Astrology of 11/9-11/15: Full Moon in Taurus


This week we are building toward a Full Moon in Taurus on the 14th, Venus will change signs into Capricorn, and Mercury will transition into Sagittarius. The end of the week sees a supportive aspect between Mercury in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius. Full Moons are always the Sun illuminating the Moon in the opposite sign and this week, the polarity that is being lit up for the collective is Scorpio/Taurus. The Full Moon will be exact on the 14th at 5:52 AM PST.

The rhetoric about not needing anything outside of oneself (because it’s already within) can oversimplify the exchange that is occurring in Scorpio. Merging energy fields with something else – whether it is a person, a book, a spiritual organization, a yoga practice – is an experience of expanding past one’s limitations. Whatever arises within the person that is an internal, felt experience, is soul essence; in this case it has been catalyzed or accessed by an external trigger. Within the polarity of Scorpio and Taurus, there is the experience of balance between how we are self-reliant and self-contained, or how we are sharing energy with something or someone else. We are also looking at the inherent power (Scorpio) of self-worth (Taurus) and the way in which energy exchange is always also an exchange of value. What we wish to move toward or away from speaks to our capacity to value ourselves. Similarly our experience of self-esteem and self-containment affect how we share energy. To have the Scorpio Sun fully illuminate the Moon in Taurus, we have increased awareness of how our current situation of energy exchange is influencing our cultivation of self.

Both our ability to uncoil old skins like a snake or to move toward a desire (Scorpio) enhance our experience of self-worth (Taurus). Both of these energies are fixed in modality and can get stuck in a space that is possessive in nature. Scorpio will not want to let go and will fixate on something, or Scorpio will not healthfully attach to anything except constant change and destruction and keep burning through life; Taurus will get in ruts based on routines or what has been a source of pleasure in the past, and will resist change like a bull, using its grounding capitol to not budge. There is no blanket prescription for how to move through the experiences of these archetypes – Scorpio itself correlates to the Soul, and it will be a deep inner-urging that lights the path, and our work often comes in being able to recognize the desire nature of the Soul and to facilitate it, rather than dig our heels. Or… to dig our heels in where it counts and not just where it’s familiar/comfortable but not to our highest enjoyment of life.


If we also take into account Venus as the ruler of this Full Moon in Taurus, we can see the possibility of a few experiences cropping up. Venus will move into Capricorn on the 11th, a few days before the Full Moon. The Moon most directly speaks to our emotional filter of reality. Our experience of this Full Moon can, through the emotional body, offer us signals around how supported and held we feel, or conversely, how stuck and entrapped we feel. This may have a lot to do with how we’ve placed value judgements on what our desires (Scorpio) are. Consider your inner-government (Venus in Capricorn), without drawing a close comparison to the macro-government because they’re not always rolemodels. (Topic for another day). Think to the inner-protector, the inner-emperor(ess): what part of your consciousness can cooly take stock of the overarching themes and dynamics of your life, and have an open heart to the vulnerable, soft parts of you that need certain things to grow and thrive – and then to take action to accommodate and facilitate those experiences. What happens when these roles are blended, and the duality evaporates; and taking care of oneself is a largely engaging, joyful experience, rather than just a responsibility that’s unpleasant now but will pay off later? Inner-governance also corresponds to any boundaries we un/intentionally carry out in relationship: what we judge, what we accept or won’t accept from others, and how this is supporting or limiting in effect. Structures are ideally in place to enhance and facilitate desired experience; not just there ‘because’. The nature of structure, ideally, includes the process of identifying where the walls have grown into background noise but are still affecting us from a space of unconsciousness. The feedback of how useful or relevant a given structure is can almost always be felt through Capricorn’s polarity, Cancer/Moon, corresponding to the emotional body. So how do you feel? Do you trust your feelings? Keeping in mind the solar part of this Full Moon, Scorpio is an archetype of trust: how do we trust ourselves? How do we trust other people? Against the backdrop of cultural conditioning, trusting oneself is a radical act. Trusting oneself goes beyond accepting things because that’s the way they should be, and dives into the nature of the Soul itself: what do I really desire, and what is my nature? And with this knowledge, how can I take care of myself? How will I know when to give and when not to give? How will I know when to receive, and when to say no?

Largely we can look at the self accommodating its desires or letting go of old desires as a constant maturation process. As much as we can use will power to decide we don’t want something or that we are going to let something go, it’s not until it’s really true at the bottom line that the Soul evolves in the way it needs to. Often this necessitates that we draw experiences to ourselves and merge with someone or something beyond us so that we can grow. Expanding our agency and empowerment in this process is necessarily radical (of or pertaining to the root!) territory.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 12th. I’ve noticed that people with this position natally are often phenomenal storytellers. This is when we have Hermes/the messenger in the archetype that relates to expansion, synchronicity, and being able to see the overarching storyline that connects vast streams of data. Mercury rules over Gemini, which is the opposite sign of Sagittarius. It brings together this polarity into one force. With this, there is likely to be a heightened perception of luck and synchronicity, and buoyant understandings of what things mean. This is a good time to get out in the open, through dialogue and communication, your vision and excitement. The pace or availability of positive synchronicity is enhanced by things being out in the air. It’s easier to make connections that support adventure, higher knowledge and expansion.


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Mars in Aquarius sextiles Mercury this week, exact on the 15th, bringing with it support to combine the forces of communication and action. It will be easier to access logic and “why’-centered reasoning in relationship to your will/drive – think mission statement. This is highly supportive for anyone working with a specific goal, but will support someone just coming up with a goal now, too. Mercury is an archetype of magic and also relates to communication, representation, and written word, and when it comes to Mercury I often see it can be very magical and beneficial to take notes or brainstorm. Through the vehicle of your chosen communication/language, there is an opportunity to align your thoughts and actions this week. Given that both Aquarius and Sagittarius are archetypes relating to freedom, it might be that this is a vitalizing force in cognition which allows us to move more freely through life: downloads & revelations that open up new frontiers both in the mind and in experience.

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