Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius & Venus Dives into the Underworld: Astrology of 6/3 – 6/9

We are days away from a Full Moon eclipse and rather than begin with the astrology, I want to speak to social events that have emerged that have the astrology written all over it, in so many ways. And, it may not be the most important thing right now to analyze the astrology. I still have astrological thoughts for you today, but want to zoom into Earth first.

You can watch the video version of this forecast on YouTube here.

Before I get into the astrology I want to say I am in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. I don’t wish to deliver a forecast, business as usual, without speaking to this. 

For the black people in my audience, who are reading or listening – I pray that you are supported, that you are heard. That this world truly shifts. I am sorry for the injustices, dangers, and gaslighting that you face. I know my saying this is not enough, that I need to do better to educate myself and to take actions that set in motion a more just reality. I’m sorry I’ve been too complacent and that changes now. I am listening.

Readers and listeners, I know I’m speaking to a wide group of people of different backgrounds and different orientations to reality and I want to take a moment to urge those of you (when I’m not already speaking to the choir) to center black voices and listen without argument, without the impulsive response to debate, but to actually listen and believe black experiences.

*White people like myself – I am also NOT asking you to ask black people and POC to educate you or process racism with you, but you can utilize google and the many books and resources out there on the topic from voices who are speaking on the issue. Find peers that are doing this inquiry with you.

I don’t talk a lot about politics, social issues, and human rights issues (which is what this is) on my platform and I know that when we breach topics like this people’s beliefs appear – you talk about “black lives matter” and someone has to pipe up with “but ALL lives matter” or “stop being anti-white”. So, rather than create alienation in my community which is not my goal, if you have resonated with my work for some time, and my ask for you to really listen to black people is jarring in some way, I hope that we’ve already developed enough of a friendship over these higher airwaves that you can hear this message that realistically I’m not the only one in your life delivering.

The injustices black people face and have been facing historically are heartbreaking, and it’s also heartbreaking to watch others want to argue, debate about it, not believe it – behavior and denial which continues to perpetuate the existence of systems of oppression when we passively accept it. I wrote about gaslighting last week with the Venus-Mars square, and unfortunately my expectations were exceeded on the collective stage.

I’m not an expert by any means on race or race relations. Recent events have moved me in a very deep way and shown me that I need to read more books and do more research and gain more perspective and that this is an imperative part of my spiritual path. Meditations on Pluto in Capricorn for all these years has taught me that we are undergoing a collective shift in the ethos of society, and at a personal level we are experiencing moral transformations. For an individual, this Pluto in Capricorn time period (Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008) can be the process of deconstructing the ways which we’ve internalized social norms, and through our unconscious complicity with the system, perpetuate it.

I acknowledge that I have work to do, and I want to invite anyone in my audience like me – who is white and therefore whose whiteness benefits them in a systemically racist society – to hear the awakening bells of this moment in time, it is not the first. Notice where life itself is giving you the invitation to embark upon a deeper inquiry of understanding. The nodes of the Moon have only just entered the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, which is all about higher learning and multiculturalism. Now is a time for education and learning about other cultures as well as the blindspots of our own.

If you want to do something immediately that is effective, you can donate to organizations. Consider monthly donations as these are systemic issues.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the vibe feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox, sign up for my mailing list here. This is also a great way to stay in the loop about special offerings and to be notified when Evolutionary Astrology Intensive opens up for enrollment!

Here’s our week, after a few announcements!


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I interviewed Gio Marcus, a professional writer, about her journey of going professional in a field that people say is hard to be successful in. Despite the narratives around her that it wasn’t possible, she persisted. We also talked about what forms compelling copy, and the process by which the personal brand becomes a vehicle for growth of the personal self. Gio is an awesome writer and teacher, and I’m excited to share this conversation with you.

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June 3, 2020

Sun in 13 Gemini conjunct Venus retrograde in 13 Gemini: 10:44 AM PDT

(Image: Jon Lomberg, Galactic Wave)

The heart of the Venus retrograde – this is the point that the Sun and Venus form one of the star-points that eventually becomes the five-pointed star pattern that Venus and the Sun form together with their orbital pattern. The Sun and Venus are square Mars and Neptune in Pisces.

Venus is diving into the Underworld – we can’t see her in the sky and won’t for a little bit, until she re-emerges as a morning star. Let the symbolism of Venus going into the Underworld sink in, if you haven’t already noticed that vibe in the collective social atmosphere.

  • The lesson that is coming through this Venus retrograde in Gemini, that not everyone is willing to learn — is intellectual empathy and being able to genuinely consider a variety of perspectives. Though everyone has a right to express and feel understood, this is an ideal that is more complex in practice and involves appropriate timing. There is also something to be said about certain voices retreating, de-centering their perspective, and taking a step back. Every time Black Lives Matter comes especially to the forefront of collective attention (speaking here from the US), there are plenty of voices that want to debate, complain, or otherwise attempt to invalidate Black experiences. There is a time to just listen, and to be moved.
  • At a personal level, Venus retrograde symbolizes an increased need for taking the time to check in with how we’re doing, what we need, and what would feel nourishing and valuable to us. We naturally source aspects of our self-concept and our self-esteem from how we are reflected by, and valued by, others. Yet there are likely to be increasing moments and situations with Venus retrograde where we are turned in on ourselves – where we need to source our own positive self-talk or find peace and happiness within ourselves just when we feel we need it from someone else. It is an entirely different thing to receive, from a place of self-presence. But when we are removed from ourselves, stepping outside of ourselves, and asking for love from the outside, we are not well-positioned to actually magnetize and experience what we desire. So we take a step back and get right with ourselves, which changes how we participate with the external world and how the external world reflects us.

