Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn: Astrology of 6/2 – 6/8

Venus enters Cancer this week and trines Jupiter in early Pisces. Mars in Cancer will exact an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus and Mars in Cancer bring an emotional charge – an intensification of feeling, and resulting intelligence about our desires and deeper pathways into our authenticity.

Our relationship to all of the astrological archetypes is filtered to some extent through culture and history. Pluto in Capricorn is like an ongoing investigation and exposure of our cultural unconscious – how we have merged so deeply with our conditioning that we see it as reality itself, and not just a conditioned/subjective value. There are times when cultural conditioning does not jive well with our internal truth or needs, and this often results in stress in our organism and spirit.

When this stress response arises, from the difference between our inherent needs and our circumstances/conditioning, the energetic is a lot like a baby or a child crying. Babies and children are not often “logical” in their distress. Emotion is primal. Emotion exists beneath stories or reason. And caregivers have to discover how to relate to the distressed child, and this can vary from yelling at and shaming the child to get it together or really truly dropping in and empathizing, and any variations herein.

Intrapsychically (existing within the personal mind/psyche), we contain both the distressed one & the caretaker. The degree to which we approve of, care for, and responsibly approach our emotions has ramifications on nearly every area of our lives. The challenge and invitation along the Cancer/Capricorn axis (which is activated this week) is how we construct or design an actual life/lifestyle that is in tune with our emotions, such that we do not have to suppress our emotions constantly to “get in line” or that we are not constantly soothing ourselves to cope with a misaligned lifestyle – but that our actual life continually and fluidly reflects our deepest truth. This kind of engagement takes a real commitment to unraveling both social conditioning and stagnant egoic patterns, or self-awareness and a commitment to leading our lives from this place of depth self-awareness.

Transits and weeks like this point us back to our internal homemaking – how we reside ultimately in ourselves, and carry ourselves everywhere we go.

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Here’s our week, after some announcements!


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Here’s our week:

June 2, 2021

Venus enters Cancer: 6:19 AM PDT

(Film stills from Fried Dragon Fish, 1993, Shunji Iwai)

Venus will stay in Cancer until June 26.

  • Venus entering an inward water sign calls to presence self-love – a magnetism that emanates from within. Cancer also deeply relates to bonding and attachment, though self-love creates a strong foundation from which to relate to others.
  • In practice, I’ve found Cancer can be a challenging sign to cultivate a healthy, generative relationship with because Cancer points to so many unconscious and developmental aspects of our psyche – one has to really be willing to see beyond their ordinary filter, and Cancer itself isn’t so much about this level of objectivity. Cancer relates to our emotional and ego patterns that have been conditioned over time, in this lifetime and previous ones. On the other hand, whatever ease/resource/privilege we have already inherited in this life (like a happy childhood, nourishment growing up, a safe environment, a certain skill or tradition in our family that was passed onto us, etc.) will also be a natural gift and personal resource. As we are adults, we become more responsible for how we ‘nest’ our nervous systems to make a home in ourselves and to adopt personality structures that support our wellbeing as opposed to simply thickening our egoic defenses with our personality. 
  • The Cancer shadow is immature, damsel-y, easily victimized: “you hurt me, you made me feel….”. People’s problem with Cancer is not that they feel too much – it’s that they attempt to manipulate others with their emotions or make others responsible for creating the conditions in which they could feel better. This exists within the broader historical/cultural context of patriarchal conditioning and the suppression of the feminine, which includes emotion.
  • Venus in Cancer, in its heights, contains all the pleasures of feeling truly connected to ourselves, and feeling like our heart is our home. We are appropriately protective of the spaces we create with our deep inner magic – others feel safe and unburdened in our presence. We deepen in intimacy and trust with our loved ones and have the skill of knowing how to place ourselves in welcoming relationships and environments as opposed to being drawn to relationships and environments that reflect our attachment trauma.
  • Venus in Cancer could be a time to reflect and be aware of our relationship to emotion and the messages and signals our emotions bring us – and how responsible we can be here in tending to what is being revealed, as opposed to infantalizing ourselves with notions of how our feelings are others’ fault. Our emotions are a powerful navigational tool that can initiate personal unraveling, knowledge, and shifts in direction. As we are in touch we are with this inner-navigation and make choices and relate to others from a place of awareness and presence here, we cultivate intimacy in our lives.
  • Where we judge our own emotions, bypass them, attempt to control them, etc. we also accept a lifestyle and relationships that reflect this choice. Perhaps emotions are so scary/threatening (for those who it is) because they can bring us to our knees, to really confront what is true versus where we are just trying to force our away along a path that isn’t true and isn’t nourishing – even if we still created (likely tumultuous) attachments to those patterns or ways of being!
  • Like sunflowers naturally face the Sun, Cancer involves the process of moving toward nourishment. If we consider our humanness, the natural bio-spiritual creature we are, we might consider how we tend to discovering what we truly need and giving that to ourselves and placing ourselves in the most suitable relationships and environments. Venus in Cancer could support this necessary type of sensitivity, as well as the practice of embodying the energy of home/security such that we bring that frequency wherever we go.

