Full Moon in Aquarius Eclipse – Week of August 18-23, 2016

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Full Moon in Aquarius Eclipse

This Full Moon in Aquarius is an Eclipse, with the Moon in Aquarius sextiling Uranus in Aries, who is the ruler of Aquarius. Chiron in Pisces is placed right in the middle of the Moon and Uranus, and we have a few astro storylines playing out along the Nodal axis as well. The Mars-Saturn conjunction (nearly at a new phase when Mars catches up on the 24th) squares the Nodes, Venus in Virgo is conjunct the North Node, and Neptune in Pisces is conjunct the South Node. This week is essentially a turning point in health, addiction, and how we take accountability for the attitude of life happening to us – how we increasingly take action and surf the waves to create an ideal life for ourselves based on our truth, our desires, and our ability to take the steps that manifest our potentials.

(Image: Ira Carter)

Let’s take a look simply at some of the meanings of the Full Moon in Aquarius – this has been one of my favorite Full Moons while I’ve been observing the sky, the reason being that it’s fun and electric! The reality of Aquarius is one of radio waves and attuning frequencies – we attract likeminded individuals based on our vibration. Aquarius holds many storylines of how isolated or connected we feel. When individuation occurs, a person may feel lonely or separate from their surroundings – there is a certain kind of growing pain in becoming one’s radically original self. Yet, connection will always re-appear as the new frequency develops. Think of any time in your life that you have undergone significant change and the way that your social life re-aligned and shifted. People came and left, or you got to know people who were already in your life in entirely new ways. Part of the freedom that Aquarius loves so much is the freedom to interact with different people based on different inner-experiences of life; Aquarius is very detached and non-possessive to allow this.

With the Sun in Leo illuminating this Aquarius Moon, connections can be formed from shining one’s heart and one’s light and giving others the chance to pick up on it and interact with it. “Light” here does not mean all positivity or roses; it could very well be the authentic sentiment of being heartbroken or sad. The heartiness of it is what matters. Genuine experiences of grief, trauma, difficulty, and confiding in others for feedback are ways that we allow others into the healing process – others are given a chance to shine their inspiration and warmth (Sun in Leo) into the places we feel fragmented (Moon in Aquarius), just as we can give this to others. Whatever is on our heart, no matter how we are judging it – is a direct route to intimacy. The point with Aquarius is not being attached to who shows up for it: trusting that your truth and vibration will assemble, at any given moment, a tribe of people in which there is medicine to be exchanged on a Soul level. This is always happening – as we deepen into the reality in which we are interconnected, there is more and more significance in who we encounter. And the more open the heart space is (Leo), the more room there is to exchange ideas. With detachment, we can be more available for what is, versus a projection of how we would like things to be. When we are projecting those ideals versus tuning into reality, we are really forming habits of isolation.


With the Moon sextiling Uranus, listen for cues between your internal space and your environment for where you have something to offer the collective that is needed. Listen to your impulses to initiate something – these impulses may invite exciting change into your life that could be game changing (it is an Eclipse…). So often we wait for permission to be different by being one of a group of people who are already all together different in some way – but sometimes it’s up to us to lead and in so doing, inspire change. The relationship between the Moon and Uranus this Eclipse suggests that our internal space will be a major indicator of how it is we can revolutionize our lives from this point forward. Or in other words: the revolution is within. It is a simple thought, but think about it this week. It is an act of courage to extend ourselves FIRST into the unknown, but consider all that has happened because people have stepped up to that plate after following their internal compass. This internal compass was connected to the needs of its surroundings/group/culture all along.

The South Node and Neptune in Pisces

Here we are moving through past patterns and karma around addiction. While this could manifest directly in substance addiction, the underlying nature of it is just addiction – the search for completeness that is carried out in detrimental or delusional ways, a deep need for Oneness that is found in passageways that are not the One. This can be a time where indulging in literal, mental, emotional, psychic addictions are traps; creating sinkholes of despair. Essentially the Soul is remembering a feeling of completeness, but there is confusion on how to get there. There can be a remembrance of paradise; and again, the route in to that paradise is lost in translation in the context of current life events. Unless – we look to the North Node in Virgo and what’s happening there (see below).

Another thing to look at with the South Node here is victim psychology, any way in which we currently feel victim to life itself. Culturally many people dip into this reality, as the actual power of what it means to be a human is not collectively exercised.

The North Node in Virgo conjunct Venus in Virgo: developing sensitivity/attunement of the connection between the physical and non-physical realms:

This transit has to do with restoring balance to the nervous system. Virgo’s ability to feel into what is off or misplaced or “wrong” has its propensity for criticism and anxiety, yet it is also a function of the nervous system knowing that something is not quite all right.


Mars and Saturn, a tense pair in the sky right now, have work to do with Venus and the North Node in Virgo. With this, it’s a time when the things that are causing us great sense of agitation and limitation are not just things we have to “surrender” into though we can certainly allow ourselves to feel it – this pairing in Virgo is about taking steps, involving ourselves in a practice, to make those changes.

