Wednesday August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Creative energy is strong today – a good day to spend some hours on what you enjoy doing, what gets your fires going. Yet if you are feeling the pressure for it to have some kind of purpose, the ability to harmonize your creative energy right now with huge returns is simply requiring some adjustment. Lay out plans, take stock of your resources and again, PLAN. Tell the Universe what you’re up to aligning with.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Focus in on some inner desires for what you want to create or manifest in your life right now. The ego is a focused vessel for consciousness, and today there is an ease for expanding the boundaries of what this vessel allows. Your values will guide what kind of things you draw into yourself — think of things that have the service of improving your life, relationships, focus and creativity.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: Today your energy can be very expansive in regards to ideas, going ‘far out’ into the idea realm (Higher Mind), and lots and lots is here. There is an urge as well to ground it more, but this takes a lot of focus on the details. You may think of this more as a brainstorming/expansion day if its up to you. But if you do need to be on task: details details details, efficiency to the core.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: There is a steadiness about today. A lot of activity, but this you can channel through whatever you like to do to ground yourself. Tune into your inner wisdom of what works versus what you are only in the habit of. Infuse your baseline and your foundations with your new sense of self that is coming from tuning into what the Venus rx brings up – a deeper awareness of what you value and need.


Leo/Leo Rising: You can find yourself coming into expanded perceptions today about the overarching nature of recent symbols, exchanges, and encounters within relationships. It serves as a good check-in with where you’re headed, what you’re wanting to stop perpetuating as well as what you do want to put in motion. Free up some room in your mind by letting go of (unwanted) entrenched beliefs you have about yourself.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: It’s the Soul Moon! Also a good time for radical ‘aha’ moments that illuminate something that was building for some time but has now surfaced into conscious awareness. With the nature of these transits, intuition might be a better bet than strict ‘logic’ only because the intuition can be informing that logic coming up. By the evening, the Soul Moon transitions into a philosophical moon, helping you to integrate what was learned.


Libra/Libra Rising: Venus RX right now means not being afraid to be weird. There are a lot of opportunities today to be very lit up by exchanges with others, guided more and more toward the path that is calling you (or strengthening that path you are on). Though there can definitely be some heavier Saturnian ruminations happening, this is still a better time to go out and get some fresh perspective than to stay too isolated.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Let your ventures and efforts today be about organizing things to align with your values, not to control things according to desires. The difference is slight, nuanced, but there. The locus of power has to be within. The ease of your life is assisted by practical, organizational things you can do today. Qi adjustments such as cleaning, clearing space, going through clutter, attending to health.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: It is remarkable how you can turn a spark into a steadily maintained fire. There are a lot of sparks today, but which ones are your priorities? Most likely there will be some that fit and make sense in the context of what is being supported right now, and some that are a little more far off and maybe for later, future seer. But it doesn’t mean you can’t play.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Your creative power and personal ambitions are tightly linked today. The waters can also be a little bit testy – depending on where your heart’s at, if it’s been chewed on of late or if it’s growing anew. Today offers you a great dose of courage to grow anew in the places that are in need of mending. You’ll need desire – a vision, to get you going, and if you already have one, stay the course!


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The transits of today help you gather information in support of the things you love doing and want to continue doing. The Moon in Aries is too into its own thing to worry about outdated constructs that are ready to fall away because of new inspiration. It’s more of a day to follow your bliss than to trudge, since that’s how you’re getting insights about how to revolutionize any leftover life drudgery.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Go fearlessly into the earth realm and the ‘mundane’ world today. It needs your magical attunements. You can dream all you want of what you are desiring, yet it’s really going to be how you show up on the earth plane that gets it all in motion today. Get absorbed in the small things. It will flower the larger picture too. If you want to think big, go toward organizational plans//but follow through!

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