June 3, 2021

Sun in 13 Gemini trine Saturn retrograde in 13 Aquarius: 12:05 PM PDT

(Image: Rob Howarth)

  • This alignment of the Sun (creativity) and Saturn (structure) in air signs could relate to some need or benefit around mental organization. There are infinite numbers of variations of thought-forms (Gemini) we could generate or be in relationship with, in general. But for any station of thought (Saturn in Aquarius – radio stations of consciousness, the bliss channel, the anxiety channel, etc.) there are also infinite thought-forms available. Sometimes people have mental resistance toward setting parameters (the scope of a project, for example) because they don’t like the idea of limitation. But creative constraints or parameters might enable a direction or focus that was not possible without the boundary. Some parameters really enhance creativity – what might they be for you?

Venus in 1 Cancer trine Jupiter in 1 Pisces: 4:33 PM PDT

(Image: Heather Havrilesky, How to Be a Person in the World)

  • At this time, Jupiter in Pisces can represent an expansion in visionary feeling – being able to taste your vision! Or opening up to deeper vistas of spiritual expansion and even ecstatic experience. Jupiter in Pisces can really amplify the sense that our dreams are possible, or that we can dream in the first place.
  • With Venus in Cancer forming a first quarter phase trine here to Jupiter, there is a beneficial opening here around ‘nesting’ ourselves into this visionary future. How do we intimately participate with the dream we are holding or shaping?
  • Nesting into a vision can look like engaging in feeling states of concrete activities that are in relationship to the vision. Like you would design or furnish a home to create a particular energy or aesthetic experience, ‘nesting’ into life is the same. You see the whole picture of your life (like you assess the entire home) and you design it, adding loving touches and playing with your creative capacity to give life to particular experiences.

June 5, 2021

Mercury retrograde in 23 Gemini square Neptune in 23 Pisces: 12:05 PM PDT

  • An impulse at this time might be to overlook the details in favor of the bigger picture, and to go back and worry about those details later! In some situations this can be unfavorable, where due diligence is needed as a preparatory step. In other situations this could be favorable, such as taking a leap of faith and knowing you’ll deal with the stuff that comes up along the path (you didn’t have to forever stall in the place of ‘getting ready’). Seek to listen to your intuition here. It could be as simple as leaving the house in an outfit you recognize is kind of uncomfortable or not easy to move in, but your leaving for an outdoor dance party… so you go back inside to change clothes, and end up feeling a lot better in your change of outfit. Sometimes those simple hunches like needing to grab a particular object to take in your bag for the day, are correct and worth heeding!

Mars in 26 Cancer opposite Pluto retrograde in 26 Capricorn: 12:45 PM PDT

(Image: Marta Syrko)

  • There is a building of emotional intensity and the potential for outbursts, explosiveness, tantrums, etc. There is likely an unconscious pressure or component here that relates to the explosiveness: the suppression of emotions for example leading for them to come out with more force when they do. Or resentment being a reflection of being bound in patterns of self-betrayal or dishonesty – doing things we don’t actually want to do or not advocating for our desires and then being increasingly upset about it.
  • No matter how self-aware we already are, life’s evolution is spiralic and we can always expand or go deeper. In this way, ‘the work’ of getting to know ourselves and living skillfully never ends! Nor do we need to it to – the path is just as magical as the imagined destination. So feeling explosive is not necessarily an indicator of failure – it’s just a peak moment of awareness where our emotions become loud enough to reveal previously unconscious elements and motivations of our experience back to us.
  • Something to consider might be if you have an outlet for not simply displacing your aggression or emotional intensity (like boxing or doing hot yoga to express your frustration but then staying in the same frustrating situation without actually changing it and continuing to use the outlet to manage your symptoms but not address the root cause), but for moving the energy in a way that makes space for new choices. Perhaps you still do the thing – throw a tantrum, dance, do hot yoga, etc – but in the *ceremony* of that experience and the things it reveals to you, you take the cue to do something to change your situation, or to liberate blocked energy and allocate it somewhere more beneficial.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

(Top image: Marta Syrko)

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