Astrology of 9/20 – 9/26: The Resonance Field

The Mercury-Mars conjunction begins to separate this week. The Sun enters Libra, Mercury will trine Pluto and square Saturn, and Mars will exact an opposition to Neptune. In the background (or more the foreground for many of us!), the Jupiter-Uranus opposition is growing tighter (exact on the 27th) so I will speak to that as well before we begin with this week’s more local energies. Put together, these alignments make me think about the resonance field we are always interacting with in life. Do we think that reality affects us or that we affect reality, or that the relationship goes both ways? When all is a relationship, and there is not a dominant force (“Reality makes me”/”I make reality”), our way of moving through existence becomes like music. You can hear if it’s resonating. We’re listening and attuning at the same time. And when we really listen, we gain an ear for what is wanting to come forth from within. We discern between a multiplicity of potential avenues and are carried to harmonize with our values.

So before we begin, here are some thoughts on the near exact Jupiter-Uranus opposition. If you’re new here – sign up for my mailing list to get these forecasts sent to your inbox every week!

Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries:

(Image: unknown source, from a series)

There is accelerated synchronicity at this time, especially as a way of indicating when we are on the path and where our individuation process is taking us. If we are investing our energy into things that are no longer authentic to us (or never were, but now we’re just aware of it), we may find more interruptions on these avenues as a way to wake us up to an alternative direction.

Our relationships (with people but also with culture, with the Earth) are here to expand our consciousness and are in themselves, aspects of a collective ecology. Our relationships are not necessarily self-contained vessels with which to privately comfort ourselves and buffer ourselves from our destiny or our connection the ecology of all of existence. (That scenario, of self-contained love, may be a phase, like a baby developing in a womb, being nourished and held safe before an eventual birth transition.) This bigger picture momentum unfolding now relates to some of the following scenarios:

  • We might access more self-awareness around when it serves all beings involved to honor, share with, consult or involve others (including non-human others… having a relationship to plants, animals, spirits, the land, the stars, etc.); as well as when it is important to drop fixation upon specific relationship to gain connection with individuality or direction. These processes can feel like opposites, but when balance is achieved it becomes an integration. One’s destiny does not have to be protected from the interference of others because it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Relationships and communities can foster individual’s destinies. How do we find supportive balance? How aware are we of how we are affected, and how we affect?
  • Many hold trauma around going at something in life alone – feeling alone, loneliness. As Jupiter approaches an opposition to Uranus, there is an integration point entering the field, where a relationship or a connection with another (human or nonhuman, single or multiple) can illuminate what connectivity does exist where one is more accustomed to feeling alone.
  • Resonance cannot be forced; just as love cannot be demanded. As Jupiter and Uranus oppose, we may become more lucid around what connection truly is in our lives and how we will not find it by force. If we are efforting ourselves too hard to belong, this can be from a certain level of conditioning or trauma (as though this is the only way). Think of all the times people avoid their individuation as to not separate from the group with which they currently feel belonging. We know what codependency is in terms of individual relationship, but do we think of communal codependency? A liberation here is community interdependence – the way in which the whole functions better as the result of its individual parts becoming who and what they are, which is to say undergo a process of individuation.
  • Another reason individuation can be avoided is because the current reality holds enough comfort. Say, if not for a sense of social belonging, it is the trinkets of fitting in (money, nice things) & the narrow attachment to what avenues those trinkets are obtained through that is keeping one back from more socially alternative avenues of thinking or living. A Jupiter-Uranus opposition can highlight a sense of irritation with the status quo if there is something vaster, or more authentically attuned to natural law, wanting to emerge. We can see this on a personal level as well as a collective level, such as when we read into the symbolism of outdated systems breaking down. What creative impulses are revealed then?
  • When undergoing individuation, there is often a separative phase, where one feels alone. The old life is like a womb one has been birthed from, but one has not yet found a sense of home. It is an edge. This can be why having an ideal, goal, or mission that one strives for, that one is compelled by, is often the trigger or impetus to begin this initially lonely/uncomfortable fork in the path. One knows that great things are possible out in the frontier. Return to the past cannot be made. The present is full of tension, and the future holds promise, despite our anxieties. The magic is that as individuation continues to unfold, one will find more electric connection in the human and nonhuman world than ever before. This requires attending to our inspiration (really valuing what excites us) and courage, and is well worth it! Are we listening to our nature, and its inherent intelligence?

With the above as an emerging context, here’s our week!

September 22

Mercury in 16 Virgo trine Pluto in 16 Capricorn: 10:59 AM PDT

(Image: Cloudnectar)

