Creating Room for Eros: Astrology of 12/22 – 12/28

This week we see a third and final exact alignment of the current Saturn-Uranus square (this time with asteroid Eros in the mix) Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter entering Pisces. 

Jupiter in Pisces brings in a new layer of spiritual exploration, healing, and opening – the trumpets resound, oceanic sensation ensues! This is profound, and – receiving all of that cosmic energy opens up a lot of new awareness of where our vessels (our bodies, consciousness, etc.) can freely conduct that energy versus where it gets stuck/lodged/blocked.

The Venus-Pluto conjunction and the Saturn-Eros conjunction (Saturn and Eros square Uranus) will each relate to how we negotiate boundaries in relationship to the fullest depth of our feeling. Boundaries and structures are like irrigation channels: showing where energy/water is enabled to flow. Every person has an energetic system that includes channels and boundaries – places we have capacity to receive and places we are boundaried from receiving.

At a pragmatic, literal level, one could analyze for example how time is spent in a day. How much of it is allotted to what we truly value and what brings us alive? Where do we, at a structural level, invest time into something that feels burdensome or deadening? Where do we possess agency to shift the situation? What is needing to give right now?

At an energetic level, one could analyze how much space or capacity we have for certain moods, feelings, subtle qualities. Do we hold a lot of interior space for ruminating about what we find disgusting and distasteful? Do we notice where we have fear around what we desire the most and have a difficult time receiving it? Do we visualize and open new pathways in our imagination and open our hearts to possibilities?

The Saturn-Uranus square brings up confronting tensions in the regard of how our current paradigm, both the way we think and concretely live our lives – has become a limitation or has reached a certain crisis point. The unique promise of this moment though is that of the breakthrough in consciousness. Not necessarily just making new choices related to a current impasse – but encountering entirely new ways of seeing the impasse, and therefore entirely new ways of relating to reality.

The Eros activation (and Venus-Pluto conjunction) brings the question back to ALIVENESS: how the ways we are participating in reality facilitate our primal aliveness or doesn’t. Eros is both power and responsibility – for when we know the erotic, we gain energy (which is power) – but we also become initiates on the path of holding capacity for Eros, how we channel and live with it. This level of awareness to our sensation prevents us from living a dulled life or signing on board to life situations that drain our very being, but calls us to the task of building a resonant life and applying our erotic wisdom skillfully. This level of awareness of our power calls us to the task of meaningfully wielding it. It’s an epic call.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

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Here’s our week after a few announcements!

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Here’s our week:

December 23, 2021

Saturn in 11 Aquarius square Uranus retrograde in 11 Taurus: 11:16 PM PST

This is the last exact Saturn-Uranus square, the transit that has been characterizing 2021. It will stay in orb through 2022. This time, asteroid Eros is three degrees away from Saturn in 14 degrees of Aquarius.

  • This Saturn-Uranus square relates to breakthroughs/revolutions in paradigm and the way society is structured, as well as major conflict or impasse therein. The way families, businesses and institutions have had to adjust and respond to the pandemic is an example of global crisis related to this square. The last quarter square is also denoted as a “crisis in consciousness”. With the last quarter phase, innovative thinking that is truly timeless or free of the constraints of the previous paradigm is often called for.
  • At a personal level, the Saturn-Uranus square can relate to tensions within our family systems, relationships or relationship patterns, career – that initiate some process of paradigmatic shift.
  • Eros relates to our primal erotic life force. Eros actually has a huge relationship with Saturn, as I’ve explored in Eros research – corresponding with how we either support the erotic and allow the erotic to influence our standards, or how we will block/deny the erotic.
  • The erotic may be directly sexual – it is also our most profound experiences of aliveness and the depth of our sensations.
  • Young love is a great example or tension here to explore the energetics of Eros and Saturn. Many people’s first loves are extremely dramatic. Feelings that young people don’t even know how to fully hold (Saturn) yet are coursing through their systems. Eros is often projected onto the beloved: the opening that is felt through the encounter is felt as only possible because of the other. A first heartbreak can be profoundly devastating, when the other (who represented Eros) is no longer available. At this point, a person might harden and close off to life for a time (Saturn) or work to integrate the experience (also Saturn).
  • Saturn-Uranus as a transit can be producing shocking events that destabilize the equilibrium (the pandemic is a collective example). Some of these shocks or disruptions can reveal where we are /not/ fragile: where our stamina or capacity truly lies. Some shocks can even enliven and wake us up – and Eros here might speak to that. It is not necessarily about the event itself, but how we choose to respond to it.
  • Consider heartbreak or disappointment here as well: conventionally these are not often included in descriptions of “the erotic”. But the erotic is about aliveness and our full depth and range of feeling. The places we numb off to or experiences we seek to control/prevent can essentially become the places we ‘block’ as opposed to ‘facilitate’ the erotic.
  • Eros/Cupid would literally pierce individuals with magical arrows that inspired them to profound feeling. Being ‘struck’ by Cupid’s bow has a ferocity to it – when we are overtaken with deep feeling it can range from the most exquisite to the most agonizing of sensations.
  • Pay attention to where your experience or inner-world is shaking and awakening you – and where there are openings here to contact the erotic. What does it take to more deeply feel and allow yourself to receive the pleasure that is available? What does it take to allow yourself to feel the emotions you’d prefer to wall yourself off to?
  • One reason we block ourselves off from challenging emotions is that we don’t feel we can handle them. It is a different experience to be so depressed that we can’t get off the couch or we engage some addiction in a hypnotic numbing trance… versus to be actively alive in the difficult emotion. Sometimes we simply make the transitional choice: to notice we are numbing and decide to open up to greater feeling and movement. With Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, friendship (Aquarius) and self-esteem (Taurus) come to mind. Consider if there are breakthroughs to be had in the ways you show up for yourself as your own friend. How might that resource you to move through diffcult/crunchy moments?

