Astrology of 9/27 – 10/3: Transforming and Expanding Worldviews

We’ve got Pluto stationing direct this week, as it widely squares the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. This opposition is going exact this week. The inner planets are hanging out in Virgo and Libra and making a few aspects to Pluto this week. Together these transits evoke a wild frontier of new possibility; perhaps as much as we are willing to engage and experiment, to travel outside of the bounds of normal reality. With Uranus, some of the breakthroughs/insights can come out of left field, with the dots being easier to connect in retrospect. Pluto stations very often correlate with a deep moodiness. We may find ourselves vacillating between expansive excitement along with Jupiter-Uranus and angst along with Pluto – almost like an acceleration on the “darkest before the dawn” theme.

I’m not a proponent of thinking that things have to get worse before they get better – but what I have often noticed is that the transition point before things get better brings the difficulties of the previous cycle to a head. On a subtler level, to me it feels like the present moment knows that something better or more expansive is rippling in from the future – which makes the present’s limitations seem unbearable in comparison. Watch outdated themes recycle and transform before your eyes. Breathe with it.

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Here’s our week:

September 27

First Quarter Moon in 5 Capricorn: 7:53 PM PDT

  • This is our first lunar turning point (90 degree angle) since the Sun entered Libra. One thing this can signify is that in order to create balance in our lives sometimes we have to commit to some kind of structure or conditioning process. If a person just “goes with the flow” all the time, the flow is going to follow a track that is not forged or shaped by anything other than what already exists. If we are trying to create something in our lives, we often have to expend some kind of startup energy, which does have the potential to feel wearying. How can self-discipline be balanced and tender?
  • So in the case of, or prevention of weariness from that Capricorn climb, think about the types of permission you give yourself to be nurtured in the way that you need. Do you ask for help? Do you consider your comfort or pleasure worthy enough to be treated like a necessity and part of your job perks of existing, or do you consistently go without that which you actually need? Self-care isn’t always an act of tenderness. Sometimes it’s a matter of authority.

Jupiter in 27 Libra opposite Uranus in 27 Aries: 9:24 PM PDT

(Image: still from Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” music video)

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We see that Pluto is widely forming a T-square to this Jupiter-Uranus transit, and Pluto stations direct just the following day which will heighten our sensation of its energy. Jupiter-Uranus symbolizes among many manifestations the possibility for peak experience and breakthrough; radical new awareness, radical discovery, radical expansion. But with Pluto squaring it, we might also be feeling intensity and pressure; or it is a sense of intensity and pressure that signifies that a big breakthrough is occurring. So while we may be advancing or leaping forward our consciousness, we are also facing our mysterious depths in that process! It is a tense and creative aspect unfolding on every layer.

Here are some thoughts:

  • The more acutely we have a goal or ambition we are working toward, the more aware we are of psychic processes that have to unfold to support that development. Think along the lines of the hero’s journey archetype – how, when on a quest, one faces dragons. If we’re not sure of the quest we are on, we may be more overwhelmed by the dragons because they are not mythically signifying anything other than conflict. If you only sense dragons and not the potentially brilliant way in which destiny is being forged, and you cannot sense the quest, try to consider what your dragons are trying to tell you as though they are a dream symbol. (Or ask someone who’s a good mentor – planetary oppositions get activated in relationship.)
  • Social energy exchange is heightened – meaning that what feels awkward or out of alignment really feels extra weird, and what is connected feels like radio towers harmonizing signal. There can be a sense of great gravitas and psychic value/importance on these social exchanges in which resonance occurs. Some of these encounters may be pivotal in adjusting our worldview, our sense of self, or in general our greater sense of what is possible in the cosmos.
  • Many positive manifestations of this transit can arise from the simple courage to be ourselves in a substantial way, or to individuate. An image to consider is the way that many people have private worlds which would connect, but because of social mores or values these private thoughts which link people in common never are bridged. It is an illusion of isolation not simply held in the psyche, but reflexively marked in the culture which speaks aloud of and sanctions certain topics while remaining silent, subterranean, or even persecutory about other topics. While many do not feel secure being totally open and public about what is weird about them (and this can be for a variety of reasons and timescales), doing so at the level that one is secure with or having a community or intimate friendships in which it is safe to disclose is a way to undergo certain psychic development processes that are important. Do you have a mirror or mirrors for what is unusual about you? As humans, we develop in relationship, even when we are undergoing individuation.
  • It can be a time to get really smart about the bridges we are building. We are clearly in a time of major divisions and have not reached a place of global friendship and world peace. A psychodynamic aspect of this is that when interaction with people who represent something very “other”, we are also reaching an inner-frontier which is now subject to illumination. This scares people. And yet it is also a place of great transformation. We can find ourselves incrementally able to bridge connections between vastly different worlds if we have an authentic desire to do so and enough trust in ourselves and self-knowledge such that we are not afraid of the types of self-annihilation that cyclically occurs if we allow ourselves to change and actually be influenced by external realities.
  • Relationships are in themselves a place of individuation. To be authentically met by another is a uniquely creative act: it has never happened yet between you and this specific other person (even if you knew each other in past lives, this is your first meeting in this incarnation!). So anything you learn about relationship or have been conditioned about relationship is just abstract guidance, however discardable, valuable or pertinent you find it to be. You get to be you and ask for what you need. You get to say yes and no and discover what works. The real, empirical experience of relationship is a dynamic discovery. It is always a revelation. You are an entire universe being collided with and met by another universe! We can’t expect that we won’t be changed by the experience, and we ought to welcome that change lest we are to harden over into role-plays.
  • If you think of pop quantum physics plus relationship – you’re trading electrons with another person; your consciousness is inter-penetrating with that person. You have already bonded. There is infinite possibility in the world of relationship as we are open to it, just as much as we can create limitations by believing in them.
  • While breakthroughs and advances are happening, so as well can we be confronted wth traumas or shocking events (like this weather we’ve been having). These major events create different calls for different people – are we called to be more active in community? Are we called to develop a deeper relationship to Source? Whether we can find answers that are truly “right” to questions such as why these shocking events occur, the meaning we gather for how they alter our life direction is valuable in of itself.
  • Historically, this kind of aspect does signify that we are in an era in which many complex dynamics are coming to a head and influencing how events will proceed over the coming years. It’s in the news, its in our psyches – this is an eruptive, dynamic time.

September 28

Pluto in 16 Capricorn stations direct: 12:33 PM PDT

(Image: Ira Carter)

  • Pluto stations can be accompanied by a sense of psychic churning – feeling a mysterious moodiness, feeling lusty, and feeling more in touch with a primordial sense of self, are all possibilities here.
  • Pluto also relates to projection. It is too simplistic to think that everything is a projection of the interior-psyche or that outer reality exclusively affects and forms the inner world. The two are in relationship. But what are the power plays here? Where do we feel disempowered by external symbols? Where does our interior reality offer something empowering to the exterior, like when we are generous or when we speak up? These dynamics between interior and exterior exchange are places of transformation.
  • Watch how figures who do great things in the world are often addressing the places they were once disempowered. We each have our own destines and karmas, but think about the ways in which you are resourced to transform energy (rather than just subject to it). And know that when you do so, you can be helping the ecosystem thrive.
  • If you’re not in a place to rise above the mud of Pluto (and are feeling thoroughly disempowered by something), these are at best times to become very aware of our inner-resources and strength in reserve. Find the treasure. Find your deepest self. Often these experiences can reveal to us the ways in which we are ready to take responsibility for our own untapped resource, rather than projecting ways we will be nourished/fed by the external world. Deep grit. (No, this kind of thought shouldn’t justify systemic injustice. I’m talking individual survival here – not justice.)
  • In terms of justice, the external world and the way it is structured is transforming and in need of transformation – including participants in its transformation. Retreats into the self can be for self-renewal and strength, but it’s not just a place to retreat to and erect walls around forever. Energy exchange between the interior and exterior is important, and a deep self-knowledge will guide us when to go within, and when to circulate our newly charged inner-resources within the ecosystem of the world which so deeply needs cultivation, love and transformation.