I want to include in this Venus retrograde analysis something I shared on Facebook the other day:

“We’re in a Venus retrograde, square Mars, and some basic Venus-Mars square possibilities can be conflict in relationships and fighting injustice. As it’s also Venus retrograde (reminiscing on the past as a possibility) I’m drawn to thinking about the yesallwomen and metoo saga as a lesson for today.

I wonder if anyone else notices some connections between metoo and Black Lives Matter in the following way: metoo was preceded by yesallwomen in 2014, and there was a defensive backlash of notallmen, but as time went on I watched large numbers of men take in the narratives of women and essentially feel brought down to their knees about it. The same people arguing “not all of us” started to realize how engrained into society and themselves these behaviors were. I also watched a lot of men change and culture change… after that.

Where I see a similarity is that white people are similarly triggered by conversations of race and whiteness and there is a defensive layer of trying to sidetrack the convo (“all lives matter” etc) instead of deal with the process of disentangling oneself from systemic racism.

The two movements are not the same, but the ego deaths they involve remind me of one another and the connection gives me hope.

I’m just imagining the energy allocation from defending one’s virtue (within an unjust system) or one’s ego to actually taking in the descent and the disillusionment. Otherwise the virtue is like a castle in the clouds, lacking ground.

Since one of the action steps frequently suggested by activists is education (and education as a lifelong process) I wanted to share this parallel. As long as men were arguing it wasn’t them, they weren’t helping shift the culture. I see this for whiteness too – as long as it is defending itself, it is still perpetuating its abuses and complicit abuses in maintaining a systemically racist society. I watched men in a lot of cases become more aware of their harm, and with this knowledge change and support change, and white people can and ought to do the same, myself included.

I predicted gaslighting for this Venus-Mars square last week as one of the possibilities and my expectations were exceeded, unfortunately. But I also felt into a higher possibility which was discovering how to have empathy for people with way different experiences. That means listening, even when the message deconstructs or challenges premises we have about ourselves. It’s not the individual’s fault that society is what it is – but it is the individual’s responsibility to work with what they’ve inherited instead of trying to argue it’s not even there.

There’s a lot of resistances toward accepting that responsibility (the discomfort, the pain, the time etc etc) and consequences for not accepting it. It’s like Saturn. Some things have an edge of inevitability and press us to do ‘work’ that is the integral thing to do. We want a better world and we are each unique centers of consciousness whose inner transformation can change the world. The inner-descent, catalyzed by an external world in upheaval, may well be part of that.

The people who criticize the protests or criticize how black people respond to the injustices systemically leveraged at them…. don’t… yet… get it. And the system is designed to support not getting it. Untangling these dynamics as they live in the self and in individual hearts is part of creating shift. So is actually listening.”

June 5, 2020

Mercury in 8 Cancer sextile Uranus in 8 Taurus: 4:05 AM PDT

  • Mercury and Uranus transits can relate to wired-thinking or a wired nervous system, and the processes that we engage that help us regulate or bring health to the nervous system (breathwork, herbs, mantra, being outside, etc.) Cancer and Taurus are a classic domestic-bliss blend, both of them enjoying coziness and creature comforts. There can be stressors present which rev up our mind, though this sextile may correlate with benefits that come from taking the time to self-soothe, eat and sleep well, and perform tasks which bring greater harmony to our lives.

Mercury in 8 Cancer square Chiron in 8 Aries: 6:40 AM PDT

Mercury in Cancer is a sensitive archetype, and here it is getting some voltage from Uranus and at a square to pain-point and gatekeeper of initiatory processes ‘wounded healer’ Chiron. Some thoughts on the Mercury-Chiron square:

  • Chiron is the slower moving body here, with Mercury in Cancer separating from it and now forming a first-quarter square to Chiron. First quarter squares are critical turning points, and here it will be a critical turning point related to our cognition of a wound or pain-point in our experience.
  • While Aries is more likely to just jump in or ‘go for it’, Cancer works around an issue. Is there something in your life that hurts too much for you to address it directly? And rather than avoiding it completely, is there a way you can work your way into it? What thoughts, practices, or symbolic acts would loosen the situation at hand and break it down into more accessible pieces?

Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE in 15 Sagittarius: 12:12 PM PDT

(and Sun in 16 Gemini squares Mars in 16 Pisces June 6 at 12:11 PM PDT)

This lunar eclipse forms a tight t-square to Mars in 15 degrees Pisces. The Sun and Venus are still closely conjunct.

  • The North Node of the Moon (so, where energy is flooding into the planet, where the point of evolution is) is in Gemini, pointing to some critical need to take in new perspectives, some of which may literally ‘eclipse’ our previous beliefs and understandings (Moon in Sagittarius) or begin to reveal new ones.
  • My friends, talking about events on Earth has eclipsed my astrological interpretations this week. This is what I’ve got left for you:
  • Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so for more information on this lunation we can look to Jupiter – and Jupiter is in Capricorn, retrograde, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, also retrograde. Jupiter in Capricorn is not the most traditionally auspicious alignment – but it does relate to the expansion that is possible from facing cold hard realities. Of course Jupiter is a visionary planet, a great benefic. And yet, what are we to create and build in the world if we are not even honest about where we are starting from? Jupiter in Capricorn, and conjunct underworld planet Pluto, is the call for deeper awareness of the roots.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I do offer natal chart readings (book here) and have been increasingly focused on longer-term 1:1 work with my students and clients, in the form of mentorship, helping people develop themselves, heal, reach their goals, and guiding people through their personal transits. If you’re interested in working together in that capacity, send me an email at sabrina@monarchastrology.com.

Find me on Instagram @sabrinamonarch and Twitter @Sabrina_monarch, get on my mailing list to stay apprised of all upcoming offerings and events, and I’ll see you next week!

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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