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The Five Minute Kingdom


“Imagine a country where everyone can be a king for five minutes and do during these five minutes just what he likes with the whole kingdom. This is our life.”

– from In Search of the Miraculous by P. D. Ouspensky


3 thoughts on “The Five Minute Kingdom

  1. I think it could be meant very literally. In saying that, 5 minutes is kind of redundant, by the time you go the wheel turning the next king would be in to disrupt your plan. So perhaps it is metaphorical, pertaining to time being relative. Because really, you can do anything in anyone singular moment – or life, if you will.

    • perhaps he means a particular quality of a moment in time. but feels like a turning wheel when it has already passed. I think people tend to be generally disconnected from that part of themselves when it is happening- but when they do it’s like a glimpse of a different world…
      maybe when the wheel shifts it isn’t necessarily a disconnection but a shift in perception. But the question is do you want to stay with that stay stuck in a wheel of shifting perceptions, perspectives?

      what is the difference?

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