September 29

Venus in 12 Virgo opposite Neptune in 12 Pisces: 5:12 PM PDT

Venus is very close to forming a conjunction to Mars, and Mars is still in orb of being opposite Neptune. Taking this into account, here are some things to pay attention to:

  • The possibility for magical chemistry with others (sharing a psychic connection with someone).
  • The awareness of how truly mysterious another being is, and that being empathic or receptive to another person’s reality is like a mind altering drug. We may find that if we simply actively listen, without trying to make sense or project wishes/desires/meaning onto another person while actively listening, that not only do we actually “hear” the other person’s subtle energies but we open a relational field in which a mystical kind of intimacy is possible.
  • Because boundaries can blur and psychic energy can be transmitted, we might also note how we are navigating basic relational energy exchange. Do we know how to discern who we want to connect with? Are we able to digest what we are receiving?
  • If you don’t identify as psychic at all, but would like to be, a lot of it has to do with social conditioning and psychic aptitude not being taught or reflected back at people because it’s not even thought to exist. In that reality, we are taught not to listen to the interior lives of others or even inanimate things because we assume it has nothing to say or that we have no receptivity toward it. Part of gaining insight beyond the “five senses” is simply the act of showing up to ask the mystery your questions. Part of this is a development of a love for the mystery, an earnest assumption that there is more to something than meets the eye, rather than the assumption that only what can be measured is what exists.
  • Of course, talking to the mystery and delving into subtle layers of reality invites lessons/practice in discernment and humility.

Mercury enters Libra: 5:42 PM PDT

  • Mercury will now be heading toward a conjunction to Jupiter and an opposition to Uranus. But not yet. It’s building. We might be staring to gather more language or data if you will, about these larger overarching themes of the time.
  • Mercury relates to communications, information exchange and the nervous system (which is another information highway). When Mercury enters Libra, we may be more inclined to think, talk, and pick up information around themes of balance and justice. There is some inclination both with Jupiter and Uranus in opposition to go to extremes. But since I can’t suggest a right course of action for everyone obviously as it is so personal, what does strike me is the potential to hear the “equal and opposite reaction” in the field, and to gather this as intelligent information as well. Do we like how the field of reality is harmonizing back with us, or is the field showing us something discordant with our intentions/values?

October 1

Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn: 4:32 PM PDT

  • Another reason, beyond Pluto stationing, that there is some lustiness abounding this week even as it takes some chaste/discerning or micro-directed expressions. Libido is the domain of Pluto and Mars.
  • Pluto in Capricorn combines the primordial forces of Pluto with the archetype of Capricorn, which has to do with massive, gravity-holding structures. So while movement and power can be formidable with Pluto in Capricorn, it also holds the potential to get super pent up and restricted. With Mars in Virgo, it’s like finding a very articulate channel for energy direction. Now that the two are in harmony, we may find supportive breakthroughs with the expression of libidinal forces (will, desire, etc… sexual or not) in a way that feels powerfully articulate. Expressed negatively, this can be crisis/frustration around blocked energy. In that case, try to pay attention to what modes of expression and avenues of movement are available, perhaps the ones you have been overlooking (Virgo), which may vibrationally free up the field.
  • Pluto can often show us the synergy between receiving and letting go – how energy exchange is a flow. If we are holding onto things that we need to let go of, it can be like being really cluttered, weakening our magnet. This week we may find ourselves becoming more self-aware about how to clean house, in terms of decluttering – whether it’s moldy food in the fridge or an attitude. If we’re aware that these decluttering/refining actions have the purpose of refining our magnet and our sense of agency, we might drop into some juicy interior spaces as we clear the way.

October 3

Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn: 12:06 PM PDT

  • The love, or value, of applying oneself and showing up for life in a very unconditional way. This relates to doing things we think are hard/not fun because we value care taking our lives, and it also relates to being receptive to nice things, gifts, support, etc. and being humble enough to recognize the worth of taking care of these tender lives and bodies we have.
  • The humility involved in really listening to what you are desiring, instead of judging and condemning it.
  • The potential to alchemically transform self-judgmental or harsh thoughts about others by being aware of that edge, and taking the time to send love and see ourselves and others in a more compassionate light. The way that this kind of transformation softens the nervous system, too.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me! I hope you have a truly blessed week. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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