Whatever it is that is out of alignment, the balancing of it can allow Virgo to function in its elevated state as Temperance, or the Empress – monitoring the needs of the body as it functions in its highest health. This can take place in the mind by eliminating toxic thought. It could be developing a yoga practice or a meditation practice with mantras. Ultimately it requires some action and applied effort, not just a wave of the wand. (That method does work in some cases! But here we are looking at Virgo, a diligent Earth sign.)

So with this transit think about purification: careful not to go to the length of asceticism or dogma, because that itself becomes an “impurity”. It’s hard to even use the word impurity without calling to mind harsh images or religious historical contexts. I like to think of purifying the self in terms of being able to access one’s higher potentials – if a person wants to be psychic or have psychic insights, their ability to do so will enhance the more they uncloud their own psychic space (and know who they are). If a person wants to feel the nuances of their body, they have to get in their body – and perhaps they have numbed their body out with foods that overload and deaden the senses, and not have taken the time or the practice to engage the body consciously. If a person wants to make art, they may have to stop heeding the toxic thoughts in the way (“you’re no good,” “what’s the point?”) and then actively take process in making art and showing up for that, whether or not it’s as good as they want it to be. Improvement comes with practice in Virgo.

Summing up the Nodes and Mars-Saturn

The choice right now is victimize or problem-solve.

Yet you are not alone – you do have friends and community from which you can get support. Self-reliance is a misleading word for what it really represents. Being resourceful means being sensitive and open to what resources are available and allowing ourselves to be in relationship with those resources. Being self-reliant just means that we are not overly dependent on these resources, or using them to avoid our own inner-work and self-strengthening.

Balance is not achieved without experimenting and wobbling, or going to either extreme. With mutable planets, which Saturn, Mars, Neptune and the nodes are all in, flexibility is at play. When we get too fixed or rigid about how things need to be, that’s where we get into dogma, getting stuck, and finding ourselves out of alignment with the flow. If we are open to experimenting and feeling the intricacies of the results of our experimentation, we can calibrate and re-align as needed.

This is an astrological landscape where it’s going to be easy to feel what our problems, our sadnesses, our despair and hopelessness even. But that is the very stuff being alchemized. Solutions exist, and it’s often our karma and personal evolution to find and enact those solutions. We heal ourselves and inspire others in the process.

Other Transits This Week


(Image: Ira Carter)

Okay this image does not have to reflect the mood, but it’s so good as far as Mercury and Jupiter joining forces. 🙂

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter in Virgo on the 22nd, the same day that the Sun enters Virgo a few hours later. Yes, it’s so Virgo right now! Exacting, meticulous, and sensitive to details. Mercury-Jupiter conjunction can add some clarity and levity your thoughts, and it is a drama planet so it will magnify what you’re thinking about, and Virgo is already a magnifying lens. Watch out for excessive criticism of oneself or of others, and see if you might open yourself to a larger perspective that allows you to see outside of the original preoccupation. That would be my prayer for this transit actually – “May I see the bigger picture in such a way that it makes my worries irrelevant.” YES – I said it – irrelevant. I’m not saying there won’t be work to do and progress to make, but the perspective might be one of excitement and making preparation for something you’re stoked about, versus micromanaging life out of fear and feelings of inadequacy. That shift is possible, with the help of Jupiter and philosophies or epiphanies that inspire levity.

As a friend shared with me this week, she has tended to get over most of her difficulties in life by seeing that she was “bigger than” the things she had made herself small for, the ways she had allowed her fears or sadnesses to cage her.

Have an awesome week! Please let me know how you’re doing in the comments below.

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~Sabrina Monarch


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  • Reply
    August 17, 2016 at 11:21 am

    Thank you Sabrina , Virgo ascendant 28 and Pluto Virgo 25…the transits of late are bringing BIG deep breaths ,studying,analyzing,aware of change.

    • Reply
      August 17, 2016 at 11:00 pm

      Yes! I hope these current transits that are vibrating with your 25 degrees activate blessings and gifts… <3

  • Reply
    August 17, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    Thank you! I love this line: “May I see the bigger picture in such a way that it makes my worries irrelevant.”

    This is def where my work is this month and I am striving to unify my independence with my inner-dependence of community!

    • Reply
      August 17, 2016 at 11:01 pm

      yeah! feeling it too. I’m glad people resonated with that prayer, it has been important for me too in getting past some hurdles… <3

  • Reply
    August 18, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    wow very good…
    the saturn / mars is directly square on my 9th house virgo stellium of pluto moon venus sun = 4, 5, 7, 9 degrees…the 25 degree hits my mercury in the 8th house at leo, jupiter in the 11th house scorpio, and conjunct chiron in 2ndhouse aquarius…
    consequently (?) i cancelled a very important long distance trip, in order to salvage certain things.. so incredibly accurate.
    money, friendship,s art… i look forward to your solar eclipse reading which is on this new moon child’s solar return in a few weeks…

  • Reply
    August 18, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    plus natal saturn mars square at 0 cap/ 27 virgo… soooo yikes…

    • Reply
      August 18, 2016 at 8:20 pm

      Thanks for sharing! I also recently cancelled a little trip in order to take care of other things – did not regret it at all… flexibility is key with mutable astrology. but I also took a spontaneous trip just before that, to answer another calling.

      I can feel the Virgo/Sagg square energy everywhere right now. I wonder what it’s like for you!

      Keep me updated on how things develop!


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