The Week of September 28 Horoscopes Are Up


As we come down from the Full Moon Eclipse in Aries and integrate, this next week involves several major aspects to the Sun. Mercury forms a conjunction to the Sun, then there is an inconjunct from the Sun to Neptune, and the week ends with a Last Quarter Moon which is the Moon three quarters of the way through the Moon cycle, a time in which our relationship to the vision of the particular lunar cycle begins to dissolve and change forms. The nature of this week is thoughtful, and with Mercury on the Sun there is a definite focus on the valor of our thoughts and words, as well as how our mental faculties are supporting or not supporting our sense of vision and self-purpose. The retrograde aspect of Mercury while conjunct the Sun lends itself to illuminating re-evaluations, and with it being in Libra, this of course has to do with relationship.

I’ll leave you with the weekly horoscopes for Libra and Sagittarius. To see yours, visit the Week of September 28 – October 4 Horoscopes.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: This week you may find and discern a crucial boundary at which to facilitate your goals and desires. The boundary does not have to imply a defense – it is also a container or a structure that moves matter in a certain/specialized way. For you it is figuring out how to contain and channel your energy – it is as methodical and pragmatic as it is an adventure in personal alchemy.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: The light, the vision, the promise of expansion, is carrying you beyond a comfort level you may feel on the one hand, deeply attached to. The Soul perceives adventure where the ego perceives a threat, change, a dissolution in its own definition. Let go of the hooks and let yourself fly. Being rooted and grounded at the same time is one thing – but it’s choosing your roots rather than letting them choose you.


(Art: Alla Nazimova in Salome, 1923)


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