Astrology of 5/3-5/9: Signposts of Higher Mind

Mercury goes direct at the start of this week and once again forms a conjunction to its higher octave planet, Uranus (as it did last week, and on March 26 prior to the Mercury retrograde). Pay attention to recurring themes and messages; potentially ones of an irritating/shocking nature or maybe not; but ultimately messages that are liberating some attachment, vision, or idea, and shaking them into alignment with a truer blueprint. While Uranus does signify the unexpected from some vantage points, it also correlates with the blueprint of an individual’s or group’s innate design. It deconstructs that which as become calcified over that innate design – forms which maybe served a role in the past but now are no longer relevant. The outer planets can seem vastly impersonal because of how broad their scope is; but bridges between inner planets and outer planets like we have this week offer opportunities to personalize this depth of vision.

In highly stimulating environments and times such as ours; synchronicity and repeat-messages can have a clarifying affect upon consciousness. A gift of this Mercury-Uranus transit is the ability to synthesize the connections between vast amounts of data quickly. We may really access the internal pieces of ourselves that light up when an external signpost calls it. Be open to messages from your environment that light you up on the inside. This interaction is the joining of forces between you and Higher Mind.

May 3

Mercury in Aries stations direct: 9:33 AM PST

Mercury will be out of retrograde shadow May 20 at 6:03 PM (meaning that is when it will catch up with the degree of Taurus in originally stationed retrograde in). This Mercury in Aries at 24 degrees is sandwiched between Uranus at 25 and Eris at 23 degrees of Aries. Stationing Mercury squares Pluto in Capricorn and trines Saturn in Sagittarius.

  • Unexpected (Uranus) news or information (Mercury); while Uranus does seem to promise the unexpected it is not to say that Uranus’ nature is that flippant as to give reversals of what is expected. Uranian activity can be predicted, but often the events themselves happen quicker than a person has the time to connect the dots. Uranian types who can easily see the future synthesize information rapidly: what appears as a compact flash of insight can be unpacked like an accordion expanding. The revelations and disruptions that Uranus brings have a shattering or freeing effect, depending on how we receive them and what has come undone.
  • Information reaches us that is exciting and vitalizing (Aries) or irritating and triggering (Uranus in Aries), /both. Either way, the message is an interruption (Erisian); Mercury and Uranus’s intelligence both require some degree of agility in processing new information rather than trying to uphold the past.
  • Given the power of the background alignment that stationing Mercury is now highlighting, it may be relevant to check our environment and data streams (Mercury). These transits happen across all strata and layers: for example I see the t-square that Mercury is currently lighting up between Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto in this music video Pillow Talking as much as I see it in this “Surprise” (Uranus) Ted Talk with the Pope. Uranus is about holograms and matrices. It’s infinitely diverse, and there is a freedom here to choose your matrix when you can. Can you be like Mercury and be a psychopomp between matrices of reality?
  • Certain phenomena tends to gather around structure; and the desired change of that surface phenomena may only be addressed by shifting the structure. Given that Saturn is trining this Mercury station, it may be easier to pinpoint or discern the correlating structure which is related to a given source of dysfunction (Mercury).

Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces: 5:51 PM PST

This sextile forms a yod with Jupiter in Libra retrograde at the apex, signifying some of these possibilities-

  • The Sun and Neptune both form inconjunct aspects to Jupiter. Some of the difficulties with either inconjunct in these alignments may have something to do with going to excess in pleasure or addiction where it is not actually healthy (but lights up all the pleasure centers in the brain like a pinball machine at the moment of contact) While Jupiter may go all or nothing to obtain balance, ultimately balance is going to be found through higher learning of what harmony is for us. If true harmony is a focusing agent (Jupiter in Libra), the sensuality of Sun in Taurus and hypnotic, enchanting qualities of Neptune in Pisces may be directed toward more enduring or stable choices; or the sense of appreciation, simplicity, and divinity in all things may be reflected onto the state of harmony that Jupiter in Libra represents.
  • Neptune inconjunct Jupiter – The disconnect between ideas of Oneness and the intricacies of tribal nuance as well as the vast difference between any two individuals. Both universal and particular concepts can exist, but for them to interact with each other requires some adjustments – such as the understanding that differences in culture are as sacred as the concept of all being One, as well as the Oneness is not an excuse to be careless in vision: it may be meant to light up the intricacy of life in all of its diverse manifestations, and not be a hegemonic way of shutting out difference by acting as though it doesn’t exist. The Oneness paradigm does also exist; making others reflectors of facets of ourselves, but sometimes these are facets of self we have never yet made contact with or integrated.
  • Sun in Taurus inconjunct Jupiter in Libra – the critical adjustment of self-worth that occurs in which one feels abundantly worthy and therefore enjoys the company of of others because it is an extension of one’s own positive self image (as others are other facets of the One), and because we cannot help but to project self-image onto others.
  • More desire for alone time to meet with one’s direct connection to Source within, or new luxuriating with solitude as it becomes a newly satisfying Oasis.
  • A gentleness of self that allows new experience to not simply toughen the boundary of ego, but to fertilize new life within the self-concept.

May 9

Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn: 11:21 AM PST

  • An emergent connection between self-concept and self-esteem and the structure of the body and/or one’s environment; the feedback between one’s mood and how one is embodied and/or placed in environment.
  • Discovering the interior switchboard for one’s self-concept absent of or at the root of all external symbols; the observer (soul) who observes (phenomenon), the seer (you) who sees (your life).
  • The ways in which being receptive is simultaneously a fiery creative act, potentially of empowering consequence.

Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries: 10:19 PM PST

(Image: Olaf Hajek)

  • Mercury is associated with medicine; I associate both Mercury and Uranus with the nervous system. Aries rules the head. Additionally Uranus relates to communities of likemindedness; not all of which are clearly announced or delineated. This can relate to how tribe collects around us based off our thinking; or things such as which plant spirits we’re in interaction with. While some interpretations and possibilities of this transit could be more irritating in nature; I also could see it being a highly resonant tonic for the nerves if one chooses to engage with a mental stimulus that resonates with their higher self. Think currents and circuitry, and a smooth line of electricity running from you to your Higher Self; versus when out of alignment with that higher self, the nervous system signals pain or irritation to reflect that.
  • Mercury and Uranus joined three times: consider the themes of this time period, earlier in the week and the days around March 26. Now Mercury is direct again – did something emerge within you at warp speed? Maybe a couple of re-routes, but a clearer sense of destiny or direction as a result?

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing. You can subscribe to receive her weekly forecasts by email here.

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