New Moon in Cancer & our Personas through Time

This new moon (24 Cancer, July 17 2023 at 11:32 AM PDT) occurs in opposition to Pluto retrograde in the last degree of Capricorn. Pluto works to deepen, intensify, reveal, that which it touches. Pluto relates to power and power dynamics, forces of nature, life and death, and alchemy/transformation.

One of the first things that comes to mind for me thinking about this new moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn is the inherent regressive quality (going back to childhood) that can show up in relationships with authority figures, experts, or powerful ‘others’. It is my understanding that this is utilized in psychotherapy – that at times, the therapist themselves will trigger the client’s parental material and become a projection screen for unresolved dynamics with either or both parents.

This is also material that arises in intimacy and close connections – our attachment style and how this has been informed by our early life conditionings and traumas.

As I write this, I get an image of a Russian doll. I’m reminded of the reality that different versions of ourselves in time stay on with us. Our personality is not always acting from our present moment and age. Sometimes we respond to an event or trigger with a four-year-old version of us, for example, front and center.

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A possible invitation of this New Moon is to sharpen our psychological awareness and sight. I’ve noticed that the simple question, “how old is this part of you?” often yields honest answers. In a moment of distress, you feel like yourself – but with that question, you notice you’re actually a teenager right now, or a child.

The agenda, if you will, of an emotion, is to be felt all the way through, but at different times in life we encounter emotional frequencies that are larger or more overwhelming than our capacity to meet or hold it. We compartmentalize it for later digestion.

This is actually a shadow of Pluto in Capricorn potentially being illuminated in our own psychic lives at the moment: compartmentalization and how the material that is ready to be ‘unpacked’ is making its way through our emotions or symptoms.

Compartmentalization can mean that we build a wall from feeling something (and being taken under by it) and go onto direct our energy to more reasonable-feeling pursuits. Sometimes there is a process of becoming stronger or more able to deal with the material, but often people forget to unpack what they packed away or don’t really know how. At this point, the successes of compartmentalization begin to run dry.

Essentially, there is a deeper and richer life to lead when we do not leave parts of ourselves behind frozen in time – that we endeavor to, in gentle/true timing, allow stalled processes to complete. Sometimes this is a simple as making contact with our inner-child and giving them something they needed a long time ago.

Other possibilities for this New Moon could be contending with any split we feel internally or interpersonally around softness/vulnerability/being taken care of versus toughness, holding it together, covering others, and providing.

Each side at an extreme has its psychological vulnerability. The ‘soft’ and taken care of one may feel prone to co-dependency and incapable of things outside of their comfort zone and may desire to expand past that or grow up in certain spots. This personality can feel very undernourished where they have not sourced care, and they may also attract ‘rescuers’ successfully from their place of need (but feel enabled here ultimately). This personality archetype does know how to receive care and support, which can be hard for many, and does know how to access softness. There may be places where strength-training and capacity-building is needed, to grow and develop further. Some comfort zones need to be graduated from.

Alternately, the tough/provider one may have a difficult time receiving or trusting that people are competent enough (and since they’re not, ‘I may as well just do it myself’). This one can also be prone to co-dependency as the ‘savior/rescuer’ type. This type can have shame about their own perceived weaknesses and not a lot of receptivity around allowing others to support them there. While this personality type does not need to sacrifice quality or excellence (which they have likely strived for), they likely need more compassion and forgiveness for the ‘human’ dimension of experience as well as really claim their desire to be met by people who are powerful in their own right as well.

These characters also exist internally, especially when we use stronger parts of our psyche or personality to compensate for less-developed ones.

This new moon augurs that we are likely to feel powerful threads of emotion that may elude our immediate comprehension (could come from a younger part of us, or an ancestral thread) and that we have the opportunity to take emotionally responsible steps in a direction that supports our development. Acceptance and self-compassion can go a long way in re-organizing our system in places we have suffered from neglect, whether we felt that from others or whether we imposed it on ourselves by turning away from our own imperfections or pain.

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