  • As Mercury relates to commerce and Pluto depth self-awareness and empowerment, now may be the time to review the ways in which we have dynamically powerful relationships with resource exchange. Pluto in Capricorn speaks to seeing underneath and through the structures of power to which we project so much upon. Mercury is flexible, a trickster like energy. Have you noticed the way that the Universe itself takes care of you behind and beneath the structures to which have projected meaning? As in, it is not your job/paycheck that takes care of you. Your job, or any other particular or ephemeral appearance, emerges from Source.
  • While this fluidity of perception may be accessed, we still go through the earthly, physical manifestations of showing up for responsibilities and exchanging energy in the ways that we do. Like, we have to eat, even though a piece of fruit we are eating is not an eternal object. Being aware of the psychological projections we place on impermanent things can be empowering in of itself, and help us to more flexibly, even prayerfully, navigate our exchange with the temporal world.
  • This is not to say that meaning we place on structures is all a projection, and that things don’t hold inherent meaning. This is a philosophical question. But how do we discern these boundaries? People become locked or fixated onto things when they place more omnipotent value in them. In being discerning, we might be able to locate what deep emotional/security based needs are being met by our circumstances, as well as the multiplicity of options we have and the deeper Source from which these needs are met. This allows us to focus/form commitments from a place of free-will, intentioned agency, rather than compulsion or fear of lack.
  • On the social level, structures of power do largely determine how and if people get opportunities. Individual, soul-level empowerment is powerful. But disenfranchised peoples need structural support in their reality too – it’s not just about the power of consciousness, mythos of rising up over adversity included. If one has power in the sense of being ‘ahead’ or on top of things, there are typically ways in which is it is abundantly supported for them to give back to the collective in their own unique way. Is there a fear of being powerful for the fear that it comes with responsibility to serve? (Or, is there a resistance to seeing this plotline at all?) However, what are we on this planet for if not to participate within the ecosystem in the way that we are specifically resourced to? What energetic exchange of resource and commerce and intellectual property is happening behind and beneath socially constructed forms of exchange that matter deeply whether or not they are rewarded in the ways we expect? How are we at this point, defining reward?
  • We may notice hierarchy or our own interior hierarchies at this time such as the way that certain levels of experience open up as other baselines are taken care of. (Or it may be not be structured as a hierarchy – depends). This structure can shift in empowering ways through insight. As an example, someone might have the notion that they can only help others when they themselves feel put together. But maybe it is through volunteer work or being involved in service that a person’s self-esteem raises, which allows them the stability they once thought had to come first. Perhaps being responsible for someone else helps them learn how to be tender toward themselves. What’s our order of operations, and how can we loosen it as to be flexible to emergent opportunity? How does our mental organization hinder or energize us?

Sun enters Libra: 1:02 PM PDT

Libra Season begins with the Sun forming a conjunction to temple goddess asteroid Vesta. A few basic points to think about:

  • Honoring harmony in our lives.
  • The radiance and happiness that we feel when making music or listening to music we connect with – feeling lit up from the inside out.
  • Listening.
  • Continuing to realize and explore what “balance” truly is. As a physical balance exercise can reveal, balance is a spontaneous and impulsive act that plays with changing factors and dimensions of experience. Rather than a figment or an ideal, balance may be a direct experience of listening and attunement. (Like tuning an instrument, or two singers finding a harmony together.) The act of balance is a living, creative act that can be tuned to a key creatively. By this I mean, one can choose to balance with the worldview they have been told their entire lives by external figures, just as much as one can choose to balance with an emerging social justice project or an art project. When we are too consumed with what is the right choice, we forget that we are artists the entire time creating resonance with our choices. We don’t have to be “right” in the abstract so much as we need esteem in the music we are composing, and the resonance field it creates.

September 24

Mars in 12 Virgo opposite Neptune in 12 Pisces: 12:50 PM PDT

(Image: Rainbow Clash)

  • Mars-Neptune contacts can bring about a sense of vitalized spiritual purpose on one end of the spectrum (“purpose stream”), with energy diffusing upon contact on the other side of the spectrum. So, if we were working too hard in one direction without being aware of the entirety of the field, it could read as being ineffectual, not being able to manifest one’s will. So, Mars-Neptune strikes me as a time to go into one’s efforts with sensitivity toward what mystical portals and openings are happening simultaneously. And if one must be very focused for a particular reason, you can utilize prayer or meditation for a boost.
  • Along a mystical path, it wouldn’t be uncommon to invite divine support into the world of the mundane, whether it be simple actions or actions that are difficult and bring fear. Each action can be devotional. Whether we are conscious of it at a moment or not, there is always the numinous at play. Aspects like this Mars-Neptune invite us to form bridges between our basic daily actions and the spiritual essence ‘out there’ – that it may be our will, and our spirit, that brings conversation between compartments of reality we previously thought to be separate.

September 25

Mercury in 21 Virgo square Saturn in 21 Sagittarius: 7:36 AM PDT

(Image: Lindsay Watson)

  • The question for this may be – where does being exacting in detail support our endeavor at hand and when is it a way of getting in the way of what is wanting to unfold? It is different for every situation. Keep clever. (Perhaps – what metric is it, what ideology/belief, which forms the bedrock of exactitude?)
  • The details we are cataloguing can be connected to a broader vision, philosophy, ideology or cosmology.

  • If we are running into walls and find ourselves stalled, perhaps the information and thoughts we are accessing are informed by an ideology that is at a transformational breaking point. What new bigger picture truth is emerging?
  • A dynamic creativity of this alignment could be the way that whenever we have a really big dream or vision, it remains a theoretical “wouldn’t that be nice? but I doubt it could really happen”, until one sits down and actually maps out the details that create that project. Sometimes, one will already know how to carry out the map, and other times the map is full of missing pieces which only our quest, our direct experience of life, can answer for us. Maybe we take a class or speak with someone who’s done something similar to what we want to do. Whether bringing into being the plan we’ve dreamed up is a matter of commitment to making real our vision (full of challenges, reroutes and all) or a matter of setting us off on an epic quest, its worth investigating.

(Top image: James Rosenquist)

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I love you and have been loving connecting with you week to week and hearing your thoughts!

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Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.








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