December 25, 2021

Venus retrograde in 25 Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 25 Capricorn: 4:02 AM PST

This transit is detailed in the Venus Retrograde in Capricorn in-depth guide (available to mailing list subscribers here).

Karla Palomino and I are hosting an Astrological Embodiment Ceremony, Heart & Bone, to explore this transit and Venus retrograde in this sign.

The Mystery Behind the Guard

(a channeled poem for Heart and Bone)

A storm surrounds the heart –

this vital center,

archetypal royalty –

the center of being.

Courage, devotion, loyalty, affection.

There is a storm,

and the storm meets the gate.

How much resource –

all the royal guards –

will be expended here to protect

from life penetrating the guardian gate?

An inner trembling

resists pain from the outside

& in the inside…

“Anything but this.”

And there is a whisper at the back of the heart that utters:

“Open this seal that lines the back wall.

This storminess is inside of you.

Let it pour out from the back seal.

Relax your trembling guards.

Feel your storm pour out into your bones,

your solar plexus,

your pelvic bowl.

Purify and awaken you.

Can you feel that spacious nothingness –

no pain,

not yet relief,

just profound space

disarming the struggle?”

Like the black starriness of night –

a faint twinkling sense of possibility growing.

The eyes soften and sink back inside.

The aperture is widened.

I am not just the wall,

the guard,

the gate.

I am the mystery that lies beyond them,

mysterious even to me.

And in the dankness of that mystery,

the mystery bears a fire:



It is a more profound judge than the guard.

It relies not on commands, protocol and willpower alone,

but is itself a drumming awakener of truth,

sturdy in the seat of royalty,

breathing with the sponginess of the bones.

The drum resounds:

I can drink from this cup.

I can drink from the nectar of life.

I can hold inevitable hardship and grief

and still be unamused by unnecessary suffering.

I can drink from the well of fully realized desire

and challenge everything I’ve ever known.

Hear my rhythm




Drop open into the vital waters

spinning the will to live,

inspiring open previously locked chambers.





What would it mean

to not be afraid of life?

To feel Eros’ arrow

and the cosmos rush right through it?

Jupiter in 29 Aquarius square Ceres retrograde in 29 Taurus: 10:13 AM

  • This transit could relate to the intersection of higher level insight (Jupiter in Aquarius) about what nurtures and sustains us (Ceres in Taurus). If the vision comes first, we might apply the idea. This could be like having an exciting idea in the mind’s eye and then carrying it out. Alternately, the direct experience of being with what nurtures us — will shift the mind. Have you watched the quality of your thoughts change when you were at a hot spring, or had your feet directly in the dirt? This transit offers a heightened awareness of the mind-body connection, as well as how the nervous system and the experience of genius correspond with somatics.

December 26, 2021

Mercury in 20 Capricorn sextile Neptune in 20 Pisces: 1:29 PM PST

December 28, 2021

Jupiter enters Pisces: 8:10 PM PST

We had a preview of this transit from May 13 – July 28, 2021. Jupiter will enter Aries on May 10, 2022 and retrograde back into Pisces October 28, 2022, finally leaving Pisces on December 20, 2022. Jupiter’s stay in Pisces will also see a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, exact on April 12, 2022.

  • Jupiter in Pisces is a transit of emotional and spiritual healing. Jupiter in Pisces has a profound oceanic field – it is a big, merging/dissolving/unifying energy. People seeking to expand their spiritual connection, direct relationship with Spirit, psychic/clairvoyant opening, or the like — may find this transit amplifying ease and abundance around spiritual expansion.
  • Remembering that Pisces also relates to illusion, and the Maya, part of spiritual development is also about discernment. An excess of Jupiter in Pisces could just be about being lost in the sauce, but at a higher level of engagement/wisdom it may also be a time of realizing where we get carried away in illusion. Sometimes these disillusionments are also profoundly spiritualizing and relieving, because we get to let go of the fog that has separated us from our truer nature and the truer connection we have with reality.
  • One thing we may learn (or seek to learn) during this transit is how to dream. The act of dreaming – seeing more than what already exists – is a creative, expansive, visionary act. Learning how to dream could involve differentiating between getting lost in fantasy versus generative dreaming – where we explore other realms of consciousness and weave those visions into reality. Dreaming is a collective act we all participate in, but the personal path of how we dream as individuals is a unique exploration to tap into. Developing our spiritual discernment and dreaming skill means learning how WE dream, where we tend to get lost, where we have space to develop, and what our unique capacities are.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive, higher level courses for alumni, and 1:1 mentorship – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to be in their power, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you in building your relationship with astrology. The intensive is currently in session and will be offered again and I am taking applications for METEORITE 2022 here.

Find me on Instagram @sabrinamonarch, get on my mailing list to stay apprised of all upcoming offerings and events, and I’ll see you next week!

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

(Top image: Maria Surducan)

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