Grand Trine of Venus: Astrology of 5/30 – 6/5

Venus in Cancer forms a grand water trine with Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio this week, bringing the Jupiter-Neptune themes into the realm of relationships, home, and what we keep close to the chest. This holds a lot of potential for magic and healing within relationship as well as to how we take care of ourselves and are receptive to care. When approaching this transit as an individual, it can also be about the way in which our relationship to the archetype or reality of home serves as a place of spiritual expansion. Taking this into relationship, it can be the way in which we create a shared sense of home with others; how our practices of love and relating magnify feelings of safety, of being home in the cosmos. This is not to say this home theme comes without complexity, loss, or longing – these are deep themes and they are in interaction with our circumstances. Take note this week, however, of what opportunity and perhaps hidden resource you have to enter into the space of home whether literal or in your heart… as it is like a temple space the healing themes of Jupiter-Neptune pour through. (Read what I said about Jupiter-Neptune in last week’s forecast.) It’s also about our resistance to feeling at home; so whatever we view as the reason we cannot connect to that archetype are edges that can be transformed this week.

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Here’s our week:

June 1

Mercury in 5 Gemini trine Mars in 5 Aquarius: 7:13 AM PDT

As this transit exacts, Mercury is harmoniously aspecting the South and North Nodes of the Moon. The Moon in Capricorn will be at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. Mars in Aquarius is on the South Node of the Moon.

  • As our messenger Mercury harmonizes with the karmic nodes of the Moon, karmic themes that are operating in our lives may become more recognizable/translated. One way that this can appear is becoming more aware of intelligible patterns that are happening in your personal and social experiences – seeing karma in play is like anticipating how an event is going to unfold based on the characters of the people involved – how you and others are conditioned to act and respond in various situations. Sometimes we see folly in these storylines, and changing karma becomes a philosophical or spiritual question – how do we make new choices, or what choice do we make if we situate ourselves to have this freedom?

  • Aquarius relates to non-attachment and with Mars in Aquarius on the South Node, a question may arise of if we should do anything about the themes and patterns we become lucid about, or do we just witness them? Where is involvement called for, and what does that look like? At this phase, speaking about these quandaries can loosen up new angles for approaching the situation at hand.

  • Gemini and Mercury both relate to the ability to see things from a multiplicity of different angles. Aquarius seeks objectivity or a higher view. Together, there is an opportunity this week to understand the logic of those who are different from you, as well as to reframe your own norms.

  • The inspiration to seek a different point of view may come from pressure or impasse; or simply the realization that an intelligible pattern (such as a karmic dynamic) keeps emerging yet things could be a different way.

  • Take note of the opportunity of finding yourself in a situation you have never been in before or where you play a character normally you’ve only seen others play – this kind of role reversal has the opportunity to add clarity and healing to situations from your past.

Venus in 15 Cancer trine Jupiter in 15 Scorpio: 7:28 AM PDT

(Image: Peter Cross)

This transit carries with it a potential for softening deep resistance. We can look at it from two angles – resistance to pain and resistance to desire.

  • Resistance to pain: when it comes to a wound or something difficult that feels unresolved for us (not healed), we can be supported to soften it by working on its edges – not by penetrating straight into the core of it. Cancer energy works like an embrace; it goes around. Deep transformation, deep blessing, deep healing – can happen when the surrounding energy is supportive and holds it.

  • Resistance to desire: as we often resist our own growth and the things we desire too, again the strategy might not be going straight into the core of it. If we are seeking to make a big change in our lives, we can begin to nest our life conditions toward it. Rather than expecting yourself to be at the finish or trying to go too hard too fast into making something happen. consider what caring, supportive circumstances you could cultivate into your life to support that desire. What does a fertile environment look like?

June 2

Venus in 16 Cancer trine Neptune in 16 Pisces: 1:25 AM PDT

(Images: Hans Thoma)

  • When Venus and Neptune contact one another, the boundaries between self and other are more nebulous: so our compassion expands for others. This has both healing and problematic qualities. On the healing side, there is the spiritual opening, the softening of grudges, the understanding that transcends grief. However, outside of the gifts of merging deeply with another person, often a vital part of relationship is the meeting of individuals, and not individuals who have lost touch with themselves… so consider the following.

  • The quality of discernment when it comes to helping others. There are instances where helping others makes sense, decreases suffering in the world, heals humanity. There are also instances where it is a fantasy that someone else needs to be saved – from their negative emotions, their illusions, etc. With Jupiter in Scorpio’s involvement with this grand trine, this question of discernment may be an edge we are working through right now with situations that register as extreme enough to get us to think/change/make a new choice.

  • You might consider that different situations and different phases of life call for increasing permeability (becoming less hardened) or becoming more autonomous and boundaried than you have been accustomed. It’s not a one-size-fits-all philosophical question, but depends on your process and how your soul is calling forth your own development. Do you tend to be overly enmeshed and need some space? Or are you isolated and need connection? Relational permeability can be in flux right now based on what kind of soul-medicine you need.

  • A connection this week between safety/comfort and deep surrender that is spiritually healing.

June 5

Sun in 15 Gemini conjunct Mercury in 15 Gemini: 7:01 PM PDT

The Sun and Mercury are both approaching a square to Neptune, and are inconjunct Jupiter in Scorpio.

  • Mental activity is energized this week with the Sun and already with Mercury trine Mars — and through Gemini it is our entertaining of multiple perspectives. New perspectives can open up entirely new futures, which makes them ripe with creative possibility. It may be a little bit though before the dust settles and it becomes clear which ideas are calling our focus/follow-through.

Venus in 20 Cancer opposite Pluto in 20 Capricorn: 7:25 PM PDT

(Image: Cassandra Jean)

  • The quality in which when we enter into deeper states of peace/safety/comfort, some of our unconscious defense mechanisms are transformed.

  • A tension between wanting leisure and to just unfurl/unwind versus having to work, have it together, or survive.

  • Feeling a need to emotionally connect with or value emotionally the various “long games” we are in the tunnel of. Alternately, the way a given long game or committed path will also shape/forge values over time. Where there is a disconnect between our pleasure and doing what we have to do, we might find creative places of integration this week.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch


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