting me as I court it. And tbh, it’s exciting me right now to create some space for something new (as opposed to the Kickstarter)!

I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of studying Hellenistic astrology, with an eagerness to begin practicing these techniques in fusion with Evolutionary Astrology (the latter is my specialty for the last decade), and I’m excited to lean into offering that to you soon, along with other modalities I’ve been practicing and deepening my relationship with. The mailing list is the best place to be to receive notice of when my books are open.

In the meantime I’ve also got two programs in session (the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive and METEORITE) and I love teaching! Classes will open again. My student communities are very special to me, full of rich conversation and realizations and I love working more closely with people in expansive spaces of learning.

When it comes to creating things to share with you, I’m reminded of some magical musicians who go walking through the woods to “catch a song”.

I plan to continue offering courses, events, readings, etc. at an inspired pace as I catch their frequencies, which may be slower than I have moved before due to the things I am personally moving through and opening to.

I have faith that in moving at a slower and more embodied pace, and simply living in conversation with inspiration and experience, and creating space, I am cultivating the creative fertility to channel offerings to share with you. It honestly excites me a lot more to offer these things in their own timing, as opposed to all at once through a Kickstarter campaign in such a particular recuperative season of my soul life. This could change in the future when I’m operating at a different phase of my creative cycle.

I realize the Kickstarter may have brought additional patronage to my business from people who wouldn’t have otherwise made purchases for my readings/services, as an act of support and gratitude for the free content. At the moment, this type of patronage is something I need to sacrifice for the sake of personal rest, but there will still be opportunities to work with me for those of you that are called to my various offerings.

I am so grateful for your support in the last two Kickstarters and I still appreciate your support! Here’s what you can do to support Monarch Astrology, Magic of the Spheres, and me as the person behind these publications.

✨ When you watch my YouTube videos, please like them and leave a comment, even if it’s just to say “thank you”, even if you comment every week and it feels silly! I very much welcome other reflections, shares on what impacted you, etc, when you have the desire to share. Likes and comments boost my videos in the algorithm and introduces new people to my channel. If you’ve benefitted from my offerings, please pass it on. 🙂

✨ If you are a listener to Magic of the Spheres podcast, leave a 5 star rating and review on apple podcasts or iTunes. If you email me a screenshot of your review before you click submit, to sabrina@monarchastrology.com, I have a gift for you!

✨ Share the forecasts, podcasts, etc. with your friends directly! 

Thanks for being here! I’m excited to begin an 8th year of sharing, tracking transits, philosophizing & I’m excited to see where this next phase is headed.

With love,
Sabrina Monarch

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