The Monarch Forecast: January 25-31, 2016

Have you ever been told something only to dismiss it, until the message came back twice, and then three times – and on that third time you had the sense of a bell being rung? Three is a magic number in myth and there are countless stories of three messages or three messengers which begin a saga or quest or in which the quest itself is a series of three epic missions. I like to think that this Mercury retrograde cycle’s third Mercury-Pluto conjunction and third Mercury-Uranus square that each occur this week are both: a perfect mirage in the land of Mercury retrograde encapsulated in itself, complete with narrative closure, and, in tune with Mercury’s now-forward movement, the start of a new direction in life informed by the three-time messenger. Our new awareness demands it. Something that is seen cannot be unseen.

During my interview project someone had told me that three complete and separate strangers had come up to them with prophetic and specific messages each, “I see you moving to Arizona,” and again, “I see you moving to Arizona,” and again, “I see you moving to Arizona” so, they did end up moving to Arizona, struck by the intensity of the message. That’s what Mercury has been like in Capricorn. Capricorn is one of the signs with the most potential for repression and so with Mercury in Capricorn, this pair certainly inspires a belligerence in delivery when enough is enough. We are receiving messages about things we have ignored that are at a breaking point. The Mercury square to Uranus accelerates and makes more rapid the deep change symbolized by Pluto. The severity of the message correlates to how much the unconscious has become conscious already, but no matter how far one is along that path; the message can still dig into the most sensitive of spots because it is a Mercury-Pluto conjunction after all. It can hurt, or it can be pleasurable in an intense way. Pluto does rule extremes. So rather than predict what the caliber of the message is, all I can say is, it’s intense. And deep. Holla! Have no fear because-


I’m excited to talk about in detail this week’s shimmering opportunity that comes in the form of transpersonal love, with the Venus in Capricorn – Neptune in Pisces sextile. Read all about this week’s astrology with strategies for getting the most out of these transits in the full forecast. Really it’s about tapping into the magic that already exists – the stream, once identified, is easier swum in.

It’s a good one this week. My own insights from the Mercury-Pluto and Mercury-Uranus storyline thus far are more than I could even say right now – many a rabbit hole – but as far as astrology is concerned, I have been inspired deeply in my heart to distill word and idea medicine from the planets and their glorious theater, and to distribute it here. I was realizing on a deeper level the way my own growth translates to my astrology practice. And that within astrology, it’s important for me to always be in a state of discovery (I’m also an Aries, so.), which means I’ve always got to show up and always be asking questions. I’ve gotten in touch with how important it is to me to strive; as the field is rich, and beautiful, and worth the harvest. Read the forecast here.


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