Week of July 13 – 19 Horoscopes

July 13 – 19, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Your inner world is hyper charged, and not all necessary current – it’s a lot of old psychic debris! But nonetheless it requires being seen and dealt with. The most challenging adjustment this week may be involved with how you act upon your emotions in a way that is loving and supportive of the needs of the other person(s) involved, while at the same time considering needs of self-preservation, which can make you want to act rashly. You get to hit an emotional reset button on the 15th with the New Moon – deal with the psychic deadweight by communicating it, writing stream of consciousness like to yourself, but with care with others which may not be easy, but harder things may need to be said.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Addressing your own needs or wants and accommodating or showing up for other people are somewhat challenged in relation to each other this week – leading you to figure out in what ways you do want to show up, but also how you need time alone to integrate and connect to yourself individually as to be able to see others uniqueness too. It may seem hard to get that time in, but there may be lessons this week that challenge your comfort and take you out of your comfort zone for a reason. It’s that experiential learning – and also the experimentation with outer reality for increased avenues of internal knowing.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: Week of pressure to internalize – your ruler Mercury conjuncts Mars late in the week but will be applying toward the conjunction all week in your 2nd house – meaning you can feel defensive about your needs, resources and space, or heightened ambition toward asserting your own values… just tune in with yourself where it feels like you are being blocked or inhibited by someone or something besides you – are you really? Is the agreement between parties actually constricting and needs to be talked out? Or have you placed an imaginary constraint on your ability to act as you need to? This is not a time to feel guilty about being ‘selfish’ – you really need the space to properly internalize.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: This week can be distinctly uncomfortable – and formative. It doesn’t HAVE to be uncomfortable, but it is for many of us. You are beginning to discover a new way of orienting yourself with the world, in which you are moving away from adjusting to it and toward asserting your own values into it. The challenge comes from separating from old patterns, as well as discovering the new equilibrium – how you can still care for others without sacrificing your own emerging path and your emerging needs. You may be confronted with pressure (inwardly or outwardly) to keep the status quo in relationship, and it will be up to you to communicate your truth. Healing reboot in the realm of personal philosophy also in store this week.


Leo/Leo Rising: The illumination coming from the Sun, Mars and Mercury in your solar Source house opposes Pluto and the forces of pragmatism, practicality and maintaining the details of life. The great integration will come after experiencing the more expansive realms of the emotional world and spiritual center, and then coming back to earth. The chasm between the realities is only there before ways of bringing them together are found – yet the magnitude of their difference can create feelings of impossibility. Yet the world of reality as it presently exists needs creative vision infused within it for its health and evolution. Time you spend processing and refining those visions is time well spent. Your only limits toward what you can create will be ones you place on yourself.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: This week, there are some communication barriers, which you can experience internally or through misunderstandings with others. The underlying opportunity with this dynamic is one of transcending specific language and seeing more deeply into what is being presented, by connecting to your intuition and objectivity – that you, and everyone else, are going to be relating to reality with themselves at the center of it. Matters become less about value judgments (there is more support to apply understanding), but about why and with a deep curiosity. It also allows you the space to look at yourself with the same.


Libra/Libra Rising: The place within that contains any harsh value judgments is coming up against the part of you that is happy to be free, in your creative element, and not held down by any kind of intellectual construct. So that harshness can nag at you until you discover why it exists. This week a lot comes to the surface regarding judgments and dogma and ‘rules’ you place for yourself on the unconscious level. Beyond working through uprooted psychic matter, you can apply this kind of hard energy to your ambitions. You will just want to be current with yourself, and make sure your constructs serve you and carry a vibration in the means that you wish for the ends.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: With the Venus in Leo – Saturn in Scorpio square this week, the main thing is a matter of fairness and justice and showing up properly for others (and what properly looks like will come under examination) versus attending to what you really need yourself, and where that is at odds with expectations from the other or expectations you have of yourself. Through emotional confrontations this week, you are finding ways to expand what you believe, which will effect your premises, which effects the reality you attract to yourself. So as this week unfolds, each experience is philosophical food for thought, with the potential for life upgrades, if you move through the difficulties with heart.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Mercury and Mars join the Sun in an opposition to Pluto, but from your solar house that is already ruled by Pluto – the soul sector. The factors ready for integration are the things you do or say emanating from your desire nature and unconscious, and the way that you structure and cultivate your life – what kind of container are you creating for your experience? Where you are feeling negativity, discontent, and not quite happy with the way things are going – whatever it may be, there are source to examine in your premises and baseline values. It becomes a matter of working through what your desires actually are.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Objectivity is your friend this week. While a lot of psychic content is uprooted and confronted (the computer said “unfrosted” for confronted so we will include this interpretation as digital weigh-in), you can tap into viewing this matter from a space that is not overly invested in each development, but is watching things unfold from a state of witnessing. Changes are coming – and it’s a one step at a time kind of thing, but before the actions are clear, something of the inner world is revealed and worked through. Relationships and teamwork are still key – through them you are seeing things you would not have on your own, and you are sharing your know-how where it is wanted.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The material world this week – in what ways can you show up more to nourish the needs of this world, your health and your environment? Where you are feeling lack, these are places to pay attention to as areas to apply effort toward. Yet, there can also be scenarios where you are putting too much attention or stock into the material world of appearances, and ignoring the invisible source/where the material comes from, the unseen creation space. Because of this, anything that bothers you on the visible spectrum has some root somewhere that holds evolutionary potentials for you when you get to the bottom of it. Accountability is a theme this week also – taking responsibility for your reality and the emotions that are arising now.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Making things a lot easier for yourself coming up with this Venus – Saturn square is confronting dogma of how your process works and letting that go – but being open to discover philosophies that assist and dial-in your process. Neither do you want to get attached to any of these when you’ve outgrown them (and you will). It’s a state of constant maintenance, figuring out what gets you going. Your mood levels are boosted this week when you feel creatively satisfied, and likewise depression can come when things feel off – you just have to keep at it, but not by pushing your head into the same wall over and over again. Creative blocks show you where you need to innovate.

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